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Being Prepared

from Survival Blog:

(Forward by HJL: This article presents some controversial subjects such as milk and eggs without refrigeration. Make sure you perform due diligence on any concept presented as the issue may be more complicated than presented.)

Getting started being prepared isn’t hard, but it does take tenacity. It’s not always easy and can be downright mentally and physically draining, at times. There are busy seasons, and there are slower seasons (usually winter). Always looking ahead (what to plant/grow/harvest) and keeping one eye on the weather. What we can’t change, we just have to roll with what nature brings us, but we can try to make things a bit better and easier for ourselves.

Reading, learning, and then doing gives you a set of skills. No one learns everything right away; there’s plenty to learn, and it’s never-ending. No one person knows everything (even if they think they do!) Ask three people how to make sourkraut, and you’ll probably get three different, yet similar, answers. Experience in DOING is how you gain your own set of skills, and they are invaluable.

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