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Balancing Prepping and Prophecy

from Survival Blog:

Our faith influences our actions and course in life; our understanding of that faith can change the course of both action and life. If we are not careful, we will passionately study one rail on our train track, with lesser attention to the other rail; the result is not only fighting within our self, wasted energies, and veering off course but also a potentially significant train wreck, instead of efficient stewardship.

It is not my intention here to sway you to one prophetic view or another, and I won’t even mention here what mine is, other than to say that I am a believer in Jesus Christ’s work on my behalf. Some background, though, is needed. I am the editor and founder of a Christian website focusing on discernment, and providing research for over eleven years in this ministry, with Christian writing experience for over eighteen years. I have seen a very, very wide gamut of opinion, takes, interpretations, positions, et cetera on prophecy and the correlating decisions that those particular views would logically call for from an individual.

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