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Are The Riots In Ferguson Part Of The U.S. Agenda For Martial Law ?

from X22Report:

Episode 440

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19 comments to Are The Riots In Ferguson Part Of The U.S. Agenda For Martial Law ?

  • Sam

    Arming the civilian police force with military grade weaponry is contrary to a free Republic and is obviously designed directly against every facet of what was once a free nation ruled by the law of the land, the US Constitution…what was it that ObomBa promised during pre-election “yes, we can” stumps… If I recall, wasn’t it something like “just as strong” “just as well armed” etc etc???

    The rot is by design.

    Guess what? The same dolts that voted for those ambiguous Marxist lines of crap are now receiving it in spades 8-/

    • Ed_B

      “The same dolts that voted for those ambiguous Marxist lines of crap are now receiving it in spades”

      To which I say, GOOD ON ‘EM! Those of us who frequent sites like this, Silver Doctors, and other alternative info sites recognized these people for who and what they were 6+ years ago. We neither voted for nor supported these clowns. In spite of that, however, we ended up taking a big bite from the s**t sandwich known as ObamaCare… as well as all of the idiotic and unconstitutional scandals that occurred.

      Folks, America cannot stand to have nincompoops elected to national or even state office. It is incumbent upon each of us to do what we can to nip characters like this in the bud by supporting non-nincompoop candidates whenever and wherever we can. Admittedly, they can be hard to find at times but the effort really is worthwhile. The life of our country is at stake here and if we do not make the effort required to save it, we will all be in a world of hurt that will make today’s problems seem insignificant.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    “Police are firing rubber bullets and tear gas – “This is no longer a peaceful assembly. Go home or be subject to arrest,” says the loudspeaker.” (ZH.)
    This is no longer a government representative of The People. Neither was the king of England circa 1776.
    Let then fire. The second revolution of We The People, will begin in earnest at that point.

  • Cho

    If the police have nothing to hide then why are they attacking journalists and turning off their cameras? Guess they’ve learned from the perpetual wars in Iraq/Afghanistan/etc.. that after the fact video evidence is worth its weight in gold:

    (watch the video mid-way down in this article)

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      And come the weekend, they’ll be out in the park or in their back yards BBQing with their buddies and families, chugging a cold one whilst they regale themselves over their exploits, completely oblivious to the Constitutionally treasonous orders they were given and obeyed.
      The agenda isn’t to impose martial law, it’s to divide the citizenry and destroy The Republic through tyranny. Just look at the comments section of any site reporting this uprising and you’ll see a country divided, the division along race lines being palpable. America is divided and most can’t bury their biases and bigotry in an effort to defeat these representative criminals, who all, with few exceptions, turn a blind eye to the prima facie evidence of Constitutional Tyranny, turning their backs on their own country and what it stands for.

    • Ed_B

      Police activities on public streets ARE public information. We all have a right to see and review that info. We should all be VERY

      The police do NOT have the power to subvert our rights, although there are times when they act as if they do. Competent police offices can enforce the laws of our nation, states, counties, and towns without behaving like jack booted thugs. Those who insist on behaving like Gestapo and Stasi agents should not be police at all… not in America, anyway. If they choose to move to some 3rd world dung heap ruled by a tyrant, then more power to them in that effort.

  • CalSailX

    This a road they don’t want to go down!

  • Angel

    Early last evening, I had the misfortune of watching the Infowars Live Stream in which the jackbooted adrenalin junkies began confronting unarmed protesters.

    I say “misfortune” because what I saw on display was not only utterly despicable and unsettling, but also extremely sad. So THIS is what it’s come to, ha?

    I felt in my gut that something nasty was going to take place, but I needed to shut it down, as I was already bordering on sleep-deprivation. So, I missed the police assault on protesters and reporters by only a few minutes.

    The fact that military armaments, vehicles and hardware are now routinely placed in cities and towns nationwide is bad enough, but to see such things actually put to use on the streets against unarmed protesters is a sure sign that We the People are being sent a message, and a rather stern one at that: “YOU are the ENEMY, so don’t you dare question or challenge us. We will do as we please”

    Are the events in Ferguson an agenda for Martial Law? Maybe not directly, assuming the outrage over the murder of an unarmed man by police, and the heavy-handed police response in its aftermath doesn’t spread to other cities across the nation. I suppose it could be just what the powers-that-be are anticipating, but I doubt it.

    But all it’ll take is another unjustified killing or beating of an unarmed person (particularly a black person) anywhere in this nation, and all bets are off. Because word on the streets of America, especially in the inner cities, is that the police are now out of control. And the people are none too happy about it.

    The question is, at some point in time, will a police officer willingly engage in a false flag event specifically to trigger multiple reactions from citizens throughout the country? I believe it’s very plausible, but it seems to me that at least for the moment, they’re main intent is sent a stern message, while also presenting the American people with the new normal in standard operating procedure.

    But I have no doubt that they fully intend to kick it up a few notches when the timing is right to do so; after other (seemingly unrelated) pieces of the puzzle are in place to create the perfect storm.

    • Scott

      When we were kids we would take a long stick and poke those paper mâché looking hornets nets then run like hell. We’d each take a turn until eventually somebody get the hell stung out of em.

      They are poking us with the pointed end of the stick!

      • Angel

        Yes, good analogy. It’s antagonism at it’s worst, and they keep right on sharpening that point each time they poke.

        Unfortunately, so many Americans are dead to the pain, they don’t even notice it. Some even enjoy it and ask for more!

        But as for the rest of us who still have our pride and self-respect, these bastards are gonna poke us one too many times. And then the fun and games will be over when the hornets begin stinging.

  • CalSailX

    Angel I know men like me are the enemy, we will hold them to that contract we call the Constitution. They dishonor it they have no long have my consent nor any authority to take action against American’s exercising their natural rights. I pray Magistrates rain these dogs in… god help us if Rule of Law fails.

    • Ed_B

      But that’s just it, Cal. There is NO rule of law these days. The US government and those governments of lesser jurisdiction pretty much do as they please anyway. Eric Holder and his boss, Barack Hussein Obama or Soetoro or whatever the f*** his name really is, decide which laws they will and will not enforce. That is not what the US Constitution specifies. The president and his entire administration, dare we say “regime”, are charged with enforcing the laws of the land and not in picking and choosing which laws they will or will not enforce. Nor is in their constitutional authority to change any laws that congress has passed without congress signing off on the requested changes by amending the old law. Yet, this is exactly what they are going. Ergo, there is no rule of law but the rule of men… and team Obama are those men… for now.

  • Troy

    The police cannot control the people in that town. The military are made up of lots of young blacks that came from lower income areas. Do you think martial law would work…my answer is absolutely not.

    • Ed_B

      Martial law WILL be tried at some point whether it works or not. Of that we can all be sure. It will be a very sad day for America when that time comes, as it will be the precursor to a full-on dictatorship. Millions of American patriots will not stand for that, however, and these vile creatures known as politicians are well aware of it. This is why they do all they can to remove from us our only means of self-defense. As our American colonial forefathers well knew, when they come for the guns, it is not the guns they seek, but the men with the courage to use them. That will be the signal for all American patriots to step up and defend the US Constitution with our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor. We can and we will stand for liberty, regardless of cost, for without liberty they will make us all slaves.

  • delllat

    We all know the answer to that question…..
    NO….The Riots In Ferguson ARE NOT Part Of The U.S. Agenda For Martial Law ?
    The same question was asked with EBOLA Virus.
    The same question was asked about Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.
    The same question was asked with Mexican immigrants crossing the border.
    The same question was asked with the HN-N1 flu virus.
    The same question was asked with the President going golfing.
    The same question was asked when I spilled my lemonade.
    nuf se

  • Angel

    Regardless of how some may feel about Storm Clouds Gathering, this one is very thought-provoking and well-done.

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