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60 bug out bag gear items you may not have considered

by Graywolf, Graywolf Survival:

There are a lot of good articles with lists and other information out there to help you figure out what you should put in your bugout bag or in your other gear. I’ve written a couple myself, they don’t always get you to think outside the box. This post is really just to get you to think outside the box on what gear you might carry or store.

BTW, I had a different image for this page before to drive home the importance of having the right gear but it was apparently a bit too uncomfortable for some, even though it made me laugh when I saw it. I didn’t change it from any kind of censoring thing – I just want to make sure that people will share this with others if they think they could use it, and not have to feel weird about it. Soldiers have a different sense of humor I guess. The pic doesn’t depict what your gear room should look like by any means. I’ve had decades of collecting army, camping, and police gear that I’m in the middle of inventorying and just needed a pic.

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