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5 ways to save water in a drought-stricken world

by Julie Wilson, Natural News:

Water is the essence of life. Humans are bound to this universal mandate as is any other form of life, but how we differ is our ability to control consumption and preserve what is perhaps the most precious gift that the universe has given us.

If consumption continues as is, many predict that by 2020 water will be more valuable than gold. Even though 70 percent of the planet is covered in water, just 3 percent of it is fresh, and only 1 percent of that freshwater is readily accessible for human use.

Long-term sustainability isn’t just suggested, but required. A number of factors have helped dwindle water supplies in the U.S., including development in regions with scarce to no water supply, aging water infrastructure and continued economic growth. The demand for public water has grown consistently over the past 60 years and isn’t expected to slow any time soon.

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2 comments to 5 ways to save water in a drought-stricken world

  • Rodster

    People don’t or won’t care until one day they turn the faucet handle and nothing comes out. Las Vegas is about to go dry from massive water consumption. Turning a desert in the middle of no where into a major city was a stupid ass move. That is until you have no more water.

    • Ed_B

      Places like Las Vegas (Lost Wages?) exist because of three things: water, electricity, and diesel fuel. Electricity also powers the air conditioning that makes living in the desert bearable and diesel fuel is what brings in most of the supplies of food, fuel, medicine, medical equipment, and most everything people need to live. Without all 3 of these things, LV will wither on the vine and disappear.

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