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25 Critical Facts About This Ebola Outbreak That Every American Needs To Know

#20 Researchers from Tulane University have been active for several years in the very same areas where this Ebola outbreak beganOne of the stated purposes of this research was to study “the future use of fever-viruses as bioweapons“.

by Michael Snyder, Economic Collapse Blog:

What would a global pandemic look like for a disease that has no cure and that kills more than half of the people that it infects? Let’s hope that we don’t get to find out, but what we do know is that more than 100 health workers that were on the front lines of fighting this disease have ended up getting it themselves. The top health officials in the entire world are sounding the alarm and the phrase “out of control” is constantly being thrown around by professionals with decades of experience. So should average Americans be concerned about Ebola? If so, how bad could an Ebola outbreak in the U.S. potentially become? The following are 25 critical facts about this Ebola outbreak that every American needs to know…

#1 As the chart below demonstrates, the spread of Ebola is starting to become exponential…

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12 comments to 25 Critical Facts About This Ebola Outbreak That Every American Needs To Know

  • Nd60

    HA HA πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    jokers all round πŸ˜€

    when you still c da man giving fake speeches in open air then maybe its not SO SERIOUS
    unless of course the plausible-deniable-no-name-no-origin controller didnt tell him…. OOPPPPPPPSSSSSSS…..!

    chill ppl use both side of da brain no fear cultivate peace

    peace out

    be safe

    • SGT

      Humor is important, heck sometimes I have to laugh to keep from crying! But I don’t find the Ebola topic amusing, especially now that they have created the pretext for a US domestic outbreak by IMPORTING it. Now, re-read point #20.

  • Nd60

    also if they were to choose this way out
    they prob will need the weather to direct it for the desired no. (hint watch the weather?)
    and thats blindcontrolhard stuff

    anyway its another most basic of art of war
    its even made into movie
    for those who want to learn while chille out
    its red cliff I & II kinda fun
    the title is bad translation it shld be naked cliff as in like grand canyon meaning one way down no way back
    its popular tourist attraction if you visit ch today still
    but shake off ur white mind and leave it blank while watching enjoy πŸ˜€
    theres at least 4-5 famous art any ch child would have heard as stories
    maybe one of those could be useful in the future

    but again its also in e nzs ww2 playbook…

    just fear in da body is really first to kill you at least know that rite?

    but mi must say the last time this trick was use in ch
    the powerful hand went in and kill all the birds
    even bankrupting many business
    to contain it and refuse to kill the pateince
    even then there was high pressure from the white
    to the yellow to kill off whole villege or city of ppl
    but the hand rejected
    and many mutated strains has subsequently released on to the land for many years
    still going on and on and on today….

    so if that be the drama sequence this is just foreplay
    seemingly this hand is not that hand and is the other way round

    so? what ya do bout them? like real stuff real art stuff?
    u like what u c?

    long string long string do u have any left???

    shame on mi havnt watch da movie yet HA HA πŸ˜€
    maybe mi watch l8r does everybody dies in the end?
    or theres hdope? HA HA πŸ˜€

    keep da peace and make another day worthwhile

    or just do smth different think smth different read smth different
    and then mayb just mayb mayb mayb u get smth different
    how else u change e future???

    be safe

  • Gnostic

    Nd60, I agree, When this is hyped to this level by ‘The Man” it is for the sole purpose of FEAR. They may even report a few cases here & there from time to time to keep the Fear going.

    FEAR, Keeps the masses frozen, unable to think clearly, Fear distracts, fear diverts from real issues, Fear divides the masses from uniting over a common cause.

    This is why JFK, RFK, Malcolm X & others were taken out.


    • Nd60

      dear ppl every body is fear-capable mi know mi full of sh!t 2 in mi pants 2
      but perhaps in times like these
      its a better approach to take such as the engineer in 9eleven
      lets get the facts down and then determine the next step no?
      none of our collective ranting is gonna change any E.O. of the pen and ph
      so yes u hv loved one n u hv ur s to take care off
      n yes it so unfair
      but unless u can change ur story like the mark of chosen potter
      u r one charecter in a big mess crap show – well this episode anyway
      smell da roses ppl πŸ˜€

      mi only say at least be at Peace (so u can also utilised u reasoning common sense facualty)
      while u stay HIGH alert (looking out for dangers and escape route)
      if u can offer solution in here or other virtual.physical pl GREAT!
      if u can join form some grp like Larouch Brandonsmith GREAT!
      if u can dissapear smwhere GREAT!
      if u hv n can hunker in da bunker like the movie and grow old 2gather GREAT!
      of if u like me just lay down dick straight 6ft under and watch the sun GREAT!
      but none of this fear-sharing is lessening the contagion… is it?
      yet it adds to the burdern
      like throwing sharp stone on the winding road
      and mi feet hurts n dont want to walk on it
      so mi will find smbody else or take another road
      u2 choose and be responsible for your choice remember?

      say in sport team say baseball
      n u c this man and he know he is near out or likely out or out n he cannot win
      what he do? what u think he shld do?
      u prob expect him giv his best and hopefully help the next come along to win
      so? is this a ur war? white war or a humanity war?
      ru alone or everyone of all colors r watching?
      why u think mi still here ranting? porn is better than fear u know!
      mi still here hopefully plant enough seed ovr there in some of ur mind 2c straight when SHTF
      b4 the pos emp/cyber attack then all com is down
      thats the protocal rite? take out the towers 1st.
      decide in your head whos war!
      there r big ppl doing big things
      u do ur bit or u waiting the flash and zoom outta this world/pain/suffering?
      what difference then if eballa get u then and in minutes u r out anyway
      flash or no flash zoom or no zoom jman or no jman out is out.

      make ur story worhtwhile for ur god/family/dog/plant/shadow/smth anything sake
      just mi little brain figured out while on the long road…
      how do mi wanna go out?
      nobody will remember mi yet perhaps collectively if the war is won
      we are the unknown soldiers no?

      now mi go clean mi pants ;D
      u? πŸ˜€

      peace 2u 2world

      okie migo watch movie now… damit they kill the girl mi like…

      be safe

      • Nd60

        gd morning SUNSHINE πŸ˜€

        MOR4da mind prep ‘know thy frenimy’

        the beginning of wisdom is to called thing by its right name

        may u c… clearly n remembr all wars r won/lost in the mind

        The Quest for Alice’s Rabbit Hole
        by Jeff Thomas

        They Walk Among Us
        Paul Rosenberg | July 24, 2014

        No Matter Who Wins, a Sociopath Is Elected
        Doug French, Contributing Editor

        thatsitfrmmi peace neodymium

        be safe

  • Silver86

    Ebola is a scary, messy disease, *but*, with current transmission vectors, I just wouldn’t worry too much about it in the states. If someone brings it here to the US, that person and those who they contact will be tracked down and quarantined. I just wouldn’t worry about it in the US here.

    • Chad

      What part of 2 – 21 days incubation period do you not get?

      If that is true, this can be massively spreading without anyone having a clue.

  • Dave

    Use Colloidal Silver check out this video part 1/4 buy the silver wire and make your own make sure its .9999 or the purest you can buy.

    Maybe if you can’t get any wire but your a stacker use two coins.

    Don’t believe the anti-colloidal silver brigade it works in fact it works to well that’s why they don’t want you to use it.

  • Patty

    β€’ A 1978 CURE for Ebola within TWO months of identifying the Ebola virus.. (then claimed new cures in 1995, 1997, 2003!)
    The journal, NY (Feb1978)

    “.. Dr. William Foege, director of the CDC, said that in two months the center knew the clinical ‘story’ of Ebola virus. We had isolated the virus, Foege said. We had determined this was a new virus and we had acquired a serum to use in treating people. Ebola immune plasma is collected from blood exposed to the virus’ antigen β€” the substance that, when injected into the body, stimulates production of antibodies, a protecting immunologic protein that fights the invading antigen.”
    The full article can be see here:

    β€’ Blood transfusions cured “7 of 8” Ebola patients (Aug ’95),4979746

    β€’ Ebola Vaccine cured Guinea Pigs (Dec ’97),5425489

    β€’ U.S. Develops Ebola Vaccine! AGAIN!!! (Aug ’03),5057631

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