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2016 Hillary Clinton as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

from Armstrong Economics:

Obama’s approval rating is an abysmal 36-59 percent while giving Hillary Clinton has a much more robust 52-43 percent. This is showing how even markets move and why divorce is so bad. No matter if it is love, politics, or investment, as human beings we act always in anticipation. This is why fundamental analysis fails because people will act based upon confidence that may be completely opposite of the actual fundamental news. It is also why there are economic panics. The majority simply always have to be wrong. Every market crash they try to find the mythical short player who overpowered the market assuming people would never sell a winning trade. The panic comes when people try to sell and suddenly they discover there is no bid. Europe is eliminating short-selling and will only discover that the market will fall faster for only a short will buy during a panic decline. Outlaw short selling and you get no bid at all.

Virtually every presidential election has the promise of change. People are just starting to grasp how Marxist Obama really is. His appointment of Lagarde as the head of the IMF was a red flag beyond description. This crazy woman is intent upon confiscating 10%+ of everyone’s account to bail out the banks.

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2 comments to 2016 Hillary Clinton as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • F16Hoser

    Dumb Ass Amerikans are stupid enough to elect this BITCH! Eight years of Slick Willie was bad enough. Now Hillary? FUCK!!!
    Actually, Hilliary is the perfect choice. Give Amerika what they deserve…3rd World Status. BRILLIANT!!!

  • raul

    Bi sexual adulturess, removerd as Sec of State cuz of incompetence, she is perfect after pro-gay BO (the guy with no valid birth certificate). Remember: Only In America!

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