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Yet Another High-Profile Conservative Demands Obama’s Impeachment

from Western Journalism:

As calls for impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama increase among prominent Republicans, it is clear the proposition is one that resonates with a large number of Americans. A pair of polls this week shows that at least one-third of the public wants to see him removed from office.

The trend is so obvious that even the White House has admitted that the pursuit of impeachment hearings is a distinct possibility.

Alaska Senate hopeful Joe Miller added his name to the growing list of impeachment proponents in a statement released earlier this week. Echoing the sentiment of fellow Alaskan Sarah Palin, he suggested that the inaction of the Obama administration regarding the ongoing border crisis is an issue that must be addressed swiftly and decisively.

“The truth is, what we are facing with respect to the massive influx of illegals is not only a rule of law issue,” he said; “it is a public health risk and a threat to our national security.”

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2 comments to Yet Another High-Profile Conservative Demands Obama’s Impeachment

  • Sam

    My problem with the whole impeachment meme is that ObomBa is in office illegally therefore ought to be arrested for the multitude of criminality that many point to as a nearly endless list, beginning of course, with the entire forged faked birth cert and status as a “legal citizen.”

    Nah, impeachment assumes that the person is in office legally, direct arrest and detainment is the proper path to stop the ruination of destruction the lawless entity is and has already caused!

  • NaySayer

    Okay, but only if you arrest Bush I and II, cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld & rice and the rest of the cabal behind the 9/11 false flag including the Mossad agents and the Saudi royal family.

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