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X22 Report YouTube Channel Restored Thanks To All Of You

from X22Report:

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11 comments to X22 Report YouTube Channel Restored Thanks To All Of You

  • NIX

    Congratulation everybody!!!
    Now you see how powerful entity can loose credibility
    keep going, one by one…


    We all thank you, Dave! Glad Ya back.

  • fonestar

    Hurray X22 is back!

  • Andy

    You see people, it’s us that hold the power. They are few and we are many, the the last thing the few want is that the many wake up.

  • J

    Yup, their bluff was called and they backed down. If no one soke up then they would have continued to shut down non-PC websites.

    That is how Obama has wreaked so much damage on the US; he bluffs and when no one calls him on it he just keeps advancing his agenda…

    • Tristan De Cuna

      No ones bluff was called, the little people did not win, and as always this was a staged action.

      As I said on an earlier post, Dave must have mentioned something or directed attention towards someting that was intended to be well circulated amoungst the self-named awake.

      I hear about this stuff all the time on this little island. The sevants of the elite tell me that they enjoy playing with us, and sending us scurrying off to one site, then the next – sort of like someone teasing a cat with a laser pointer in order to get the dumb animal to go in a direction they want whilst the dumb animal thinks it it hunting prey/catching a meal/winning a fight.

      The educational level of the betas and general servants I meet is far above even what would be considered a well educated graduate in the west. Carlin was spot on when he said on stage about our controllers just wanting us smart enough to run the machines. They regard us as being more servant, even slave like, than they are, for we actually believe we are free and have free choice.

      The elite apparently regard us as nothing more than cattle – to be traded, used, abused, or slaughtered at will.

      I have heard more than one servant explain how the elite tell us the truth of how this world is really run and explain the ancient and noble history of early mankind, even going so far as to publically display artifacts (and even buildings!, – think of the pyramids on every continent, the great monoliths, the obilisks) and the various ‘ooparts’, all open for public viewing in museums and collections. They laugh that we are so stupid we cant work out our history and that we are all born into slavery and even have a certificate of ownership which we cherish (think birth certificate or national number etc).

      I will repeat what I wrote earlier:

      I have been told, in passing of course, that if a piece of information or a story is intended for imediate and considered consumption by a target audience, then that piece of information will be highlighted in some way, ie ‘banned’ / blocked / restricted in some way. This plays on our primitive instinct to ‘investigate’ – goes right back to the garden. When sufficient additionl interest is generated it is suddenly ‘unblocked’.

      Same MO for certain whistleblowers. No one notices them or hears them until ‘the government’ pretends to go after them. I say pretend, because do you really think that people who own the governments, appoint them, and can order the British or US Navy to take them and thier artworks to remote little islands on the dark side of the planet at the drop of a hat, could not get at such whistleblowers if they so wished?

      It is interesting to observe the level of control the elite have over the masses in the west from my remote and mostly microvave, ELF, GMO, and Chemtrail free little island where free and clear thought is taken for granted, and where great and small, rich and poor, free and bound, mingle.

      Perhaps Dave covered a point / issue that the elite want us to hear, and are helping us focus (same with the recent Hagmann & Hagmann outage etc). They may even be planning to use Dave in the same way they use people like Alex Jones and Lindsey Williams.

      I recommend people listen to the words of wisdom George Carlin spoke. He was offered greatness but chose to tell the real truth, and sadly is no longer with us.

      Oh the gossip and chit chat you hear on these little rocks in the South Atlantic.

      • Tristan De Cuna

        Words of truth from George Carlin – yet most people thought he was doing a comedy act on stage…… go figure:

      • J

        It all sounds quite complex and involved… so what you are saying is that all of this is game and we the people are being played?

        • Tristan De Cuna

          Yes indeed!

          The super-elite see themselves as god like figures, such as those who they shove in our faces such as the Titans sat on mount Olympus – toying and medling in human afairs, and granting powers and special weapons to those idividuals, groups, nations, etc they want to ‘play with’.

          The super elite (the ancient blood lines traced back to and in some cases even before King David) who hold almost all of the planets real wealth, appear to be playing one very big game between themselves. This is a game so big most ordinary people can not even see it. You and I are so small and insignificant to them that we are not even pawns in the game. We are just like annoying flies, or dumb stupid cattle that provide the food (the useless eaters as the Duke of Edinburh refers to us as).

          A pawn to them would be a vice-president or a senior military commander. They could starve, irradiate, or send to war millions of us and they would continue to feast, shelter in luxury, and vacation in peace, just as they have always done.

          They dont like each other and have been known to cheat at this game and set each other up. Certain French, Russian, and German members of the bloodline have been fed to the dogs (the people) in the past, usually in the form of a created revolution or uprising.

          So I have been told, over conversations as I have served wine to the various servants and betas I have encountered over the years.

          We just need to be aware of thier games and get out of the way, because they play chess with real Kings (presidents), real Knights (entire armies), and real Queens (international banks), so I am told.

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