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X22 REPORT: The Economic Collapse Death Spiral Has Begun

from X22 Report:

Episode 424

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4 comments to X22 REPORT: The Economic Collapse Death Spiral Has Begun

  • Nd60

    perhaps there is HOPE…?

    Interpol puts Ukrainian ultranationalist Yarosh on wanted list
    Published time: July 25, 2014 12:42

    yet surely the landscape and the life will be very different….

    be safe

  • NaySayer

    Captcha code is not working on the new madrid story. Apparently eight – 8 does not equal 0, or so it thinks

    With greater seismic activity all over the planet, fracking, and now a mysterious “large object” over the sun (large objects exert gravitational pull which can lead to more tectonic plate stresses and thus earthquakes) I think that I will reverse my earlier opinion that the New Madrid will be stable for aother 200-400 years as it shoud.

    However, as I am someone who lives in the new madrid fault zone, if it blows and I have electrcity I will let you know how it is going here in Missouri.

    • AgShaman

      Why don’t you move. People like you are always welcome in the Inland NW. We need more smart people up here….zee zombies is thick.

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