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What Is the Effective Limitation on the Fed’s Ability to ‘Print Money?’

from Jesse’s Café Américain:

“There is felt today very widely the inconsistency in this condition of political democracy and industrial absolutism. The people are beginning to doubt whether in the long run democracy and absolutism can coexist in the same community; beginning to doubt whether there is a justification for the great inequalities in the distribution of wealth, for the rapid creation of fortunes, more mysterious than the deeds of Aladdin’s lamp.”

Louis D. Brandeis, Speech to Harvard Ethical Society, May 4, 1905

In a purely fiat monetary system the effective limitation on the Fed is the acceptance of the dollar and the bond at value in objective, non-coercive market transactions. Since the value of a currency can be viewed as ‘relative’ to other currencies, if one ignores the values of other goods, there is some thought that a group devaluation of money can be accomplished if all the issuing entities devalue at the same time, so that the average person will not notice it. As if. When such frauds fail, then there is the result to force. There are numerous examples of non-objective market transactions being used by failing monetary regimes, where they are guided by a central bank or directly by politicians.

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