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Weekly News Wrap-Up Israel-Hamas War, Portugal Bank Default, Obama Ignores Immigrant Flood

from USA Watchdog:

I warned last week about the kidnapping and murder of three Israelis and revenge killing of a Palestinian teen sparking violence in Israel.

My fear is now been confirmed with Hamas rocket attacks on various targets in Israel. Israel is making counter attacks that have claimed the lives of dozens in Gaza. One big development is the rockets that Hamas is using are now more powerful and have up to a 100 mile range. In 2012, the rockets had only a 50 mile range. Israel has called up at least 40,000 troops and is getting ready for a ground assault in Gaza against Hamas. Now, I am worried about a much wider war being sparked in the Middle East. Does Israel also see a much wider war coming, and is it going to knock out Hamas now? Another big development: ISIS, or the Islamic State in Western Iraq and Eastern Syria, has acquired both chemical weapons and nearly 90 pounds of nuclear material. Is Israel worried about chemical weapons or nuclear material ending up in a Hamas rocket? I think the answer is clearly yes, and this will get much worse before it gets better. There are attempts at brokering a cease-fire by President Obama, but I don’t expect that until heavy damage has been done to Hamas’ ability to fire rockets into Tel Aviv.

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3 comments to Weekly News Wrap-Up Israel-Hamas War, Portugal Bank Default, Obama Ignores Immigrant Flood

  • Eric

    The real kicker is that this flood of immigrants is just a big distraction. The border is left wide open while everyone the U.S. Has pissed off and terrorists are sneaking in from the middle east, south Africa, Somalia. They are organizing and biding their time. Americans are now just paying the price for their ignorance and apathy all these years. We paid for and sent arms to Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, overthrew leaders and installed dictators, and destroyed those countries while raping the resources.

    These children have no place to go thanks to us and everyone is angry at them. What is wrong with you people? Direct your anger where it should be. Get off your butt and research something stupid! If Americans are looking for the guilty, they need only look in a mirror.

    Obamas got to go NOW!!! If anything horrific happens in the continental U.S., it’s HIS fault! He failed to do the ONE thing he has a responsibility to do…secure this country. If anything happens, homeland security, the TSA should all go! These morons are inept.

  • Jeff

    Greg is really starting to sound so childish these days. His little boy naivety tone is getting old. He doesn’t get that this is all by design. Wish I had a silver eagle for every time he said “outrageous”. Trying to stay a fan…

  • Suzanne

    How about starting with the arrest of all these elected officials that are enabling this border surge in advance of “immigration reform”… Pelosi, Feinstein, Boehner, Reid… arrest, swift trial, confiscation of all of their assets to pay for their bad behavior.
    Any of you hear about Lois Lerner being arrested by the Sergeant at Arms until she coughs up the evidence?

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