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WebBot Immediacy Data Report: July 20-21st in Focus — Summary, July 2014

from Realist News:

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3 comments to WebBot Immediacy Data Report: July 20-21st in Focus — Summary, July 2014

  • Tom Aumeg

    I would agree that Lagarde’s speech was too wierd to not have some meaning, but it was an error for everyone to jump on July 20 as a coded date in her speech.

    1. In European convention, the day comes first, then the month, then the year. That is how her brain is wired.

    2. She made that speech in January, and it was only circulated as the July date came close. That is important because there is always an attempt to sensationalize things in the short term, to keep people loggin on to the web site of interest.

    And as for a guy who only goes by a one-letter initial, offering testimony of someone he won’t identify, that’s trash. When it goes by the wayside, will anyone remind him of this when he makes his next prediction? Of course not. SGT report will be all over it.

    And then you have the webbot, who sounds to me like a medieval soothesayer couched in the language of the internet. There is absolutely no basis to believe a word of what he says.

    This crap utterly discredits the hard work others do to tell the alternative viewpoint. That is what angers me most.

  • Suzanne

    Having heard Clif High’s HPH report… this guy comes off as ADD and apparently didn’t pay enough attention to it. Interesting that he is tracking a lot of different news/prediction sources, though.

    FYI… Gull Island isn’t the only big pool of oil that’s been drilled and capped and still waiting to be produced. There is a HUGE pool under central Texas beneath two 5-mile layers of granite that they’ve only just acquired the technology to drill. The oil companies have been out there for a couple of years, just drilling and capping. This pool is bigger than Saudi.

    • Hannon

      In the last 18 months, I’ve made a lot of parts that have to do with refineries, more than just maintenance and replacement, somethings going on.

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