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Was Malaysian Airliner Brought Down By A Missile To Start A War With Russia?

from X22Report:

[Episode 418]

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6 comments to Was Malaysian Airliner Brought Down By A Missile To Start A War With Russia?

  • Gnostic

    I always enjoy X22,

    The Synagogue of Satan is losing their control of the narrative & the money (BRICS)Love to see Rothschild/Rockefeller on the bread line a fate worse than death for them LOL…..

    Hip Hip Hurray!

  • Joe

    Yes I do believe this could be another false flag event created by the cabal given the info that’s coming out now about this whole scenario. Such as this;

  • Rodster

    I say let’s get this party started. How about lobbing some nukes?

  • Hannon

    If Putin himself fired a missile at that plane, on film and fully admitted it, then callously joked about it, I still wouldn’t support a war with Russia.

  • PeterB

    I don’t know who shot this aircraft down but here in the UK, watching newsnight I couldn’t take any more of the propaganda from the BBC. It’s quite scary really watching the propaganda being ramped up.
    Anyway, sent a stinking complaint into the BBC….I’ll wait to hear what they say.

    All the best…..

  • NaySayer

    NBC news propaganda is “waving the bloody shirt” talking about the infants who died and showing pictures of the ayran looking female passengers who were killed and saying that Russia did it, but then that they don’t know for sure, but isn’t it time something was done about Putin???

    Yes, they need a war soon to having something to blame economic collapse on. They wanted one with Syria and now they want it with Russia.

    In more local news: the local coin shop for the first time is advertising buying gold/silver to protect against government debt and economic strife. They always avoided any of that sort of talk until now in their tv commercials.

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