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by Captain Hook, Gold Seek:

As usual, Danzel Washington (and Tony Scott) did a great job on the movie Unstoppable, an action-thriller that depicts just how fast things can get out of control when big and powerful things gain momentum. In this case we are talking about a train, however the same dynamic of course applies to the entirety of the physical world – including those created by the human experience. Extreme mass is difficult to stop in any dimension governed by the laws of physics (especially gravity), including the financial markets believe it or not. The stock market, debt markets, commodities, etc. – they have all grown into large masses because of all the money printing and monetization – and the momentum in this regard appears unstoppable.

Because to stop it (the money printing) would cause a calamitous crash in these markets, not to mention the larger financialized economy, one that would really hurt, so humans being what they are, attempt to avoid this inevitable pain. Or is it better these days to say the public allows the powers that be to continue in their lust for power and wealth because most are still eating, but this is set to change.

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