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TRUNEWS: James Heiser on Putin’s Occult Connection

from TRUNews TRUNews:

Lutheran Bishop James Heiser discusses the occult connection to Alexander Dugin — known as Putin’s Brain — who believes that America must be destroyed.

Link to Part 1: Who is Putin’s Brain?…

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2 comments to TRUNEWS: James Heiser on Putin’s Occult Connection

  • Cleburne61

    Total nonsense. Ridiculous. I believe “Americanism” is dangerous to civilized society, to traditionalism, to godly, Christian society….am I a member of the occult?

    You have to understand: these people don’t want banksterism, they don’t want globalism, they don’t want french, egalitarian democratic equality…..they just want survival for their peoples. They’re not universalists…..Americans, by and large, are. It is what’s destroying these United States.

    The entity known as the United States must go the way of the dinosaur for a saner, more peaceful world to abide. This belief in no way makes me part of the occult, and I’m very aware of Dugin’s wrights. I highly recommend reading him(not listening to someone else’s opinion of him) to get a good read on him. Try “The Fourth Political Theory” first.

    Much respect, Sean.

  • Suzanne

    In this radio show, they’re leaving out the fact of the CIA’s use of agent provocateurs/snipers going into one country after another and overthrowing one country after another, looting and leaving each in ashes. Given this, I believe that most countries in the corporate US’s crosshairs will tend to join with larger countries to keep from having the same fate.
    Everywhere either of the US militaries, whether the Pentagon regulars or the CIA’s mercenaries, Christians come out on the short end.

    Yes, I would agree that the US/UK/EU banker empire needs to be remove, and NATO with it. When talking about it all, I say “US” in referring to the illegitimate corporate government, versus “America” as in the land, the people and the Constitution.
    Most of the churches here, as 501(c)3s, and dependent on that status and are being forced to speak the government’s line or lose that status. The churches have sold Americans out. Show me a church that is urging people to pull their money out of the bankster system and prepare for the collapse, it will be not only rare but godly.

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