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Three Reasons to Buy Silver Today

by Jimmy Mengel, Outsider Club:

Silver investors: our time has finally come…

A perfect storm is emerging in the silver market this week. Between the stock market teetering on the edge of a correction, the global turmoil gripping damn near every region in the world, and the announcement of a more transparent “silver price fix”, silver has nowhere to go but up…

Despite being the best performing world asset last month, I feel that these recent developments will push silver even higher. While each of these events is enough to nudge silver higher on their own, when they all hit at the same time, silver could finally have the breakout we’ve all been waiting for.

Here’s why these pieces are greater than the sum of their parts…

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2 comments to Three Reasons to Buy Silver Today

  • Kunitz

    Uh oh….FYI….Did a little transaction with a California PM dealer last week. Long story short, His check bounced due to his small(ish) Bank closing his long time account and abruptly showed him the door. The way he tells it as of July 1st new banking rules have been implemented that regulate PM dealers. He was forced (his banks suggestion) to move to a large bank (ie Wells) in order to continue to do business. He tells me it’s the same situation that effected gun dealers recently. Has anyone out there heard anything about this???

    • silverguru

      I was at my LCS the other day and 4 of the 5 customers that walked in (much like yourself I’m assuming) were selling. Maybe your dealer is running low on fiat from all the panic selling…

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