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The Law of God Gives Us the Answer to Our Nation’s Ills – It’s Called Repentance

by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

The Liberty Brothers interviewed Tim Brown of Freedom Outpost regarding some of the things taking place in our nation and what the proper solution should be. He referenced a return to the law of God through repentance as the only hope of us seeing God’s blessing on America. The Liberty Brothers also interviewed General Paul Vallely from Stand Up America. the interview with Tim begins 30 minutes in and the General comes on the line at 1:30 minutes in.

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3 comments to The Law of God Gives Us the Answer to Our Nation’s Ills – It’s Called Repentance

  • rheawhite

    This is the most absolute truth I have heard from anyone on this website. The Spirit And Creator of all things, has passed an awful, terrible judgement on the US and Europe, in general. If they do not turn to Him and accept His Commandments and Laws, everything wrong is facing the people. See the book of Daniel, that is the prophecies in this book is where we are right now. The book of revelation is nothing more than a distraction. The book of Daniel is illustrates everything that is taking place, RIGHT NOW. Nothing in the book of revelation even remotely compares to current world events.
    Daniel spells everything out, and you can see everything in this book unfolding, RIGHT NOW.

  • NaySayer

    Is this “law” the christian extremist version of Sharia law?

    This kind of talk is your opinoin, but you are scaring the non extremists when you talk about making your religion “the law”. How does that make you any different than the islamic mullahs??

    • rheawhite

      No one is talking about religion, only you. Just because one brings up the Creator, it is always immediately implied that one is religious. I am a true Hebrew Israelite, that fact, is not a religious statement, it is a fact about a nationality.
      You are offering an opinion, based entirely on “what your finite, prejudiced little narrow mind constantly conjures up, when people speak truth.
      Are you even brave enough to read the Book of Daniel? I doubt it. We live is a world that is predicated upon lies, fraud, deceptions and the like. Of course, when someone tells the truth, the liars and the deceived launch an attack. Whether you like what I’ve said or not, your opinion cannot and will not, change the Will of The Most High, you are simply going to find out the hard way. No religion is of interest to me. If you really knew the truth, you would not have made a comment on this website. Or, perhaps you do know the truth and you are living in fear.

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