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The Four Essentials Of Off Grid Solar

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

An off-grid solar (photo-voltaic) electric power system is an ideal prep for modern survival in that it can partially or totally relinquish you from dependence upon other systems, which themselves are vulnerable to disruption or breakdown.

Off-grid systems also enable the ability to live away from the mainstream, which opens the door to properties which may be more affordable than others which require connectivity to public utility systems.

Even if living in suburbia, installing an off-grid system side-by-side with the existing electrical system could provide you with a completely separate electrical circuit (separate outlets, etc… however you design it – unless you ‘grid-tie’), and reduce your dependency on the grid as well as provide a back-up means of electrical power during a grid outage or disaster situation.

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1 comment to The Four Essentials Of Off Grid Solar

  • Ed_B

    Decent article but the author apparently does not know the difference between silicon, an element, and silicone, an organic plastic-like molecule containing silicon AND hydrocarbons.

    Also, when calculating the energy uses of some appliances, one should consider that some are on all the time when in use while others cycle off and on. A light is on all the time when it is in use but a fridge cycles off and on. One would have to time its normal on / off cycle rate to calculate the actual power requirements for the fridge.

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