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[Ed. Note: This slick new ad from Crush The Street is packed full of incredible silver facts that ought to get even the most ardent precious metals bears thinking…]

from Crush The Street:

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  • Long John Silver

    Daniel recently told us that Mexico was going to monetize Silver, that was all smoke and mirrors, so although I’m bullish with the Metals, for the last so many years, and listening to all the pumping, I will sit this one out, thinking $15.00 is probably in the cards, if I’m wrong, no big deal, I’ve been reading King World news for the last so many years, and have been purchasing on all their pumping.. *LOL*

    • Scott

      Amen brother. I’m tired of all the “experts” pump and dump late night infomercial BS. I’m sitting on my “insurance” pile so my next buy point is spot at $15 or not at all.

      • NaySayer

        Silver is not an investment

        It is real MONEY that you use to save your wealth in and it is also an INSURANCE POLICY. Do you whine when you don’t get a return from your homeowners or car insurance and call your insurance agent a “pump and dumper”???

        You clearly do not understand the situation or what silver is for.

    • john2

      “No big deal”?

      Leaving cash in bank accounts/money markets at this point is just BEGGING to have it ripped off. It’s nothing but digits on a computer screen. The 6th Circuit Court has already let everyone know it’s really not yours anyhow.

      I order silver every single week…without exception. I keep about $2000-3000 in my bank account at any given time to cover bills. I also keep about $15,000 in physical cash. Everything else, goes into silver.

  • rodjen78

    I don’t think the bear market in metals is over yet:

    1) the USD index seems to be turning bullish right in the face of all the de-dollarization talk,

    2) EUR/USD is nosediving,

    3) the US stock market is high and thus by trend becoming ready to create more demand for USD as well,

    4) and then on top of all that, this kind of attention-seeking silver video comes out.

    For several reasons, this is unlikely to be a good time to become too enthusiastic about the metals.

    • rodjen78

      Although, the first three comments are all negative on the metals, which is bullish 😉 Thus the most likely scenario is just sideways price action, doing nothing but wearing out enthusiasm. By the way, I don’t see good miners going out of business. Only the bad quality juniors and the low grade garbage is suffering. But they are just getting what they deserve, have been wasting investor money on bad projects and luxury conference trips for many years.

      • Long John Silver

        I do remember Daniel was bearish 2 years back or so, all the pumpers were saying shortage, Daniel was saying no shortage.. Daniel was a lone voice, but he was correct.. Maybe he is right with this call.. Who knows!!

        • rodjen78

          I was bearish as well in spring of 2012, getting a heavy shitstorm on this blog for warning against excessive risk taking in metals. Was right then, but now not feeling bullish, rather neutral. A really bullish setup in metals would include the following newspaper headlines:

          “Chinese liquidating gold on massive credit crunch”
          “Switzerland facing a gold flow reversal: from East to West”
          “Central banks drown in gold, giving it away, saving storage expenses”
          “Government bonds: the ultimate safe heaven paradigm for the responsible citizen”
          “SGT report discontinued, author taking a sabbatical”
          “King World News added a new section on health and natural medicine”

          But instead we are getting headlines of the following sort:

          “Regulators investigating metals markets on manipulation claims”

          The latter is quite bearish. So, not a perfect setup, not at all. But the market does what it wants, could turn on a dime anytime. It is just not too likely at this point in time. The most probable scenario is a slow, grinding wearout. You see the comments? Guys are tired but not selling. How tired will they be after two more years have passed and nothing serious happened except disgustingly low prices? This is the maximum pain scenario, so it seems to be a quite likely scenario.

          • Long John Silver

            At the time, all I wanted to hear was that Silver was going to the Moon, so I was loving my Gurus!! I would play some bullish videos a few times to let it sink in.. I was telling everyone buy buy, buy,. When I seen Daniel go bearish, I unsubscribed from his youtube channel. How could he be bearish? Even Don Harold was bearish, bye bye Don.. I only wanted to hear Silver is going to the Moon..

            Things have now changed, I have an open mind, and Silver will go wherever it wants to.. If they could hold it down for a few more years, so be it.. I will buy occasionally, if we dip down to the 15 area. If the system crashes tomorrow and Silver is worth $500, so be it.. I’m on the Gravy train..

    • john2

      Are you kidding? I just don’t get that logic.

      So, you’re thinking you may be able to buy at another 25% discount…yet risk losing 100% of your funds to an EMP, sunflare, derivative explosion or bail in? You do realize the 6th Circuit Court has already ruled the money in your account really isn’t even yours? You’re just a second lien holder.

      The bail in documents are already in place…or do you just think it’s conspiracy theory?

  • Bob A

    Funny. I’m with you guys 1000% I’m tired of these pumpers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL IN on silver. Some call me nuts. I don’t care. I enjoy this hobby of collecting, and stacking. I hope I can get 5000 – 7,000 ounces of the next couple years (thieves, just a note, stored in a private facility)…BUT, I get so tired of these folks pumping their book. Drives me bonkers. Especially when they say stupid arse stuff like, never see 20.00 again…the bottom is in…back up the track (buy from them of course)…it makes me sick. I don’t even listen to some of those ardent crazies like Morgan, Turk, and many others that are on KWN. Educate me, fine. But don’t insult me with your pump sh*t.

    • john2

      Many people underestimated the amount of lawlessness, propaganda and straight out fraud. Like, “Belgium” suddenly buying hundreds of billions in Treasuries.

      The system would have crashed already…and should have. These gimmicks aren’t likely to hold for much longer. We’re on borrowed time.

    • Kim

      Well said Bob A, my exact sentiment!

  • Ed_B

    And yet, none of these pumpers and dumpers are wrong in their basic assertion that buying and holding silver, particularly outside the banking system, being a very good idea. The thing is, though, that one builds a profitable position in silver or gold in the same way that one builds a profitable stock position… over time… by buying in small amounts on a regular basis and by buying a little more on the price dips.

    I see my silver as my financial insurance against inflation and the possibility of a devalued US dollar. It is my long-term savings plan. It is part of my wealth and not all of it but it is still an important part. I do not see it as an investment any more than I would see any insurance policy I own as an investment.

    No one knows that the future holds… NO ONE! All we can do is look at the real data out there, try to spot any trends that we can, and then make our best educated guess as to what might happen and how it might affect us.

    As to the so-called “gurus”, PFFFTTTT! I read and watch what they have to say but am VERY skeptical about it. There are interesting and useful bits of information here and there in their comments but there is also a lot of useless drek. Sifting through all this is a bit like panning for gold… LOTS of sand, gravel, and mud with only a few flakes of “color”. We usually get this info for free, so consider it worth every penny paid for it. 😉

    • Angel

      VERY level headed and well-stated, Ed_B. We must view this realistically, and carry out our strategy without the negative emotional baggage that often unnecessarily gets in the way due to false hopes and expectations.

      None of this is for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who are expecting a quick fiat moonshot. Obviously, different motives abound.

  • petedivine

    Certainly a slick video, but I don’t think this was a pump and dump. The video mentions real fundamentals that will at some point reach a boiling point. Our government has been making one mistake after another to maintain the status quo. One of the unintended consequences to silver price suppression is the pressure placed on the supply side. They have inadvertently destroyed the miners. The USGS stated that silver will be the first element on the periodic table to become extinct by 2020. Well boys and girls that’s only 5.5 years away. If you add into the equation increased energy costs then the costs to pull silver from the ground will increase even further. Look at how desperate we’ve become to get oil. We go to war for it, we drill miles into the ocean for it, we destroy our water supplies for it. How will we get silver when we’ve exhausted all the easy energy. Say goodby to those cheap flat screen TV’s, printers, solar panels, cars, and everything else made with silver.



  • glitter 1

    Just like another broken record every time a faith building/confirming segment is put out,the whiners and cry babies have to make their appearance,but only after they watch/listen to the presentation.Why don’t you just pass the piece when you see it and move on if you are so miserable because you bought at the top like most investment novices,which buy at the top and sell at the low.Just like all the suckers that bought AAPL Stock at $650 then it dumped to half that,they are still out of the money for the past year.
    The strength of the Dollar has nothing to do with anything!It’s all about the Derivatives,which nobody sees that will cause the crash.More selective cognition in the midst of all the Free information being distributed continually.
    Thanks for the post SGT,keep em comin!

    Remember,you have to buy low in order to sell high!

    “I stay away from something I do not understand” – Warren Buffett

    Please excuse the sarcasm,there are limits.

    P.S. Petedevine,you get it!

  • Gnostic

    silver is rare paper is not…..that simple

    • Eric

      Silver slays Zionist Rothschild vampire bankers. Paper wipes my butt. 🙂

      You see the 1934 ‘House of Rothschild’ movie Gnostic? It’s a good one.

  • Troy

    I sold nearly all my silver in 2011 and 2012 to buy a home in the country….NO REGRETS! I do have a small amount of silver….around 400 ounces. After I pay off my new place, I will buy silver again. My goal is to be debt free in less than two years.

  • John

    It’s funny reading all the comments here and I suppose one can only come to one conclusion: The Cartel has throughly succeeded in brainwashing even the most ardent believers in precious metals. Just Wow, how the elite have managed to corrall your otherwise intelligent and creative minds into complete submission.

    I thought the video was very well done and factual in all aspects. Can we all agree…Silver and Gold have 5,000 years of history as money, Silver and Gold is honest money and Biblical, Silver and Gold is embodied in the U.S. Constitution,…..but let the cartel yell “BOO” via it’s paper manipulations and everyone wants to run scared and tear down the production of a well done video based on fact finding.

  • Long John Silver

    What I find funny is that my first post was based on facts, in a recent video by Daniel, he came out and said Mexico was possibly going to monetize Silver. Hugo Salinas came out and said that this was more or less a fabrication..

    For all the Geniuses here that could buy low and sell high, CONGRATULATIONS. start up a blog and sell your services, maybe Erik King will have you as a guest.. I have been buying Silver for a while, my average price is under $24.00, Gold in the $1300’s. I plan on adding on the next crash.. And I’m looking forward to it..

    I haven’t sold a single ounce, it’s all buried..

    • NaySayer

      So you are pushing the logical fallacy that because Daniel Ameduri got one video wrong that everybody else’s videos are entirely wrong as well and on every other possible point in support of silver?

      If you don’t see how illogical and irrational that argument is then I give up on even attempting to communicate with anybody who holds that positioin.

  • boogoo

    I will be bullish when videos like this STOP coming out!

    Silver to the ‘moon’ talk is just that! Talk!

  • Jacobson

    Take it easy guys .
    There’s one more year to go …

    • NaySayer

      How do you know? I would be interested to know what evidence you have to support that argument.

      • Jacobson

        If Il’l write what are my sources you’ll (not you specificly) bash me .
        So that’s what I say .
        You can believe me if you want …

        Don’t forget that as a jew I’m part of the “jewish cabal” ,
        I participate in the meetings in the ancient cementery with the elders of zion so I know what are their plans LOL

        Now seriously ,
        Things looks different from here .

        • NaySayer

          Yo dude, why are you busting my chops? In case you have forgotten I am the one who is usually on your side with a rational argument that athough there are a few bad apples in any group there is no way all jewish people are bad.

          I am inclined to believe you are just messing with people on this issue and you don’t actually have any reasons for say it will be in another year. If you are yanking our chains then put a sarc (sarcasm) tag on your post please.

  • mike

    Well there will be a few thousand OZs on my part going to the melt pot if silver ever gets to 35!
    So to say AE and maples wont be sold is silly.

  • will

    wow what a sales pitch, haven’t seen one like that since we hot $46! FM is selling at $21 and making a handsome profit, so all the BS about you can buy it for less than it takes miners to mine it is just pure BS. Miners are paying blogger to hype silver and gold so that the crash in price is not as fast as it would have been.

    • SGT

      “Miners are paying blogger to hype silver and gold so that the crash in price is not as fast as it would have been.”

      Seriously? The small buyers acquiring physical who would be influenced by any You Tube video are no match for the criminal banks issuing thousands of tons of paper metal. How many times must we have this same conversation?

  • john2

    Lots of funny comments here. Waiting to hopefully get a discount on the fiat price of silver only opens yourself to a potential 100% loss of your funds from a bail in (likely coming soon), EMP (possibly coming soon), or other false flag that takes the grid down. As I stated above, the 6th Circuit Court has already ruled that the money in your accounts really isn’t yours. Then, this past week, we have new legislation regarding freezing money markets when SHTF.

    This basically freezes your 401K, stock portfolios…everything. Explain to me how you can transfer funds from your brokerage accounts into your bank accounts without the funds first clearing and sitting in a money market.

  • AgShaman

    Yeah….I kinda like silver

    …and someday soon I plan to get some gold for free because of it.

  • biff

    Did he say “in 2013 government stockpiles added to the demand.” ?

  • Naysayer

    I do have to disagree with him that jewelry is gone and will never be melted. I recently saw the movie “The Lion in Winter” with Katherine Hepburn. She played Queen Eleanor of Acquitaine and she wanted her sons out of the dungeon where her husband, King Henry II had put them for bad behavior.

    She hired a badass soldier to kill/remove anybody between her and the dungeon so she could free them. His payment? A gold ring with a precious stone from her finger. He received it from her, looked it over and was quite happy to take it for killing several guys who had resisted. They both knew in the time period in which they lived circle 1180 AD that the precious metal was money and very valuable.

    Someone who is hungry will take an earring off and pay for some beans, rice and a couple of chicks for the backyard.

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