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The Coming Apocalypse & The New World Order — Pastor Paul Begley

This Illuminati spirit, this One World Government, this New World Order has been in process a long time. Satan is behind the whole thing. He is the dragon that gives power to the Beast and causes the Beast to speak.

from End Time Shows:

Show recorder June 29, 2014: The Middle East is about to “Blow Sky High” as several nations have gone on High Alert. Also President Obama has requested $500 Million from Congress to rain and equip members of Syrian opposition including (Al-Qeada and Muslim Brotherhood and Syrian freedom fighters). Also ISIS has taken control of the Syrian and the borders of Jordan. Also Saudi Arabian King Abdullah II calls up his armed forces and puts them on high alert.

Egypt is ready to fly troops into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia if needed. Also reports are that Iran is sending in drones to Iraq to record secret surveillance on ISIS. Also North Korea launches 3 newly developed missiles into the East Sea toward Japan. Also China has developed their DF-41 missiles that can wipe out 3 USA cities in one attack. Also USA Sect. of State John Kerry tells Russian President Vladimir Putin to prove he is for peace in Ukraine by giving him hours to disarm the Pro-Russins Insergents in Ukraine. Also Ukraines new President Petro Poroshenko signed a trade and economic pact with the European Union moving ever so closer to Ukraine becoming a member of EU. Also God send snakes and bees into the Sambisa Forest in Nigeria to drive out the Muslim Militant group “Boko Haram” that are holding the 300 Christian School girls hostage under Shira Law. Also apocalyptic hail of 10″ of hail in Tokyo, Japan making some think it is the apocalypse.

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3 comments to The Coming Apocalypse & The New World Order — Pastor Paul Begley

  • mickeymoist

    Steve Quayle now Paul Begley? Now this is getting interesting. Ok so it’s “information” you seek?

    Don’t click this link:

    • SGT

      lol – Never mind the content and subject matter he’s covering in this one broadcast we’ve ever posted from him. Ya gotta appreciate a hater who stalks any site as diligently as you monitor this one mickey. We’d consider getting a restraining order, but you amuse us too much. As for Steve Quayle, we’d like to hear your dynamic and enlightening analysis of world events before being convinced to join in the stone throwing from your glass house. Please leave us the link, we’ll listen.

  • Brian Powell


    I enjoy your youtube channel, and have just of late started exploring the website. SGT often speaks of the illuminati, I thought you might find this informative.

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