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The Chaos Theory : Government is Control

from DiscloseTruthTV:

From anthills to rainforests to galaxies, everywhere else in the cosmos things successfully organize from the bottom up. Yet we continue to expect that the top-down approach of government by force will bring humanity anything more than increasing strife and taxes. This refreshing book focuses upon the incredible and often invisible power of freedom – and the perils of its suppression in our society.

Why is it that the states that we expect to nurture and protect us are themselves the greatest root cause of disorder and strife? Whether confused, bemused or abused by the state of the world, Uncommon Sense will re-assure you that politics is not even the primary game in town, though it may sometimes look like the only one. Funny and convincing, non-violent and hard-hitting, startling and optimistic.

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1 comment to The Chaos Theory : Government is Control

  • Nd60

    AWESOME!!! 😀 😀 😀
    Very timely message for a general and broadest audience
    especially in their individual corner of world of worries….

    very glad to be reminded of GLORIOUS Florence again 😀

    mi found this today and listen to it heartily

    Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson
    from Essays: First Series (1841)

    if you have some time and like it in old english
    and abit provoking and reality bending
    this would entertain and educate

    all wars are fought and won/lost in the mind

    p/s for some that may be keen to ‘UPSIZE’ or transcend
    train one eye to see as microscope
    and train the other eye to see as telescope
    and merge them into the mind in the middle
    and the daily (microsecond) reality have just be more comprehensive
    if you especially dont like what you are seeing now
    of course you can go full on fancy with IR or UV or Gamma once you master the trick
    thats reality bending 😀
    just a little trick I learn from the whispers of angels
    you may want to see differently
    given the current hostile other-dictate worldview

    notice also in every history pages turn
    there is always a group of thinkers that set the path ablaze
    they are the one that set the next version of reality
    (why do you think they hell-bend control the media?)
    and the engineers take the order then build it
    (they think they can bottleneck it with bankers)
    the rest come and consume it
    (change the quality and make them dumBER or dead)
    until the ‘scavenger’ came in and tax it
    and slab their artificial ‘higher reason’ to monopolize it but only to kill it
    and the pages turn again….
    as if the judgmental Noahdic flood came and clean everything out
    that new life new beginnings can breath again…
    and hope the surviving species that call itself human learn the last history
    and actually be HUMAN next time.
    psssss…. there is only so many next time left
    4 there is absolutely no blinding reason for this species to exist no?

    thank you for the find and upload 😀
    enjoyed thoroughly and way pass going back to mi box time….

    be safe.

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