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EXPOSED: The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

Regular readers have heard the term “Hostage Markets” frequently in commentaries over the past year. However what has not been articulated during that time is the precise mechanism by which this total and complete control over all markets is achieved, except for a single commentary, written several years before readers were introduced to this label (and paradigm).

It all starts with the One Bank’s Pied Piper trading algorithm, what the propaganda machine calls “high-frequency trading”. It is a Master Algorithm which rules the trading (and traders) for anyone and everyone who use any of the “HFT” programs created by these Big Banks.

The Corporate media jabbers on extensively and exclusively about the speed of these automated trading programs. This is deliberate disinformation, to draw attention away from the obvious manipulative potential of these trading algorithms.

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3 comments to EXPOSED: The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets

  • rich

    Wall Street’s Regulators Sell Out on Illegal Wash Sales

    Wash sales – one of the most virulent forms of stock manipulation that bankrupted banks and corporate conglomerates in the Great Depression and intensified the stock market crash of 1929 to 1932 – has reached scandalous proportions in today’s markets. The response from regulators? Gut the rules that make it a crime.

  • john

    Why don’t the hackers out there,FUCK the Algorithm,or do something to block it.I’m sure there are plenty of ultra smart people out there?

  • Hugo

    Hi there mr Nielsen,

    I hope u read this post since I like your efford to put out the truth but made an error when u wrote this I think, quite a big one;

    ”What is the nature of this “evidence”? Nothing less than the claim that 50% of the 12 million “contracts” (i.e. trades) each day at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange are simply phony (and illegal) “wash trades”. Six million phony and illegal trades are alleged to be generated each day at the CME to bludgeon all of the world’s commodities markets in whatever direction the One Bank desires.

    This amounts to somewhere around 2 BILLION phony/illegal trades per year.”

    Iam sorry to say but the math is totally off….

    There are a few different gold contracts traded on U.S. exchanges: One at COMEX and two on eCBOT. There is a 100-troy-ounce contract that is traded at both exchanges and a mini contract (33.2 troy ounces) traded only at the eCBOT.

    With 6 million wash trades a day and 33.2 or 100 ounce a day contract size… That is 6 million times, be very conservative, only 33.2 ounces a contract times $1300 an ounce. I come at a value traded at $258.960.000.000 a day when doing the math. Even if mr Christian ment a year… Such a big trade totally off screen?

    No harm ment to mr Nielsen but his math sometimes has to be pointed to…. Please mr Nielsen, keep up the good work, but watch your math (smile)

    regards Hugo

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