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Taking Away the Bankers Gun

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

Last week we talked about how the bankers have a gun to our head. Whether it’s the bank panics of centuries past or the banking collapses of our current era, the banksters’ favorite ploy is to say that if governments and politicians don’t do exactly what they say that they’ll crash the economy.

It worked for Morgan and friends when the Panic of 1907 paved the way for The Federal Reserve.

It worked for Government Sachs and their NY Fed cronies when they threatened martial law on the street if Congress didn’t pass the 2008 bailout.

It’s working as we speak as European bankers continue to threaten a European banking crash if Hungary (or other countries) press ahead with penalties and paybacks for loan gouging. (The latest news is that questions about Portuguese Banco Espírito Santo’s health is causing a sell-off and panic in American markets.)

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