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Stockman – The Terrifying U.S. Police State & Total Collapse

from King World News:

Eric King: “David, when you look at the militarization of the police forces and the building of secondary armies inside the United States, you never saw anything like this during your tenure in the White House and I wonder how frightening it is when you see that.”

Stockman: “It’s very frightening. And it’s only part of a larger picture that has to do with the fact that in 2014 we have no real industrial-state enemies left in the world, and yet we have a defense budget that is nearly at an all-time high in real terms, and greater than those of the next eight countries combined….

“So the warfare state is out of control and it is drifting into our domestic police forces as well. I think this is a terrible thing and yet Washington does nothing about it because it has become another pork barrel, another jobs program, another part of the money system that drives national policy.”

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