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RE-POSTED: The Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be HISTORY — Karen Hudes

Sorry for the drama, just trying to do right by our listeners. It’s probably anti-climactic at this point, but here’s the original interview with a short caveat. The interview begins at 6:05 or so.

Karen Hudes, the Acting General Counsel of the World Bank joins us to discuss the impending collapse of the international criminal banking cartel which Karen says is “imminent”. We discuss the worldwide BOND FRAUD, the 9/11 false flag event, and the fact that Karen says China isn’t bankrupting the FED, we are. The American people and a U.S. DEBT-FREE currency will rise from the ashes after the FEDERAL RESERVE and the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE collapse – and that day is right around the corner.

UPDATE: Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 12:19
From: sgtreport
To: karenhudes
Hi Karen, Quick question. Some folks are questioning your claim to be back at the World Bank as General Counsel. Could you send me a link to an article or official statement somewhere that proves that fact.

Read Karen’s full response in the comments section of this article. Posted in the top 5 comments or so as “UPDATE”.

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170 comments to RE-POSTED: The Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be HISTORY — Karen Hudes

  • johns

    Thank You.

    The people have spoken.

    Keep up the good work Sean, and all at SGT.

    • SGT

      Thanks johns – for commenting and for tuning in. We’ll always try to do right by you guys, like you we’re just trying to navigate through a sea of deceit to get to the truth.

      • johns

        What a “sea of deceit” it is.

        Remember Christine LaGardes’ opening statement, “Merci, beaucoup, I DO AS I’M TOLD”.

        Told by who?

      • SGT


        Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 12:19:38 -0500
        Subject: Re: Posted!
        From: sgtreport
        To: karenhudes

        Hi Karen,

        Quick question. Some folks are questioning your claim to be back at the World Bank as General Counsel. Could you send me a link to an article or official statement somewhere that proves that fact.

        I would like to post it in the comments section on my site. Thanks!


        From: Karen Hudes
        To: SGT Report

        4:03 PM (9 hours ago)

        Dear Sean,

        The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations told the World Bank not to fire me, but I was fired anyway because the Banking Cartel thinks it is above the law: So Senators Lugar, Leahy and Bayh commissioned this GAO study . On November 4, 2008 Congressman Chris Van Hollen informed me that he noted “that my claims and concerns have already been provided to the GAO…. and to the relevant congressional committees”. In March 2009 GAO stated that it could not commence the inquiry “because of challenges we recently faced in gaining access to World Bank officials.” (see p. 24) Senator Lugar asked about the delay in the GAO review during hearings on the IBRD capital increase

        The US Congress required effects of retaliation against World Bank whistleblowers to be eliminated before the disbursement of the US contribution to the World Bank’s capital increase: § 7082 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012 (Pub. L. 112-74). available here:
        § 7048(a)(1)(B) of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014, (Pub.L. 113–46) The Board of Governors reinstated me in settlement of my bondholder lawsuit on 12.20.12
        I cannot get in the door because Allied Barton, the security firm owned by the Banking Cartel, refuses to let me in. I discussed my reinstatement in this video! (See minute 1:29)

        Here is the power transition model,

        which started predicting rule of law with 90-95% likelihood after the UK Parliament House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee published my comment on page 186 of the report on Complaints: Do They Make a Difference? “Today’s dire circumstances call for immediate and forceful intervention in the hope that time still remains.” and Elaine Colville’s complaint on page 178 “It devolves on Parliament to sort out this egregious state of affairs.”

        I am doing my job as Acting General Counsel outside the World Bank, with collaboration by the Board of Executive Directors and Board of Governors. I am also counsel for the authorized signatory on the Global Debt Facility, and directed the Board of Governors during the Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF to resolve the currency crisis and bring the gold out of hiding: Here is my latest Memo to the Board of Executive Directors at the World Bank:


        • Schmoe

          So we now know we can’t take what she says at face value because when she said she was Acting General Counsel she omitted “outside the world bank” or “I appointed myself”. Kinda critical to getting to the truth.

          This is poor quality misinformation at best. If we have to fact check everything she says for being false our time is being wasted.

          Phrases like “with collaboration by” don’t impress me either. Just another baffling pretzel to untangle there. Are we to believe that exec boards at the world bank would say they are collaborating with Ms.Hudes? More like they may have given her a response or responses. I suspect her characterization of her work serves to mislead one into thinking she is more connected and influential than she actually is. Why dont these collaborating boards see to it that the Acting General Counsel is let in the door? Maybe because these collaborating boards DO NOT RECOGNIZE Ms.Hudes as Acting General Counsel outside the World Bank. This does not help us get to the truth which is supposedly what she’s all about May as wel be asking Rumsfeld or Bernanke for info.

          Based on this response from Ms.Hudes, is anyone else left with the impression that by being reinstated and acting as general counsel that she must have therefore previously been the actual official General Counsel when she was fired in 2007 which of course is not the case? Misleading? Giving yourself a title does not clarify anything for the public except for maybe desperation once we realize you’ve crowned yourself.

          Has anyone called her out on her methodology for proving her astonishing assertion that a power transition model using game theory is 90 to 95% accurate in this application? Or should we take her at face value? Dubious people use dubious sources who make incredible claims.

          Fedspeak is a red flag. Mis info is wasteful and disrespectful. Disinformation is criminal.

          We have definitely reached the misinform level here, bordering on intentional deception by KH. Ie disinformation and propaganda
          Publishing the interview was a good thing, shows a real problem. Once again SGT has done the right thing by his viewers.

          However, this dog bites as they say. First time bitten, dogs fault. Second time bitten your fault.

          • willy groper

            Ok, I listened to her drivel.

            Business model 90-95% accurate. When it meets the fan, I don’t think a business model will fit chaos.

            Very telling “The dollar won’t go away, just the Federal Reserve Note”. What is in circulation in the USSA? What will the new dollar be worth? A fraction. We are Whenezuela.

            There’s somewhere around 17 dead bankers. Am I to believe with all her whistle blowing exposure of corruption that she’s somehow bullet, I mean nail gun proof?

            These people are ruthless & will never concede power.

            KH is FOS.

            • Sgt

              JP Morgan and/all the other Cartel Bankers have the life insurance policies on the Dead, Havent you heard

              • SGT

                NOTE: THIS “Sgt” is not me. Please change your user name or we will be forced to delete your comments. Thanks.

              • willy groper

                ALL corporations carry a life policy on their employees.

                They collect & we pay for it thru higher premiums.

                It’s not just Banksters. Well, maybe just the Banksters are knocking them off to collect.

          • SGT

            This is citizen journalism, together we can determine who has the most credibility (Paul Craig Roberts, Rob Kirby, Harley Schlanger, Andy Hoffman to name but a few) and who is at times, deceptive (James Rickards for instance). It takes all of us to compare notes and hold these people accountable for claims they have made. The good ones will earn our trust and we’ll post their material and interview them, the deceptive ones will be revealed as such. Thanks for your help guys – this is what grassroots citizen journalism is. We don;t have a budget for a staff of full-time researchers, we must work together, compare notes and ask questions.

            • Angel

              My point precisely in Tuesday’s comment.

            • Schmoe

              One of the things I appreciate very much about this site, SGT, is you actually put into practice the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”.

              I am therefore curious about the nitty gritty of how Jim Rickards has been deceptive since I listen to his stuff and wonder whether I shouldn’t be. I know he is saying SDR’s are coming, thus far I’ve given him the benefit of the doubt that that is his assessment but I haven’t seen him go so far as to say that is his preference. I’d love to be filled in further since he comes off to me as a PM advocate urging us to get the price right (high enough = $9,000/oz gold). Where have you felt deceived?

        • Dissolution

          I’m not asserting one way or the other Karen Hudes’ honesty in this interview.

          But think on this:

          When have any of you ever seen 160+ comments to a hard-hitting interview on SGT Report? You mean to tell me, that all of the sleepers on this site suddenly decided to chime in? THey didn’t feel it necessary for a Jim Willie interview? Or a Rob Kirby? Or Andy Hoffman? etc etc?!

          Sean can corroborate this, I’m sure, but there sure are a lot of names on here that I’ve NEVER seen before.

          Warrants suspicion in and of itself.

      • BUZZ

        Karen is really difficult to believe. I understand how our govt, banksters, and media are all a pack of liars. But I am not sure that Karen is any different.

        I think there is some sparks of truth here, but I think you would be naïve to believe everything she says.

        If this is all true then you had better go to church because this world we live in is way worse than any of us could have imagined.

    • C.I.

      I Aggree.

      Good Works Sean

  • Hondo Stalwart

    Allegory of the Cave … the enlightened must return to the cave in order to share their enlightenment with the prisoners ///

  • Rich

    I see ‘Karen Hudes’ on anything, anywhere and I just keep going. But some people might like to listen. Have at it.

    • douglas

      I forced myself to listen because Sean reposted it after first taking it down – but you´re right Rich, I fully agree with your opinion. Unless I hear she provides concrete evidence for her outlandish claims, I´ve heard the last from Karen Hudes.

    • willy groper

      One day I wasted my time digging into this woman. There’s really not much you can find on her as she’s pretty much scrubbed the net. Dig into her property records & you’ll find a trust, which is not unusual. Dig into her spouse (different name, don’t remember) & you’ll find he is connected with the rest of the skullduggery happening in the beltway. Do your homework.

      She’s not convincing to me in the least, yet I feel she’s a cross between a dis-info plant & desperately wanting attention.

      • mangrove

        Yeah, I’m with you guys. Alfred Lambremont Webre had some pretty harsh words in May when he exposed her for who she really is. He could be wrong of course, but it makes sense to me, whereas many of Karen Hudes’ claims and predictions make no sense to me and contain a lot of red flags. And given the secrecy of her past and her connections, I’m extremely suspicious. Biggest problem for me is that I don’t see what we gain from what she’s revealing other than providing us with a sorta warm fuzzy feeling about the future, assuming we believe her. And, as others have asked, why is she being allowed to say these things if they’re really true? Anyway, I’d love to hear from true believers as to what they’ve actually gained from her disclosures.

        Karen Hudes Exposed
        by Alfred Lambremont Webre

        VANCOUVER, BC – Karen Hudes, a self-styled defector from the Rothschild controlled IMF-World Bank complex who designates herself as “Acting General Counsel of the World Bank” in letters of attempted intimidation against long-standing whistleblowers in the Exopolitics areas, has introduced a fellow covert Israeli-Zionist disrupter to disrupt the exposure of child trafficker and Satanic infant murderer Pope Jorge Bergoglio, now on trial before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels as an arch criminal who in some future scenarios attempts to introduce a global police state in conjunction with a world monarchy [UK Monarchy], under the sponsorship of City of London bloodline banking families.

  • Kim

    Great get to watch it again, I so hope her 94% is true. If so good times ahead!
    Too good too be true? Probably, but……..

  • Abby

    Thx SGT. I never got to hear it the first time. Will let you know what I think 🙂

    • Abby

      Ok I listened. IT WAS A GREAT INTERVIEW!!! Everything she said can be backed up from many other different sources. As for the shills, all I can say is that either they have not been paying attention, or they are disinformation agents themselves.

      On a personal note, I am still unsure about her take on the gold issue. There certainly is a lot of hidden wealth all over the world by various criminals of all kinds. The Vatican being one. The Nazis another. And then there is also great wealth in old Chinese families that left communist China. So … this is a huge can of worms.

      Please do the second interview. I am very interested in what she has to say about these “Aliens.” It is becoming very clear that once homo sapiens were not the only human species on this planet. There are many species of birds etc, so to think that there never could have been a variety of human species is a bit shortsighted. Quite logically it appears that over thousands of years through interbreeding, we now have what we regard as human, and still in many different varieties of the race groups. And there are the elongated skull varieties all over the world, plus “giant”bones.

      As to whether these are “Aliens” is debatable. I know there are some Americans who refer to the Nazi infiltrators into the USA as “Aliens,” and if we take a person like Menegele they are not far off the mark.

      My concern on this issue and the plethora of brainwashing about Aliens on the net is this. The Nazis were is search of the perfect human being. They bred blond haired children etc, and they conducted human experiments and genetic modification. I do not think for one minute that this “research”for lack of a better word ever stopped. And here is the clanger. Have they developed their so call “superior”human and will they try and sell these people to the public as Aliens from space, thereby retaining control of the planet through such a deception? Operation Blue Beam would be part of this reality TV show. And to quote Carroll Rosyn:

      “And the last card…. it is all a lie!”

      • Gnostic

        Abby…..Gotta keep that red herring NAZI meme alive aye Good Luck with that.

        • Abby

          Red herring? I am sorry, but you are obviously reading Batman comics.

          • Gnostic

            Abby, I challenge you to a simple 10 question multiple choice quiz


            what have you to lose except maybe 80 years of government brainwashing.

            PS-Truth does not fear investigation.

            • Abby

              And I challenge you to look at history and the real purpose behind the holocaust. I also challenge you to do a full assessment on who was exterminated and who were put in slave camps. Over and above the debatable number of 6 million Jews is over 20 million people in Eastern Europe, most of whom were Protestants and Orthodox Christians. I am old enough to have heard the stories from real people, not internet blog and people who had real experiences. As for holocaust deniers, I have no time for them. The same way I have no time for people who deny the holocaust against the Palestinian people, or the current persecution of Russian speaking population in East Ukrainian the Odessa massacre being the most recent atrocity by Bandara Nazi Right Wing Faction, or Christians ( who are not Roman Catholic) throughout the Middle East who are getting wiped out by these insane wars and terror activities. I am not interested in your bias and your brainwashed anti Jew philosophy. Most of the Jews who were subjected to slave camps and extermination camps were anti Zionist unlike people like Soros who thrived. I am perfectly capable of doing my own research and reaching my own conclusions without any rigged multiple choice biased quizzes by you.

              • Gnostic

                Growing up in NYC I too knew many these people who had the tattoos & were in the “work camps” They had much to gain from lying, Read Dr Norman Finklestein’s “Holocaust Industry” Those Jews & other peoples died of starvation & disease after the war & the allies cutting off supply lines. It was NOT government genocide. The real holocaust (burning) was done against the German civilian population in Dresden & Hamburg after the Bolsheviks raped more than 50,000 German women 8 to 80 deaf dumb & crazy. All this after they surrendered.

                • Abby

                  Keep your disinformation to yourself. It is a cottage industry spawned by Nazis in the USA who funded Hitler. And only after Stalingrad and the Russians wiped those bastards did the USA enter the war when they realized they were funding the losing side. And at the end of it they gave the worst Nazi criminals safe passage and security in the USA. Just like they are doing now in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine so they played Europe like a fiddle and made a fortune out of WW2. They are now trying to do the same and instigate WW3 through their double standard behaviour in the Middle East and Ukraine, and against they are creating another holocaust. The past and the present are the same story played over and over again. One day the wars and the suffering they have caused on other continents and in other countries will come home to roost. The world is sick of them.

                • Rainmaker

                  Abby, you have always been level headed in most responses on this blog. In this one, I beg you to be a bit more open minded. I, too, once held dear some of the beliefs that you have expressed and I have since had to wrap my mind around something completely different. Gnostic, you are mostly correct, except your numbers are way off. More than 2 million German women and girls were raped. 20-25 million Germans (including soldiers) perished AFTER the war had ended at the hands of the Allies. Eisenhower “homolor”ed over 1.5mm German soldiers. Can you imagine that FDR referred to Stalin as “Uncle Joe”.

                  I would encourage everyone to read the following article that is published on a site “” that reviews a book by Thomas Goodrich which the title is “Hellstorm, the Death of Nazi Germany 1943-1947”.


                  The review is very good, and if you are so inclined, order a copy of the book and read it. Its excellent. If that seems a bit much, you might listen to this special 76 +/- minute podcast where Deanna Spingola interviews Goodrich:


                  Abby, I am only responding for one reason. That is because you are smart and articulate and we need you and people like you. I will end with one question (and it is not who was the First Lord of the Admiralty and who was the Assistant Secretary of The Navy when the Lusitania was sunk?): What did the majority of Bolsheviks and the creators of the Federal Reserve have in common in 1913?

                  If you are a real glutton for punishment (or truth), try reading The Ruling Elite by Deanna Spingola. It’ll make you head spin.

              • You can also go back to the Russian Bolshevik Revolution , where 20 to 30 Million Christians were murdered by the ” Chosen.” There are museums for the 6 Million Holocaust slain . I am still waiting for people to remember the 20 to 30 Million Christian murdered by the ” Chosen .” I am not holding my breath for that to happen . Even Christian Churches and organizations will not touch the subject !

                • Abby

                  Perhaps you need to understand where I am coming from. I do not deny that Germans suffered, everyone did. I also suggest that you look into Croatia, the horrors in that region done by both Nazis and Jesuits priests is very hard to stomach and is largely ignored in history books. My grandfather and many others from many parts of the world went to Europe to fight in that war. The suffering world wide was disasterous. And it’s aftermath. PTSD was not known then, but many men from Canada, Japan, Africa, Australia, USA who were not Europeans suffered repercussions for years afterwards. To focus on any one group is disrespectful. However having said that, go an take a look at the madman Hitler in numerous films, and I think you get the idea.

                  When I look at Ukraine today and in many parts of Europe I can see the rise of fascism once again. It is a monster that once unleashed knows no bounds.

                  As for my personal bias, for the first 34 years of my life I lived in a fascist police state. I am fully conversant with what persecution is, cencorship, intollerance of different groups and what you call the NDAA. People illegally arrested, denied a bail hearing and detained indefinitely without trial, coupled with torture and asassinations, all under the auspices of fighting reds under the beds amongst other issues. Even to this day when people stand up for human rights they are still in many parts of the world labelled leftists, communists and often, as is seen in Eastern Ukraine today, called “terrorists”in order to excuse persecution against them.

                  Unleashing such a monster once let lose, is very hard to contain and can only result in horror for all concerned. This Nazi, fascist mentality has been seen in other parts of the world other than Germany. Chile and Argentina come to mind. And in all cases the concesus amongst those who support such systems is holocaust denial, reds under the beds and Hitler was actually a hero along with his sidekicks Goebbles and Mengele.

                  It a genie that should never be let out of the bottle.

                • Rainmaker

                  History is written by the victors. Our realities have been shaped for us, for 10s of generations (the last 100 years or so have been supercharged informatively and negatively because of radio and television and all other new forms of technology). All the buzzwords designed for our consumption and then regurgitated over and over again through all media and social constructs. Legends and lies become truth and no one challenges the status quo, instead they quote it by rote, verse and memory verbatim without any actual proof except what we have been taught to believe, and believe unquestionably, like the robots that we all have become. As for me, I am done trying to wake people up that refuse to even question the mainstream memes. All I ask is that we all stand back and look where the evil has really come from. Its not from the history books, for sure. All we think is real is fiction fit for our consumption and ultimately our unwavering belief system. Pick any bad guy in recent history, and he will have been a shill for the NWO of Khazaria or he wanted to better his people AND throw off the shackles of Central Banks, usury and fractional reserve banking. Or Both. Oops, sorry, I said a bad word, Khazaria. I must be an anti-semite (whatever the the hell that means).

  • Post Panic3

    I’m so glad that you re-posted this interview Sean.
    This is potentially the most important interview that you have ever had.
    20 negative comments within the first 10 minutes of posting the original where without a doubt “the bots” the “Co-Intel-Pro” at there now made legal propaganda tricks. Classic attack, to make you doubt, think twice. Luckily you have many intelligent friends here, my friend. You saw through the fog of sleep deprivation and ‘bot’ bullshit.
    Everything that she spook about has been out there, even the attempted Nuke attack at Charlston. We the awake can confirm this claim and many others. Sure there where claims that presently seem a little extreme. The Gold the Bonds associated with them have yet to be proven. But she really is the insiders insider. Legal council to the World Bank.
    I take my hat of to you and your team there. I recommend your sight to anybody who will listen. Keep up the good work my friend. You are a champion a real truth teller. We LOVE you and wish you all the protection that our prayers can muster.
    Keep on keeping on. Humanity will, humanity MUST prevail.
    Arrest these villans. The vale has been pulled back. They are all nothing but mean very sad old men, there time is NOW UP.
    Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Dorothy may have been the original conspiracy theorist. How smart she was. LOL

  • douglas

    Sean: For whatever it´s worth I´m a recently retired US Naval Officer (with a Masters in Economics). The Liberty Mill is the first place I go to each morning and I´ve been listening to you guys since you first started. During all this time seldom have I disagreed with your opinions, but I have to be honest with you, I´m realy disapointed! Contrary to my better judgement (but out of respect to you personally), I´ve forced myself to listen to this full interview – I´m sorry to say that my opinion of this lady has not changed for the better. Despite this, I´m going to do my best to put this interview you´ve done of one of the most obvious disinformation shills behind me and simply hope that you come to this same realization. Like any good disinformation agent, this lady speaks in half-truths, much of what she says goes well with what we know – the problem is she seems to make up most of the rest of what she says. Once trust is established, I can respect someone´s opinion and possibly take controversial statements at face value even without hard evidence – the problem is that Ms Hudes has done nothing to merit this trust and has NEVER provided proof for anything she says. When someone makes such outlandish claims as she does without providing even minimal proof, any logical person should remember – ¨If it walks like a duck…¨ I hope you end up seeing the error of your ways and we are spared of any further distractions from this lady, in any case my time is too valuable, I will not listen to her again, on your site or any other…

    • Hondo Stalwart

      You have a Masters in economics?? Did you get it from a crackerjack box? Who the hell are you to say he is in error? Anyways get lost.

      • douglas

        Hondo, sorry if my comment bothered you – I was simply expressing my opinion on Ms Hudes (which obviously many others share). FYI, I received my graduate degree from the University of Michigan back in 1988 after which I served 22 years as a USN Supply Corps Officer. To tell you the truth since it was all based on Keynesian concepts in many ways it may as well be from a cracker jack box – although for the last several years I´ve been trying to better my knowledge in Austrian economics. I would be very surprised if Sean took my comments as an offense (I seriously doubt it), in any case I think that like anyone I am entitled to my opinion and that your ¨get lost¨ comment is not warranted. In closing, I would strongly encourage all who read this not to count on Karen Hudes´ ¨hidden gold¨ saving us – I suggest each person take responsibility in looking out for their own future by all means possible, especially through the aquisition of physical PM´s.

        • mangrove

          Agreed 100% douglas. Thanks for both of your postings. Yeah, that “hidden gold” story is a major red flag. What do you think her agenda is?

        • glitter 1

          There are many(growing) that visit this site that have Master’s Degrees in their own ignorant opinion.It’s starting to resemble a Facebook Page,alot of useless chatter.It’s becoming more difficult to participate.

    • Hogmeister

      I completely agree. Listen to the Pete Santilli interview with Karen Hudes. When he hears Hudes speaking favorably of Henry Kissinger he reacted the same way I did. After the Pete Santilli interview the outlandish claims have just piled on. I’m so sick of hearing about the outlandish game theory model that she speaks of in each and every interview to whitewash the undemocratic institutions of the UN , World Bank and IMF. Publish the model, true whistleblower style, it and its accuracy claims, will ya! I dissect financial models for a living. Let me have a go.

      SGT next interview would you please ask her about her contact with Henry Kissinger. I promise I will listen if you do.

      And now she’s back at the WB – JEEZ!

      • Hogmeister

        Just wanted to add that game theory only functions in uncorrupted “free markets”. The utterly undemocratic powerstructures of the World Bank and its ilk is as far from a “free market” as you can possibly get. They are utterly corrupt as Hudes also claims and game theory has no place in this discussion. Actions of corruption will have all the explanation power – 100%. Hudes is a fake attesting a 94% explanation power to a game theory model. Think McFly… Think!

    • douglas , first , thanks for your service to the country . I am exF-4 drivers from 72-80 in the Force ! Second , don’t take all the negative reaction personal . Human Nature . People are so desperate for turning this country around , most FNG’s will take hudes story line at face value . I was the same way when she came out with her story a couple of years ago . However , over time and a little research Ms hudes story falls apart . Her biggest fault is that she refuses to admit the Jews involvement in all this . I have even taken the time to e-mail her about this fact , only to be met with , ” You are just being Anti-Semitic ! ” ” It’s all bout the Jesuits ! ” Nufsaid !

  • Suzanne

    Hi Sean…
    Yes, it was indeed a good interview.
    Doing a quick site search, I found she is on the World Bank website by name in one article, but there isn’t any of this type of news and no lists of employees.
    I hope and pray she is right, but my intuition puts the accuracy of her “original content” at maybe 55% (for whatever that is worth). Some of it still doesn’t add up very well in my reckoning.
    Yes, we know about the nuke intended for Charleston and other news items like that.
    What this interview amounts to is reinforcement of our need to keep stacking gold and silver as much as we can.
    For now, we have several very well known sources, from Jim Willie to V, and even Pastor Lindsey Williams pegging July as when we will see the system start coming apart at the seams. Add to that the end of the London silver and maybe gold fix and a few other things like the increasing frequency of large events and scandals; whether it is all orchestrated as a distraction or simply the truth coming out doesn’t seem to matter. We are in unique times… humanity is indeed awakening in spite of all the programs to poison us and dumb us down.
    Daylight is shining on the parasitic bankster remoras.

  • Karma Respect

    From listening to your interview this is some bright “cookie” who likes to throw around name dropping in authority circles. She has the central argument correct which is that the private banking cartel through faith based confetti money control the world and from that truth she spreads about her disinformation, for a lie to be believed it must contain an element of truth.

    The world bank is part of the cartel and it has a globalist agenda, they are the problem.

    Nowhere is discussed the overlord corporations who are owned by much of the same controlling shareholders as the banking cartel and who are eliminating the private middle class by using their fiat confetti to buy out control of enterprise and property. As a result living wages are decimated, work opportunity is decimated, so exactly how does this unwind in her new utopian view of the world?

    The problems of the world cannot be resolved by using the same ism tools that have created them. The box is ism which are faith based systems and each is a framework for failure because proper prosperity with freedom from opression can only happen when we move beyond the faith based ideals. The bankers with their corporations and politicians understand their controlling power is ism.

    In both the social and economic world conforming is based on the reliance of belief, as a result the acceptance of doctrine and the entire ideology of ISM is generally denied any proper question. Even in the alternative media it is not discussed. Until the ism framework is understood, failure and not utopia is the only outcome because of belief in faith based ideals we remain trapped.

    It is The Tibetan Secret and beyond a good read.

  • evermore

    Hi Sean,

    you know I’ve been following and supporting SGT for a long time now, probably 4 years but though I don’t comment much these days I do read and listen to everything you upload.

    I have followed this particular interview with interest and applaud you’re handling of the surprising drama….now that I have had a chance to finally listen to it I cannot find much to disapprove of or fault you or Karen Hudes on whatsoever.

    Granted I don’t think she is a great speaker as such but much of what she says is very interesting and certainly consistent with people I have the utmost respect and belief in.

    Very interesting and for me and very pleasing to note that Michael S. Mann mentioned 2 of my favourite and most trustworthy sources of truth and brilliant insights by way of Dr. Joseph P Farrell and Catherine Austin-Fitts. His only omission was to not include Richard Dolan and form a trio.

    Anyway, the Hudes interview was actually excellent and is in no ways flakey.

    Just keep going strong Sean!

    Much thanks and deepest regards


  • Sheryl Anne

    OMG………………….still no meat from Karen Hudes……………….this will be
    the last time I will ever listen to her. Gave SGT the benefit of the doubt, but she
    is still a no go for me. It is what it is.

  • Sam

    @ Sheryl, “still no meat from”

    Although Karen does restate some prior disclosed information, she did articulate fairly well other “meat” that isn’t covered at all in the Lame Stream News circuits…certainly Not in the USSA. Actually, none of her information is addressed within the Lame Stream – wonder why….8-/

    One Example of “meat” she discloses here is the further rejection of the US dollar by many more countries within the growing BRICKS alliance – perhaps you skipped that part of the interview?

    Great Job Sean, and thanx for posting!

    • Sheryl Anne

      Sam – I hope for your sake that the “golden” saviour will come quickly.

      • Sam

        @ Sheryl,

        HA !

        The financial aspects of the interview are very intriguing but, I cannot say that I am expecting anything one way or the other. To me, there are far too many crooks with their thumbs in that pie and far too many unknowns where this deal could go… so, I’m at least prepared to the best of my own ability for some of the possibilities like many of us are.

  • Stefan

    OK Sean, I listened and it was all a touchy feel good, big basket of hope. But, Karen IS World Bank. This is the same World Bank where Hillary Clinton was actually being considered for position. What if what she did say WAS true? That WOULD be a wonder. It IS the World Bank though, and for all the good things Karen says, she IS World Bank. I personally, cannot trust anything, in any way, shape, or form, Ms. Hudes says. It’s all a pack of lies. That’s the problem with credibility, once it is lost, it’s gone!!


    “WE are off to see the WIZZARD,The Wonderful Wizzard of OZ”
    Everything is going to be fine (95%)? “Let’s go home TOTO”
    “Follow the Yellow brick road”!
    You are NOT in Kansas any more… are on the road to the New World Order!

  • supernatural

    Matthew 24:5 For many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ, and shall deceive many.

    Really too good to be true.

  • Bjorn

    Dear Sean

    Firstly I would like to thank you and your team since you were among the first to wake me up to reality. I have used the SGT Report as one of my sources ever since so thank you guys you are doing a tremendous job getting the news out there.

    I listen to the interview with Karen a couple of times now and in summary I do hope she is right. However, she speaks about the the Dollar becoming backed by gold? When you ask her the question how much she thinks gold will be worth going forward she states she recommended a price of USD 2,500 per ounce. I wish you had asked her what basis she made that recommendation on? Also if she is in a position to make these sort of recommendations these discussions would be highly confidential and she would not be around in her position after that interview. Thirdly, as a lawyer I don’t see how she would be in a position to make any recommendation on the global new monetary system?

    Having said this please keep up the good work and I will continue follow your site

    Greeting from Jakarta

    • SGT

      Hey Bjorn & everyone, thank you for logging on and commenting regardless how each of you feels about this interview or Karen specifically. As for the $2500 per ounce figure Bjorn, that does seem like a very arbitrary figure – and one that’s too low given all the paper out there. You’re right I should have asked her how she arrives at such a low number – but my mind went directly to silver. My bad. Thank you for watching.

  • Joe

    Ok, let me break down for many of you of what this Zionist disinfo agent, Karen Hudes is up to.

    Hudes’ job is to try to convince the general public that the cabal and their current financial monopoly is over and will be replaced with a fair and legitimate system. This of course is pure BS!

    There is in fact a new global financial system that will replace this current financial system. In fact this new system, is being used exclusively behind the scenes as we speak. The replacement system will be an SDR system ( Special Drawing Rights ). With this system, there will not be one leading “world reserve currency”. It will basically be a basket of all currencies giving value to the monetary system going forward. Each country will have the value of their currency reset based on assets, debts resources, minerals, precious metals owned ect. ect..

    Anyway, back to Hudes. The fact is this new system is nothing more than the cabal finalizing their New World Order dream to carry them to the end game. The American dollar is going to be drastically reduced in value and with losing current world reserve status, ALL of the inflation that has been sent over seas, will coming back home. A complete recipe for third world living conditions here at home once the new system is initiated.

    So to recap, Hudes is trying to deceive the general public by calming their fears as we transition to this new system that will leave the USA and it’s living standard on par with a current South American banana republic!

    This system WILL be put into place. There is NO going back, so brace yourselves! The current existing system can not be saved. The wild west atmosphere you see out there now, with all the well connected Wall Street types making money hand over fist will also come to an end. Then you will see severe austerity measures going forward that assure the cabal can never lose their grip. This will be their New World Order dream reaching the end game.

    Buckle up. prepare as best you can BUT for God’s sake, ignore this Jew Zionist, POS, disinfo agent, Hudes!

    • Sheryl Anne

      To Joe – you are absolutely correct in your assertion. There is no rainbow at the
      end of this horrendously well orchestrated collapse. There will be no gold coming
      from Indonesia, Hawaii, the Phillipines or anywhere else to help the people of the
      world. The end goal is the same – world dominance for the oligarchs. If you are
      a spiritual person get yourself ready to the best of your ability – as Joe says
      “buckle” up people – the ride will be a nasty one.

    • douglas

      Joe, your general observations (with the exception of the racism) are right on target. If you allow me to make a suggestion, I would tell you to spare the anti-jewish sentiment – it only serves to turn people off to the many good points which you make. Even though generalizations can be made of many groups and races, it´s not fair to put all it´s members into the same basket. IMHO the fact that Karen Hudes is either completely delusional or simply a disinformation agent has very little to do with the fact that she´s jewish.

    • glitter 1

      You are correct with regards towards the direction this is all going.However,once their new system is up and running,the death blow will be when the new system goes Cashless/Electronic,which will make it the ultimate in total control.

      • Joe

        We will feel the “death blow” long before the introduction of a cashless system and the real pain is going to start being felt much sooner than many may think. Start looking at around the first quarter of 2015 for heavy pieces moving in that direction.

        …and speaking of a cashless system, who do you think is really behind Bitcoin? The cryptos are a JP Morgan/cabal brainstorm dating back a couple decades. They are slowly acclimating the sheeple now to accept its use in everyday life for the future.

        • glitter 1

          “We need to introduce a cashless system by 2016” – David Rockefeller 2013

          That’s all you have to know.Loss of purchasing power is bad enough,however loss of cash and the anonymity that comes with it’s use will be crushing,even for those of us with Bullion.

          • Joe

            You’re reading too much in to it. Notice the word “introduce”? Over the last couple years there have been a few countries already talking about going cashless, Sweden, parts of Africa, even talk from Canada.

            You will NOT see a world wide cashless system by 2016.

            • glitter 1

              You miss the point,the fact that David Rokefeller(In charge of the shadow government)is putting it out there says loads about what their plans are.By 2016,maybe not,but you can bet if they are talking about it,they are planning it.We have no idea what they are capable of,if they plan for the take down of the entire system,a reboot could just as well be cashless.Don’t be naive,you can’t put limitations on total evil.

              • Joe

                Let me give you some advice, don’t write something in a matter fact manner, then go back and change your meaning in the next comment.

                A few things, David Rockefeller is NOT in charge of the shadow government. He is one of the key people/families in charge ( or at least he used to be, before he became wheel chair bound and wearing diapers 24/7).

                We DO have an idea of what they are capable of. In fact, we know much of their plans for the end game, already. I suggest you start reading up asap, instead of talking matter of factly about subjects you’re unsure of.

                Once again, a reboot” will NOT be cashless, as I explained to you above.

                “naive” = oh the irony … LOL

  • Trespass Unwanted

    The people who didn’t like the interview seem to have the same things in common.
    They want proof or it’s not true.

    If a president wants to print the country’s own money so we could be out from under banker control and is murdered or attempted murdered for the action, where would you get your proof? From a dead guy?

    Those who are awake, and I admit some people are sleep walking, but those who are awake know in a world of secrets you can’t openly reveal secrets. You can state things with deception and let someone gain the meat from the message, you can deliver it cryptically like Christine Legarde did when she talked about the number 7. You can send it in code, like Sorch Faal does, but you can’t openly present any proof or evidence or you’ll end up like the Bradley fellow or Assange, or Snowden.

    So my opinion is, anyone wanting proof needs to get their own. To want to be spoon fed occult/hidden knowledge and provided open proof of secret claims, then claim to be mature, independent, and free is contradictory. You make others your master for the information they give you.

    We are in this mess because people hand their power over to others that they can believe and trust and let them take care of it.

    If there is gold, it would makes sense. I think back to the speech Wilson made after the Fed was created and wonder and ponder why Fort Knox, and why not the Fed vault for holding our gold. If they controlled the money and the gold, they could surely steal it.

    If there are secret tunnels with super trains for travel, there can be secret tunnels to move that gold out of Fort Knox. Sure someone would be guarding nothing, but if the goal of the bankers was to slowly boil us as frogs, and a president knew, it’s in his interest to abide by his oath and protect us from what he did.

    If Lincoln knew, it would make sense to make sure there was no real Congress seated.

    If ‘O’ knows, it makes sense to spend them out of oblivion because whatever he says he needs, they have to print the money for it and give it to him.

    It wasn’t until he spent as much as he could and there was always more to spend that half the people began sleep walking anyway. If they still have a t.v., they are still being programmed so they can’t fully see what is there, they only see what is shown to them.

    Okay, well, it’s all opinion anyway, and there is more hidden than shown. Thanks SGT for posting the interview. You let us decide what to do, and some will never watch another interview from her again, and others will watch and pull out the nuggets. It’s like reading a book, most is filler but there is some good drama and themes and character generating inside that makes it a good book, but pull out the adverbs, adjectives, pronouns and such, and the book is down to nouns and verbs and whatever is left, so you’ll get the meat of who and what, but you won’t enjoy it as much.

    Karen said what she could and padded what she couldn’t. I can live with that.

    • Trespass Unwanted

      When I was growing up, the evening always had some sort of announcement that sounded like this. “Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming”.
      I wondered why they said that and having worked in computers and comprehending how the mind is a factor in the creation of the computer, and how people have programmed others through hypnosis, shock, fear (a kidnapped victim can eventually sympathize with their captive), and other forms of programming including alpha waves and strobing and lighting (video capture your t.v. and you’ll see the strobes and lighting), and even commercials are suggestive, there was research done of a product in a community. Sales of the product was tracked before a commercial for the product was run and after it was run and it is proven sales of the product increased when the advertisement was shown in the community.

      Proof? Chances are there will never be proof of anything although everything is prove able. I would think the one wanting proof, can inconvenience their self and dig and probe like a researcher or report, put in hours or years toward the goal and see what they come up with.

      Most want to give a few minutes to a website link or video and expect it to be handed to them on someone else’s labor, for free. Serve me, serve me darn it! is how they come across when I read such posts. We all are at different stages of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. When we realize that, we allow those that don’t want to hear it unless you tell me everything and those that want to hear what you have to say and let me decide, live side by side and each allow the other their space for what they need without interference.

  • Praxis

    That was a wonderful interview. I’m surprised there was such a backlash. I don’t trust any information until it plays out but I think we all know there is a tsunami of chaos vying for everyone’s face. So she paints a pretty picture. Damn, I hope it’s true! But I’m not holding my breath. If Jim Sinclair is right… … I have no words.

    Information is like tactical training. It comes in all forms with varying value to prepare for limitless conditions. It’s not just being a good marksman, it’s being a good marksman on the move that makes or breaks passing through the needle’s eye for one in an unknown situation. Being in the right place at the right time to exact the best possible outcome for oneself and brethren is the goal. No one is ever truly correct and the truth is always a little bit deeper. Like GW said, pursuit of it is the straightest path. He didn’t suggest anyone will actually get there.

    Cheers Sean and Rory!

  • Tom

    I love what KH has to say, however, it also seems that she is telling me (us) exactly what we want to hear. I don’t see the rule of law suddenly raising its head and taking down the banking cartel, nor do I believe in this supposed world gold. she speaks as though poverty will be a thing of the past, and although this is theoretically possible, I just can’t see the PTB suddenly getting religion or just giving up.

  • Agmasterplan

    She reminds me a bit of bix weir with her optimism. I don’t see facts here, just a fairy tale. Maybe it’s true, but time will have to tell.

  • So glad you reposted it Sean. And I’d really like to hear part 2. Although my trip down the rabbit hole started with the financial/monetary system, seven years of reading and listening to insiders, researchers, and whistleblowers must lead one to the subjects like UFO’s, ET’s, higher dimensions, and the suppressed but very powerful spiritual nature of humans. For every reader of SGT you might lose should you care to open that door by interviewing the likes of Icke, Wilcock, or Clif High…you’d gain just as many who are ready and eager to understand the bigger picture. I’ve had to defriend a few folks on Facebook, but more than made up for it. And by the way…Bix Weir (an avid follower of Clif High’s work), who also refers often to The Wizard of Oz, believes too…that better times are ahead, and that the “good guys” are winning. Not that there won’t be a messy upheaval to go through…how messy, we don’t know. One thing for sure is there are good guys walking the halls of power with the bad ones, and it must be getting pretty tense. If Karen is a Shill, she’s damn good at it. Much better than Jim Rickards…but I’m still not sure about him. I think we may a lot of surprises when it’s time to look back on who was who in this incredibly entangled debacle.

    • wauhoo

      Add to the list both Gerald Celente and Darryl Schoon who aver that when the dust settles, a better world that we cannot even imagine is ahead.

  • Enuff

    While I appreciate the hopeful outlook from KH, I still continue to read mostly “gloom and doom” here as well as most other non-gov’t sponsored, alternative media sites. I certainly hope KH is right. It would be nice to see an end to this tyranny but there are still too many things that are stacked against humanity (geo-engineering, GMOs, wars, etc). Mankind will be on this earth for a microsecond of time compared to how long the earth has, and will be, alive. It appears we are destined to destroy ourselves. It’s in our nature. It’s really sad to know that we do not have to endure these hardships yet not do anything about them. I really do hope I’m wrong, but I’ve just about given up.

  • Tom Aumeg

    When she claims the Vatican is populated by another species, I chuckle and figure “no kidding”. But when she claims that Ferdinand Marcos, that great philanthropist and honest beyond reproach, sequestered the world’s biggest gold treasure, and that no greedy hands have touched it since, I have to scream. Folks, the cartel is stealing every ounce they can get from third-world countries. If there were this stash, there would have been a foreign army, likely American, in the Philippines long ago, “liberating” that country and its gold. If this precept is not challenged, what does it say about the whole piece?

  • Antony

    Hey Sean, Rory and all the contributors 🙂 I thought the interview was pretty good. Most of the information she gave is nothing we haven’t heard before, in my opinion it is coming from a different angle and the “collapse” happens in a different way, but not too different from most scenarios. It is pointing in the same direction for sure, but how it ends, who can know for sure? Like you I thought it would have already ended 🙂 I like that she does sound positive about the US! That would be better as most people are really unprepared. Something to keep in mind! As for the second species..well if you believe what the bible says, then there is an explanation. An evangelist by the name of Dr. Kent Hovind, in my opinion, did a great series about the age of the earth, dinosaurs, giants in the land, etc. He was put in jail by the IRS, wrongly in my opinion. I believe his son is running the ministry and the website is I think his videos are still on youtube. Blessings to you all 🙂

  • Tom Aumeg

    So I listened to the whole interview, painful though it was, and found that other than claiming that the cartel is about done, her claims are really “out there”. SGT seems concerned only about whether it is disinformation, but how about being concerned about whether she is insane?

    Here is a simple point: She says she is again the acting general counsel at the World Bank, which can easily be verified. Has this been verified? Did anyone even look it up, or was it simply accepted? Seriously, what are the chances that if she really was back at the World Bank, she could speak freely like this? I don’t believe this, and by extension, I doubt her very connection to reality.

    • Trespass Unwanted

      I have nothing against your post, I just wanted to add my opinion and observations to what you observed.

      Where some agreements can be public or private, I also agree that she’s not really speaking for the World Bank, she’s mentioning her association with them and name dropping. But hidden in her message is the ‘need’ for us to do something to ‘accept their solution’, “”””” before “”””” some event happens. That’s where the ability to read between the lines come from.

      There is no other party to the World Bank that can make an appeal to the masses like she did, because none of them have been exposed to us on that level. Her acceptance (ie our willingness to hear what she had to say) when she was fired, is being used to reach out to us while she is back in some official or unofficial capacity.
      She seems to have gotten her pension back which she worked for and earned.

      Karen is speaking for someone else, she mentions being part of a group trying to do certain things.

      My interest was in her interest in having this ‘thing’ done before the collapse, when having it done after the collapse would serve the same purpose.

      I remember a fed chairman telling a congressional panel, can’t state the day/source/circumstances, but that we wanted the Federal Reserve Note.

      We voted with our wallets by selecting it and spending it.
      Now people say end the Fed, but they started off because people didn’t want to carry their gold and spend it. They wanted it held in the bank and let the banker deal with it. Even know a currency would be a piece of paper ‘backed’ by something real that people would not be carrying around, a banker will be holding it and dealing with it.

      When I spend dollar coins, I still have people look at me weird because to carry the coin (minted by the US Mint, a creation in the Constitution), they know it’s a heavy burden once I get to $100 dollars in coins.

      Imagine that in gold, after setting an few ounce on your body to take to transact some agreement.

      One thing the bankers and those behind it can count on. We will always give the gold back to them to hold so we can carry the paper and not have to deal with the weight and burden and responsibility.

      We will always need them and want them, as he said to Congress, we want their notes.

      Right now more people spend by paypal, or debit, or credit than they do with real currency in their hand, handing it to another for the services rendered.

      Karen wants something to happen ‘before’ something else happens. That’s the message behind the message and I’m glad I heard her speak.

      Tom, I sound insane when I tell people I’m one of the people and not a person. When I speak and don’t use words like individual or understand or person, and avoid the word a, but use the word the when dealing with specifics.

      Some of the most sane people come across as insane when they try to state things they know, and Not getting religious but I’m sure speaking in parables would have appeared to be a form of insanity back in those days too. I wonder if that sounded like disinfo since only those closest knew what was meant in the message the masses heard.

      • Tom Aumeg

        We’re on the same page financially, and even on the fact that I perceive that I sound like a nut when I’m explaining things even to close friends and relatives. I dismiss that, because the truth is more important than my feelings.

        My problem is this: The alternative viewpoint is inherently out there, because it has to be. It relies on theorizing and then seeing which theories fit the facts that come out later, and building on that. It’s like tracking the invisible man – you have to follow his footprints. I live with this, but it presents huge opportunities for charlatans to build themselves into “gurus” by sounding more outlandish and more convincing than others. For instance, I wish that Jim Willie would stick to this formula, and not claim he knows more than he does by some double-secret source. But it goes a lot lower than him. There are things that are patently wrong, others that stick to disproven claims without even addressing the proof. And there are those that are out of touch with reality. None of these do any credit to the alternative view that is inherently difficult to build up. So I am just asking that these people be held to certain standards. If it’s true that Karen Hudes is indeed again General Counsel, it would make me scratch my head if it was true, but I would have to re-think things. But it doesn’t take long to verify claims, Here is a link to the managers at the World Bank:

        It says that General Counsel is Anne-Marie Leroy. Looking her up, I see no evidence that she’s stepped down. So on the surface, Hudes’ claim is false. This is concerning, and it should cast doubts on her other claims. As it is, I perceive that she is simply allowed to say anything she wants, and nobody is going to challenge her on it.

        • Dana

          I also question who she is and how she knows what she knows but …

          This (potentially manufactured) 2013 website has her title as “World Bank Senior Counsel” – not “General Counsel”


          We are bathed in propaganda and deception 24/7 – curiosity and discernment and skepticism are all called for.

          • SGT

            This is troubling… From an e-mail Karen sent me today at my request for clarification. This is news to me JUST as her telling me in the interview that she was back at the World Banks as “General Counsel” was news to all of us…


            I am doing my job as Acting General Counsel outside the World Bank, with collaboration by the Board of Executive Directors and Board of Governors. I am also counsel for the authorized signatory on the Global Debt Facility, and directed the Board of Governors during the Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF to resolve the currency crisis and bring the gold out of hiding: Here is my latest Memo to the Board of Executive Directors at the World Bank:

        • Schmoe

          Seems to me if you claim to be the acting general counsel for the world bank, and if you’re not, and if you don’t mention you are self-appointed, then you are either a kook or dis-info agent. Plain and simple. Let us figure this out now before we entertain any further potential idiocy! Where is Anne-Marie Leroy right now? What are her thoughts on Ms. Hudes?

          (Does Anne-Marie Leroy have an elongated, large capacity skull under that obvious wig? hmmm. That was a joke.)

    • Schmoe

      Verifying whether Ms. Hudes is “acting” (what does that mean?) general counsel for the World Bank or not is totally key is it not?
      Who decided her title? Ms. Hudes or the World Bank? I too can’t imagine the World bank, as an organization, would ever or could ever allow such extraordinary claims true or not to be freely expressed. We can therefore strongly suspect Ms. Hudes has appointed herself to be “acting” as general counsel. If so, this is so misleading (“I have been reinstated”) and unclear that intentional disinfo has to be suspected or at least crazy misinfo. Wouldn’t it be absolutely huge if Ms. Hudes were actually the acting general counsel for the world bank appointed by the world bank? If so, I might actually really listen up. If not, it is egregiously deceptive, again whether its dis- or mis-info. I couldn’t easily verify who is the general counsel for the world bank. Could someone PLEASE verify this one way or the other. If she is not “acting” in an official capacity, but giving the perception that she is, how is this not deception? Why bother giving her more air time if she is indeed found to be obviously deceptive? Sean?

      I am glad SGT posted the interview because exposure with scrutiny is a good thing – but let us be sure to scrutinize. I would love it if she is proven to be the acting general counsel but if she’s not she would appear to be just setting up the public to accept the power elite to be able maintain its power by having control over the next inevitable non-FRN currency. Or she could just be a nutter.

  • Johan

    First off

    Thank you Sean for letting us see this material. I appriciate the chance to make my own opinion about the what your guests have to say.

    I agree with Douglas and Joe that KH is a shill by the world bank. She speaks in half truths and I’ve had a bad feeling of her from the start with certain things she says.

    Let alone the staggering 1 700 000 TONS of gold that is just laying around. SERIOUSLY people! This is NOT the reason gold has been low for so long paper manipulation IS.

    We have to understand the missinformation against our cause however hard they may be to spot. She says Tony Blair will go to jail and people will be helt accountable… no one seriously believes that will happen right? Too many rainbows, unicorns and gold… way too much

    • Schmoe

      After some research, I am now thoroughly disgusted.

      Ms. Hudes is deceptive. How many readers/listeners knew that her title “Acting Genreal Counsel of the World Bank” posted on SGT is self-designated? We were just supposed to know? Please. So disrespectful wasting our time figuring that one out. A hallmark of someone you can’t trust is being misleading cloaked in smarter-than-thou rhetoric and insinuation. No? Or maybe the fact that she is so unbelievably unclear is because she is soooo smart and we are stupid. Arrogance and Deception often go together! She talks just like the Fed, in big circles and half-truths to cover her claims in confusion.

      A true leader unifies. A Con leads with deception, confusion and division. A great leader is easy to understand and follow. A great deceiver leaves you questioning yourself and suspecting others, leading to conflict. Get rid of her.

      Karen Hudes is out for Karen Hudes and potentially other deceptive propagandists.

      I give SGT the benefit of the doubt that he too was deceived about her title and that he will therefore either work now to expose Ms. Hudes’ despicable ways or not give any further platform for her to spin from.

      Gees what a nuisance.

      • SGT

        the story unfolds in real time… I was also surprised by her claim in the interview that she was back at the World Bank, and I took her statement at face value.

        However here is her statement about it which I requested from her today via e-mail:

        ————4:03 pm CST From Karen Hudes:

        I am doing my job as Acting General Counsel outside the World Bank, with collaboration by the Board of Executive Directors and Board of Governors. I am also counsel for the authorized signatory on the Global Debt Facility, and directed the Board of Governors during the Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF to resolve the currency crisis and bring the gold out of hiding: Here is my latest Memo to the Board of Executive Directors at the World Bank:

        • Tom Aumeg

          I strongly suspect that if you challenge her on any other thing she says, you’ll get a similar dance-around, if you don’t get a tantrum. She doesn’t deserve the same level of credibility as Paul Craig Roberts, yet she gets it.

          • Schmoe

            Great point Tom. Why, if so intelligent, be so darn dubious? What is intelligent about that, unless you are intending to be deceptive?

            • Tom Aumeg

              It’s anyone’s guess, but I don’t think she’s all there. She was probably sane when at the World Bank, but either looked too deeply into the abyss (you know the saying, the abyss will look deeply into you, something I have a small taste for), or they drove her over the edge after she blew whistles, by drugs or by some psychological method.

              Unfortunately, a lot of people who have seen behind the curtain can’t handle the enormity of the revelation, and I know more than a few that I would unfortunately have to describe as not fully sane and in command of their faculties. They generally make more and more fanciful claims, and dodge or flip out when challenged on it. She fits the bill perfectly. It’s a tragedy for them, and a great loss for the rest of us, because there’s a lot that needs to be disseminated, but you can’t take people like this seriously anymore.

        • Schmoe

          Thanks SGT!

          Was she trained in Fedspeak? Arrgh.

          Implications. Impressions. Insinuations. She needs to be clear!!

          She just gave the impression she is employed as Acting General Counsel with a bunch of extra $^%&!
          “Outside the World Bank” who the heck is supposed to know what the heck that is supposed to mean?
          Guess what? No one can know what that means – and that’s her intention! She’s a lawyer. You know, “that depends on the definition of what is, is”

          Why not be clear and cut the cr#p instead of heaping it on?

          Let’s see if she can give a straight lawyerly yes or no answer to this question:

          “Is she employed by the World Bank full time?”

          “part-time?” Anytime?

          And by the way, I can write a memo TO the world bank.
          Honestly this reeks of Baffle them with BS – cause they’re stupid.

          Can she produce documentation/correspondence from the world bank that she has been “reinstated” with a job?

          Outside the world bank. Really? Really? Gees, Give us a break already and speak clearly. And I am ready for her to lose it now. Just wait.

  • Frank

    KAREN HUDES IS A SAINT and a world saviour !
    Her broad knowledge of EVERYTHING is astounding
    Her tireless work for the TRUTH is admirable.
    I salute you Karen.
    Warm regards from New Zealand

  • Bergie

    Very interesting and positive interview. She sure gives the impression of being a honest and caring individual. For clarification, can people with good information reply to this comment with some facts on Karen Hudes? (good or bad)

  • Your gold and silver will canker.

    In other news:

    Ben Fulford has been installed as executive director of the Gnostic Illuminati according to MI6, Vatican and P2 Lodge sources;

    A device detonated 600 miles off the Atlantic Coast according to Geological data, Karen Hudes and Russian sources.

  • Schmoe

    SGT, as per your opening, did Ms.Hudes tell you she was “back at the World Bank as General Counsel”?
    which was news to you.

    Did you verify this? If not, would you please?

    After all our primary concern is quality people with quality content.


  • Angel

    I’m glad the decision was made to post the interview after all. Disinformation? Maybe. But let the listeners decide for themselves. Surely this forum could act as platform to debate the issue. And judging from many of the posts, there’s valid reason(s) to view Ms. Hudes with healthy suspicion. But the people must ultimately decide for themselves, just as they do with many of the other personalities SGT decides to post. She shouldn’t be any different, unless there’s indisputable evidence that she is a disinfo agent.

    I must say from the outset, she APPEARS to me to be genuine. I’m not stating that she IS, I’m simply saying that she APPEARS to be, which I believe adds to her allure, and why she garners so much attention in the alternative media. The b.s. meter barely moves with this guest, but it likely has more to do with her demeanor than anything else.

    As far as I’m concerned, not all that she says here sounds the least bit outlandish, not even the second species bit (which I’m already somewhat familiar with), a subject that she will (supposedly) address at another time. The botched nuclear attack is something others have also spoken about, so no problems there either. But that in no way automatically assumes that Hudes is legit and credible.

    Without rehashing so many of the particulars that others have mentioned that shine a light of suspicion on Hudes and call her credibility into question, the one thing that keeps entering my mind is this: why would the World Bank tolerate someone from their organization who’s speaking of the things Hudes is speaking of? Clearly they’re well-aware of what she’s doing, and has been doing for a long time. Furthermore, we must question whether she’s acting as THEIR AGENT when she speaks in this manner, or is simply acting alone and expressing herself independently. If it’s the former, what does the World Bank have to gain from this? Considering the fact that most of us here hardly consider the World Bank to be a beacon of goodness and decency, my suspicion antennas go up immediately based upon this alone.

    The brief conversation regarding the future currency of the U.S. didn’t actually address EVERYTHING that Jim Willie has stated about this issue. If my memory serves me correctly, Willie stated that the domestic (scheisse) dollar would carry the CLAIM that it was backed (at least partially) by gold, mainly as a ruse to give the APPEARANCE of legitimacy. But in reality, it would not be backed by gold because, according to Willie, there’s no physical gold remaining to back it with. This completely contradicts the premise expressed by Hudes that there are substantial gold hordes ready and waiting to be put to our good use.

    Is Hudes just another snake oil salesman (or worse) selling us a load of hopium? After all, her vision for the future sounds like nothing but puppies and flowers, smooth selling from this point on.

    It sounds too smooth to be true. It rather reminds me of Bix Weir’s “good guys” routine, or the “White Knights” coming to our rescue. I just don’t think it will be that easy. My gut tells me that the Beast isn’t gonna simply run with its tail between its legs and surrender – at least not without a fight. Though my mind is certainly open to the possibility, I say expect and prepare for the worst. If it turns out to the contrary, nothing lost.

  • Schmoe

    And how many senior managers at the world bank don’t have an office there and also have there own personal website slamming the world bank on the internet for corruption?

    BS meter is frying up.

    • Angel

      @ Schmoe:

      I don’t know if you’re referring to my “b.s. meter” comment, or it’s simply a coincidence that you’ve decided to use the same term. But here’s what I said:

      “The b.s. meter barely moves with this guest, but it likely has more to do with her demeanor than anything else.”

      Note: Special emphasis on the word “demeanor”, not CONTENT of conversation. It’s her demeanor that is prone to making her believable to some, which works in her favor.

      • Schmoe

        Intentional and understood. I thought your comments were very balanced and fair by the way. But did ya catch Sean saying at the opening that Ms. Hudes was back at the World Bank as General Counsel which was news to him? Uuuummm – wow! If true. Whoahhh ho ho! If false.

        Demeanor working in her favor, gets me that much more upset – that she’s not setting off the BS meter until you’ve heard her a few times. To be clear, I’ve no reason to be upset with you, but with her.

        We do really need to sep a
        rate believable from credible if we are going to learn something here. Yes? I have a big problem with this sort of deception and level of confusion. Does it bother you that she deceived Sean into thinking she was back at the World Bank as General Counsel? That really ticks me off. Re-listen to the opening with the knowledge that she is not the general counsel for the world bank and I think you may have wholly different BS meter experience the rest of the way through the interview.

        I have been trying to figure out for months what her motivation is. I still don’t know. So confusing, again just like listening to Fedspeak. I do know from reading her comments on other sights that she gets vicious when challenged. That is why I am pressing this particular issue so much. Can she deny that she allowed SGT to believe she was the general counsel of the World Bank? I don’t think so.

        I have come to the conclusion she is wasting my time, your time, our time and SGT’s time and covering over the important issues.
        Why? I don’t know. Perhaps she can’t get enough attention.

        • Angel

          I hear you loud and clear. Unsettling, to be sure. I did hear Hudes make the claim early on, and I would like to hear her explain herself further.

          But I can’t say that she’s wasting my time until I hear her explanation and we can have some closure. Yes, she said it, but now she must be called on it.

          As for who she represents, as far as I’m concerned, it’s still a mystery. I know some believe she’s a total fraud, an opportunist and self-promoter, while others also believe she’s a fraud, but is part of a larger network.

        • Hogmeister

          My working theory is that she is appointed to provide cover and whitewash the abominable power structures. To have us believe they can and will act in the peoples interest in reining in the “private” bankers and the Jesuits who will take the blame. She’s to deflect the blowback to protect the NWO system. The dead giveaway for me was when I heard her on the Pete Santilli show trying to whitewash Henry Kissinger who was so supportive of her efforts in “cleaning up” the World bank. I’m really happy we are having this discussion on one of my favorite info sites.

  • Schmoe

    Sean, if Ms.Hudes misled you (her media outlet) about her current credentials, and us, how can she expect us to trust a word of supposed actual “news” she says? Sounds to me like she is there to promote whatever currency the World Bank and/or IMF come up with, likely being the SDR. As long as you control the currency . . .

    Or maybe she’s the test case for promoting a gold-backed dollar certificate currency for when the FRN inevitably dies, and seeing if she can make a plausible case to get us to believe there is a gargantuan hidden hoard of gold to back it up. Ooooooo. Do you think she’s done a first hand inventory accounting? Uh, I don’t think so. Ooooooo a massive hidden hoard of gold. Ooooo wow.

    Again, as long as you control the currency . . . .

    • Angel

      Excellent points. Just what I was alluding to in my original comment when I mentioned the future currency with a CLAIM of gold-backing.

    • Tom Aumeg

      Schmoe, I think she’s simply nuts. Maybe she looked too deep into the abyss when she was at the World Bank. I don’t see them thinking they can fool many people with storylines as outlandish as hers. Jim Rickards is much more likely, looking to establish some sort of pseudo-gold backed SDR, but even there, he may simply be trying to ingratiate himself with TPTB. That happens a lot.

      All media like to bring interesting guests to interview, and all media dislike confronting them on their falsehoods. The mainstream presstitutes are notorious about it. The question in my mind is, how many in the alternative media are any better. So far, I haven’t seen anyone call Karen out.

      • Schmoe

        Yeah. I too think its most likely she’s bonkers/needs attention. Rickards sure seems like he could be right, could be an insider – but not nutso. Bill Still says its who controls the currency, which makes most sense to me. I think Karen watched his feature on the wizard of Oz and maybe that’s where she learned that it’s who controls the currency. It is where i got it.

        I hope SGT can put KH to bed once and for all with the fact that she deceived him.

        Deception is at the root of all of our problems. Oh if we could just put all the deceivers on the moon together. Ahhhh.

  • RKR

    I am a little confused, cause I’m as dumb as a rock, but in the interview, Karen pegged the price of gold at 2,500 USD. However, in Article 2 of the Monetary Agreement between Japan and the successor heir being represented on behalf of code name TVM-LSM-666, the price of gold is to be set a 250,000 Yuan per troy ounce.


    Now, if the real value of silver is 1/10th ounce of silver for 12 hours of hard labor, as it was in ancient Rome, and in the 1930’s in the US, and 250,000 Yuan is equal to 40,306 USD, 2,500 USD for gold sounds just a little short of the mark. At 40,306 USD and a silver/gold mining ratio of 9 to 1, that would put the price of an ounce of silver at around 4,478 USD, which would be the about the equivalent of a yearly salary of about 125,395 USD per year, which sounds a little more representative in its historic mean, calculated in accordance with its long term purchasing power parity with other commodities and intermediate products, in the economies of the European Union, United States, Japan, China, India, Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, and Austrailia.

    I think $4,478 per ounce of silver is closer to reality.

  • Eric

    Well I better get my 2 cents in here.

    First off, I am very glad to see 73 comments. A lot more people come to this site than there ever used to be. Second, I am glad you are talking to Karen and keep expanding your interviews with more guests. I hope she is right but the question all us want answered is when? Hopefully soon. I certainly can’t wait for the next interview and I never liked the word “Alien” or “A lien.”. I believe extra terrestrial is more appropriate if they truly come from beyond planet Terra. I can confirm we are not alone but I wish they would just disclose themselves to us. We can take it. They are welcome to knock on my door and say hi anytime. I have many questions.

  • glitter 1

    Well it all sounds “so positive” and all’s well that ends well as they say.The Devil/Satan,the god of this world,isn’t going to hand over control as easily as it is made to sound. Caveat Emptor!

  • Wiley

    In a Feb. 12, 2014 interview with Greg Hunter Ms. Hudes stated that there were 170,500 tons of
    the Marcos gold that could be claimed by the US. Depending on what measure of the currency supply is used, that might be enough gold (if it really exists) to back the outstanding currency at $2500/oz, but it won’t relieve the current US debt or solve the problem of massive unfunded liabilities.

    I’m 100% in favor of returning to honest money, but doing so will take power away from the banking cartel, government, and their behind-the-scenes controllers. The power elite are highly unlikely to give up their control of the system, their control of those they consider to be their subjects, their stolen wealth, or their status as aristocrats above the law. They won’t return to the rule of law without a major fight.

    Honest money would also require government and the populace to start living within their means. The credit and fiat currrency-fueled welfare state would have to be vastly reduced, lowering living standards among much of the general population. Recipients of government handouts won’t take kindly to being kicked off the gravy train and are likely to revolt.

    Ms. Hudes seems to be of the opinion that the bad guys will be kicked out and we’ll transition to honest money without much disruption or change in our way of life. Although I’d like to believe that, I think the current system is so corrupted and out of balance that there’s no way it can be corrected without major turmoil.

  • Hondo Stalwart

    K Hudes is imho, somewhat eccentric. These folks are outside the normal thought space as majority of folks, and come off as nuts. Some examples of famous eccentric people: Pythagoras Greek Mathematician, Lord Byron English Poet, Tycho Brahe Danish Astronomer, Michelangelo, Nikola Tesla, Empedocles Greek Scientist & Philosopher, Yukio Mishima Japanese Author.

    She appears to have what I see, a degree of ‘High Openness’

  • Lee Stevens

    What about the Trillions of Dollars the United States, INC has spent on the Iraqi Dinar? What’s going to happen when and if this take place with a currency change?
    Does anyone have any inside information regarding the Iraqi Dinar? I have not heard Karen Hudes talk about the amount of money the US, INC has spent on foreign currency such as the Iraqi Dinar. I heard it was planed for the United States CORPOATION TROOPS to go in to Iraq to steal there resources and establish a Central Bank? I can not say this is true, it’s what I’ve heard and have not followed through with any research on this. I have spoken to many military that served over there that have purchased Iraqi Dinar and I have not heard anyone talk about this. If we are preparing for a Currency Change or even another 1929 then how will that effect those that have purchased the Iraqi Dinar and especially how will the UNITED STATES, CORP benefit with the Trillions they invested using our TAX PAYERS MONEY?

      • Jacobson

        And then they say “we are just anti zionists and not anti jews or anti-semitic”
        Go to hell .
        SGT welcomes your racist comments !

        ISIS will soon hit you from inside , and then we’ll see your comments .

        • Gnostic

          Jacobson, Of course they will Israel is behind ISIS.Israel Today

          The office of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert admitted on Wednesday that it is allowing the transfer of hundreds of millions of shekels to the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip every month.

          How can you live with the insane Ashke NAZI?

          • Jacobson

            I don’t understand you .
            As an “anti-zionist” you suppose to be pro Hammas …
            So what’s wrong about sending hundreds of millions to them ?
            Next week don’t write here a comment that Israel make the palestinians to starve .

            ISIS ?
            Here’s an intersting video that shows a support of palestinians in ISIS .
            You can here them call “Dawla Islamiyya” which is “Islamic State” and mentioning the names of ISIS’s leaders :
            Could you believe that the palestinian saints will join ISIS ???

            And what about Jerusalem ? Have you heard about the arab rampage ?
            – 03/07/14 Palestinians attack israeli police with fireworks and stones

            – Arab mob in the middle of Jerusalem stopped the train in Sho’efat neighbourhood 03/07/14

            – Train Station in Jerusalem after arab riots 04/07/14

            – Palestinians launched more than 50 ROCKETS in 24 hours over Israel
            Take a look beacuse soon it will happen in your western countries .
            Now I want to ask what would any other country in the world would do ?
            I think american POLICE would kill people who aim fireworks and molotovs at them but they israeli ARMY is so nice and sween so they even don’t arrest them .

            And about the “Ashkenazi” …
            The word is mentioned in the bible , it was one of Noah’s sons who went to “Ashkenaz” .
            Ashkenaz = Germany
            (Biblical names of nations and lands are different than today) .

            • Jacobson

              The last video was filmed by thai workers so you can’t even call it a zionist propaganda …
              And another one , here the palestinians fired their fireworks toward houses of jews…guess what happend ?

  • tony

    Thanks SGT. Where is Part 2 – Akenahten link?

  • Stranger

    Sean, I just read her lengthy response to your question. I’m not sure if she was really answering your question, but I was more interested in her attachment “to resolve the currency crisis and bring the gold out of hiding:“. My first impression was this was not an official document; there was no official witnesses, official stamps, etc (And who were in the “Board of Governors” that approved? There was no list of attendees and other signatories but hers). Heck, anyone could easily draft the same letter with a lot less cheesy border, sign it and get a public notary to certify it a true copy of the “original” (but can never be certified official). Notice the World Bank logo? Gosh, it’s so pixelated. She couldn’t even be bothered to cut and paste a high resolution one off the internet. Lol.

    I would say be careful. I smell rat. She will drag everyone down with her…

    You are doing a great job, Sean. I hope you will, at a later date, expose her for what she probably is: A scam artist. I’d say “probably” because I just can’t figure out her motives yet (besides being delusional). One thing for sure, if she was the real deal, The World Bank would have made an official statement to refute/support some/all of her claims.

    • Speros

      Stranger, Karen does not answer questions. All she does is blast in all directions with shotguns full of horse shit.

      I posted an opinion on another blog concerning some outrageously ridiculous comment she had made about Moses being a non-human life form, and she responded with a burst of abstract comments that were completely unrelated to what I had said. It was as though ‘her’ response was posted by a bot.

      On that same blog she was responding with two different user IDs as well – talk about obfuscation. The woman is a pathological liar, and yes I can prove it!. She says that Kissinger is one of the good guys? This is the psychopath who carpet bombed Cambodia for NO DAMN REASON other than his own agenda. If that’s the definition of a good guy, then I must be reading a dictionary from a parallel universe.

      One thing that hasn’t been mentioned here is the amount of gold she talks about. It’s not just 170,000 tonnes. She has also mentioned in previous interviews, 600,000 tonnes, and another figure I can’t recall. According to her there’s almost 1 million tonnes of gold stashed in various places.

      Has anyone wondered why the figure of 170,000 tonnes has come up? It just happens to be the total amount of gold ever mined, according to many experts. Whether that is accurate or not is not important – it’s the fact that she has quoted that very figure, which I would say is a psychological ploy to put people off acquiring gold.

      The comments on this post are far more entertaining than anything KH has to say, unless you are in the mood for fantasy.

    • Speros

      Holy guacamole, Stranger. I just read that breakthrough.pdf that you cited above. What a load of equine excrement. I mean what is it? Whereas this and whereas that. Is this woman possessed?

      For a minute there I thought I was reading the boilerplate document for Nigerian scam emails, but actually they make a lot more sense than this nonsense.

      To top it all off, the damn thing is signed by none other than K.A. Hudes. Well that would make it authentic and believable, wouldn’t it?

  • Dissolution


    Sorry if this has been posted already, but I just had to share this.

    “A huge nugget of gold, nicknamed the Devil’s Ear because of its peculiar shape, was found by miners in Siberia on Friday 13th, as a full moon shone over Russia.”

    “Named Devil’s Ear due to shape and the fact its 6.66kg weight features the ‘devil’s number'”

    The signs are coming in at a rapidly increasing rate. Are you paying attention?

  • Speros

    Sean, I am interested to know about how this interview came about. How did it roll – did Karen contact you, or you contacted her?

  • Dana

    Spewing “information” at a rate equivalent to drinking from a fire hose is a clever method to sound knowledgeable and I applaud the folks here at SGT – as well as Sean – that have questioned KH’s unwillingness to be pinned down or cite sources.

    I suspect there is enough “truth” within her discourses to confuse the issue even more and again I appreciate the courage and intellect required to take a few giant steps backwards and look at the bigger picture, reexamine the facts and actually ponder what she says and how it make us FEEL – because getting us to FEEL rather than THINK is the goal of mind control.

    We are a frustrated (yet determined) lot and it is TPTB’s desire to stay at least one step ahead with the head-fakes and mind-fucks – and I do believe that is getting harder with each passing day.

    Between the Facebook games, the obedience training at the airport, the shills and patsies on the alternative news and the outright – and legal – propaganda vomited by government daily and repeated incessantly by the MSM – throw in the chemicals in our food, water & air – the potential power of the electric-magnetic waves to twist our minds – the outright “programming” emanating from the TV – and it is a wonder we comprehend the hand in front of our face.

    I am not a disciple or believer in any organized religion but I am a spiritual person and as Catherine Austin Fitts has said – this is spiritual warfare.

    Employing logic and working through the fallacies – as this crowd has done – goes a long way to clearing the mind and allowing the truth to feed the soul – and to that end I would recommend Tragedy and Hope.

  • Schmoe

    Oh yes and the font colors chosen for this PDF are so dazzling as well. My eyes look like little spirals. Reeks.

    The borders on this document provide magical powers that convince us her title is official. Sad actually.

  • Don

    Thanks for the post, Sean! I enjoy hearing all points of view, be it Bix, Willie, or Karen. Somewhere lies the truth, and while it may not be with any particular interviewee, different vantage points allows one to at least cull the common denominators (i.e.: stacking precious metals, prepping, etc.). While the MSM offers nothing; SGT offers variety of thought from which we should be wise enough to pick and choose.

  • supernatural

    “How you are fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer!” begins a stretch of scripture (Isaiah 14:12-17) which ends in condemning him, ” . . . who opens not the house of his prisoners.”

    Anyone who thinks “Kindness” is going to suddenly strike the heart of World Bankers (or whatever you’d the group holding a Huge Cache of Gold) and they will “Set the Prisoners free” is harboring a juvenile naivete.

    Only the return of Jesus Christ is going to remove the oppressors from power.

  • Charlie

    Much of the discussion is repeat talk from the public press, nothing new. As for her wild accusations, in a court of law, any accusation made without proof is automatically dismissed. Don’t you think that we should rather concentrate our efforts in denouncing and going after the criminals that have been caught outright lying, looting and murdering? Enough evidence exists to indict many corrupt politicians, government officials, corporate executives, religious crooks, etc., and yet some rather debate on the cone heads and some other imaginary alien threat from the Vatican… Open up your eyes and see how you are deliberately manipulated and turned away from the real issues. If an optimistic ending note from Karen Hudes makes some people feel good about themselves, then I guess they still posses this herd mentality that somehow everything is going to be taken care for them. Pathetic.

  • solar toad

    You’ve all bought the lie. The Banking Cartel are behind the demise of traditional banking. They will give you an online cashless version instead (That they control).

    There was nothing wrong with local community banks, for the most part, until the Banking Cartel started crashing the system with their manufactured (by them) crisis.

    This is why the “allow” the criticism of the Federal Reserve now. Before nobody could criticize them without risking life and limb.

    The Alternative Media is a failure and much of it likely co-opted by the cartel itself.

    Rob Kirby is right.

  • Charlie’s point is good. We have plenty of down-to-earth evidence…to convict many who are currently in office, of breaking the law, and ignoring the Constitution. The lack of public support for the kind of freedoms protected by the Constitution is, however, a problem.

    There still does exist the possibility that people will not wake up to the the fact that they are subjects of a totalitarian system, not voting citizens with a voice…as they believe themselves to be….until it is much too late.

    These people may very well find themselves in FEMA camps…which they willingly entered when told that there was a threat to their safety should they stay in their homes. Doesn’t this remind of Arbiet Macht Frei…the slogan over the Nazi concentration camps…meaning…Work will make you free…

    We are still in very dangerous times…and the problem is that so many of us baby boomers have become convinced that WW II put that all behind us…and that we are now safe from totalitarian governments and tyranny. Ok..So, that it’s now here, right here, in our White House, in our country…this is, indeed the greatest learning and growing opportunity a soul could EVER have.

    • Gnostic

      Arbiet Macht Frei means exactly what it says. They were building products for the war effort. The encamped Jews mostly all dissidents & communist sympathizers & their families. We know this is true because nearly 150,000 good anti-Rothschild jews voluntarily fought for the Reich with 14 being high ranking generals. Many of the camps had swimming pools, hospitals, theaters, even brothels.

      I am starting to see Common sense is not common.

  • Rick

    I am not sure about all you nay sayers out there. All I know is everytime I fact check the agencies, the names, you name it, they all come back as legit. Sure its easy to say she is full of it and has no credibility but from the research I have done, she is either 100% correct or the worlds best liar. Sorry but nobody lies that well. I am giving her the bennefit of the doubt.

    • Schmoe

      So when she states that she has been reinstated at the world bank and she is the Acting General Counsel it must be then she is 100% correct on that. Do you know who Anne-Marie Leroy is from your research?

    • Schmoe

      Here I Ms. Leroy in November of last year. Senior VP and General Counsel at the World Bank

      Did you know security doesn’t allow Ms.Hudes into the World Bank?

      There is a difference I suppose between lying and misleading

      Look at the breakthrough PDF she sent SGT towards the beginning of the comments.
      To me it is a lot self manufactured fluff along with heaping helpings of dubious legal-ease

      Anyone could write a doc with crayons and get it notarized as a signed original if you are willing to pay the notary fee
      Not everyone would imply such is evidence of collaboration with the board of governors at the world bank. I guess the board doesn’t hold it’s end of the collaboration up very well since they don’t seem to have the authority to get Ms.Hudes in te building.

      • douglas

        Schmoe: While you, I and most others posting here obviously share the same opinion of Ms Hudes, I think we need to accept that there are some people ¨that we just cant reach¨. Although I suspect that many who fully buy-into this lady´s story are not SGT ¨regulars¨, after many years of trying to wake people up (which happened for me in 2006), I´ve come to the sad realization that some people desperately want to believe the fairy tale no matter what. I´m not implying that we should stop trying to open up peoples eyes (I never stop trying, regardless of the consequences), I´m just saying that we cannot allow their unwillingness to see ¨the obvious¨ to frustrate us. I ask anyone reading this to ponder this question – ¨What do we have to GAIN by believing what Karen Hudes is saying?¨ I suggest that (besides a false sense of security) the answer is a resounding – NOTHING! Now let me rephrase the question – ¨What do we have to LOSE by believing what Karen Hudes is saying?¨ – IMHO, ALOT! Because if you believe that (regardless of the actions you take) someone else is going to save you and your family, then you can stop worrying about the current economic and geopolitical situation and thereby quit preparing for the difficult times ahead (why stack physical PM´s when you can enjoy that new 72¨ LCD TV and the 2014 Corvette?). We are all free to choose our path, but personally I´ll stick with what has always worked well for me – ¨Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst¨.

  • Rick Shade

    disinfo agent.

  • Charlene

    Thanks for re-posting Sean. Leave it to the Mainstream Media to with hold information from the public.

  • Schmoe

    Looked further at this laundry list of links Ms.Hudes has sent. Seems impressive but actually at every turn I am just finding more of the same. More and more correspondence she has produced with occasional official replies to the effect of “We have received your complaint.”. And of course many other links to less and less and less direct substantiation.

    For one example, her last link to a memo she sent to the board of exec directors at the WB has just another load of buried references. Within the barage of webs and rabbit holes was this typical excerpt from the bottom of page 2 of the memo:

    “The Board of Governors settled my bondholder lawsuit by reinstating me as Acting General

    So I checked this link and it appears to be more run around, more stuff she’s produced that substantiates and proves ABSOLUTELY NOTHING relating to her reinstatement or anything else of significance.

    Here she claims in writing now that she has been reinstated as Acting General Counsel by the board of governors! She provides a link and lo and behold the link gives absolutely no proof of anything! And so this would not even be a lie by omission, but a direct fabrication.

    Again, this is important for alternative media reader and journalist alike. Karen Hudes has stated in writing that the board of governors at the WB reinstated her as AGC. This goes far beyond the assumption of mere self-appointment. Let’s see the document from the WB BOG of her reinstatement Karen. Wait a minute, but then she clarified for us that this AGC job was “outside” the WB. That is not what she put in writing to the board of exec directors! Let’s face it. She has been caught red-handed playing us all for fools. If she had that official doc it would be all she would need to shut me up. She doesn’t have it. Oh I’m gonna sleep better tonight knowing I don’t have to consider any of her BS anymore and I can expose her to the alternative media outlets I trust.

    A thorough snow job indeed and she does it over and over and over again. Baffle them with BS to such an outrageous level, the next step must be for her to give evidence of her tenure at the WB and proof of her claimed degrees. Let’s hope at least that she didn’t fabricate.

    SGT, because it is now clear that she is claiming this AGC is an official title, unless she produces WB docs of the AGC reinstatement, she is even more deceptive than I was first suspecting.

    Is there a way to retain copies of the docs and links she sent you before she pulls them down and scrubs them?

  • Schmoe

    Last time I checked impersonation is fraud

  • ksp

    If you go to her website you can send her money. I think that is what she is all about.
    Very un professional for a supposedly major league attorney asking for donations.

  • Schmoe

    In the last paragraph of page 2 in this last link she posted:

    She states: “The Board of Governors settled my bondholder lawsuit by reinstating me as Acting General

    Go to this link and it provides no proof whatsoever. Just more smoke and mirrors

    Either Ms.Hudes provides evidence FROM the board of govenors of the WB of the claim quoted above or she is a fraud

  • Post Panic3

    Hello Sean and Everybody Else

    Karen Hudes has just posted this over at under the latest Jim Willie piece. Before you dismiss her please click on the links that she provides. She offers up the actual contract from the 1950’s in PDF format,from the Central Bank of the Philippines, for very large 1000 ton gold contracts signed by Chiang Kai-Shek, General Dwight Eisenhower, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and many more. Don’t be lazy, read the links guys before you post negative comments about this quite extraordinary lady.

    I’m no lawyer but this looks real to me.



    KarenHudes says:
    July 3, 2014 at 6:43 PM

    The paycheck? My pension that I receive after more than 20 years in the World Bank’s Legal Department. The Banking Cabal (with Jim Kim as its agent and Allied Barton – owned by the Banking Cartel – as the World Bank security guards) is at loggerheads with the Board of Governors and Board of Executive Directors that reinstated me in settlement of my bondholder litigation. The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are now establishing their own development bank, and no longer finance more than 25% of world trade with US$.

    I have continued to do my job, which now consists in making sure the world’s gold is used to benefit humanity under paragraph 6 of this Agreement,
    As Acting General Counsel of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and counsel to the authorized signatory on the Global Debt Facility this week I mailed out these letters:
    I have had to modify this comment several times, because the links to these documents keep on getting deleted:

    The UK Parliament is now trying to find out where the gold is from the Controller of the Exchequer, and I asked the Commonwealth to help out:
    For further documentation, see
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    • Markus

      I already dismissed her about three interviews after she first came on the scene out of nowhere. Actually one interview was enough, but in fairness she got two extra.

      There’s no point following her links and reading her psychotic rantings, unless one wants to invite mental impairment on themselves, which I gather is her purpose.

    • ThirteenthFloor

      Could be why China is so interested in the Phillipines of late, and Obama has sent most of SD Naval down there the past weeks…just saying…..

      Just not enough AU to make it whole…somebody is taking a VERY serious haircut.

  • Eyes Rolling

    Which Jose Rizal are we talking about? The famous Filipino nationalist? If so, he died in 1896. So how on earth can the infamous Ferdinand Marcos who was born in 1917 be his lawyer?

  • Eyes Rolling

    The spellings of Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai are too modern for a 1950 document. In those days, the names are spelt Mao Tse-tung and Chou En-lai respectively.

    Also, why so sloppy with the letter to Kuala Lumpur? Who was she addressing? A check of the address shows that it should be the High Commission of Swaziland. Hmmm, should I go check with them personally if they ever received such a fantastical letter?

  • Schmoe

    Lazy? Dude. I’ve looked at them all. The bilateral pdf? Let me ask you when you have ever seen typesetting like that from the 1950’s?

    Looks like an awfully, terribly awfully, amateur cut-and-paste forgery job to me.

    Ms.Hudes can’t even verify her claim to be currently employed as Acting General Counsel by the WB when asked.
    You and I know this is a simple matter, with no need of mountains of baffling BS. Uh, wait, stop, red flag!
    Not even one email from the WB boards, never mind one regarding her reinstatement.

    Fortunately this is an easy one to call her out on whereas the rest of her wild claims are just that with no evidence.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, No? Nothing even in the ball park.

    She has been asked, and just produces useless links over and over again. She is extraordinary alright. Extraordinarily Crazaay.
    Be careful before you call people lazy when you obviously have not done the research yourself because you believe a computer typeset doc looks authentic to you.

    You should read the links provided that expose her as a fraud before you call people who aren’t lazy, lazy. Mirror dude?
    And exposing fraud isn’t being negative.

  • ThirteenthFloor

    An interesting interview Sean, her sources do check, but Karen’s not convincing,

    The IMF will most likely make an announcement this month which that will change US currency, and the G20 Agenda Report from Jan ’14 matches closer to Dr. Jim Willie’s interview on the 27th. I did research on the OITC(Global Debt Facility) and it reads like a giant Central Bank, with ties to the English Monarchy. Furthermore their own website states plainly they are the worlds largest holder of mortgage securities ….. ummmmm

    I know as a “insider per se” the FRB was buying hi vol’s T’s (10b$ per day) and MBS’s (3b$ per day) in in 2005-2006, far far greater than any of QE we had since ’08. So the public data from the FRB and UST is completely bogus, and the debt is MUCH higher. Sounds like a new GIANT CENTRAL BANK is coming, not a return to free sovereign state.

  • ThirteenthFloor

    FYI. A little math if all FDI (Financial Derivative Instrument) debt was wiped out, just erased. The USD holders were made whole with AU (at 2500 an ounce) and US debt and obligations LESS ongoing interest was re-financed in AU (at 2500 an ounce)…I think the US would need 250K tons of AU….unless somebody is taking a serious haircut (more like a decapitation)…I see this is being not likely.

    BTW the OTIC website is kinda amateur…for being the “Global Debt Facility” seems they could afford a great web designer, then again cannot fault them for modest expenses.

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