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Price Inflation Begins

from Economic Noise:

The notion that inflation is not something to worry about is beginning to be questioned. Actually, anyone that understands monetary economics or the true definition of inflation knows that it has already occurred. Now it is beginning to show up in prices of food, energy and other commodities. Here are two headlines from Zerohedge:

Gold Spikes To 3-Month HighsCopper Surges To 4-Month High

The economic charade is nearing its end. Economies are no longer responsive to the heroin of liquidity. Prices are, however, and are beginning to react adversely. The excess liquidity is now flowing beyond financial markets and affecting real market prices.

State enemies of the US (China and Russia) will not confront the country militarily. They will attack and undermine the dollar which only will hasten the inflation and economic problems of the US.

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  • AndyM

    Yup! Noticed yesterday that the price of a #4 breakfast sandwich at Dunkin Donuts jumped from $5.60 to $5.71 overnight. Mentioned it to the server and the response was that it was due to an increase in the price of coffee (~ 5.5% up). Here we go …

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