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Perfect Information

from Gold Seek:

To say we live in information age today is an understatement. Previously, technology gains were more profound and slower moving, providing innovation that had material impacts on economic growth and productivity. A hundred years ago it was innovation and mobilization in energy and the automobile that enabled hydrocarbon man to flourish, taking the human population to in excess of 7 billion people today. But this cycle has run its course, with hydrocarbon supplies in an accelerating decline, which posses increasing challenges for further profound technological innovation moving forward – because fracking won’t do it.

Today, the Western establishment would have the weak minded believe that technological innovation in information is the new paradigm that will save you; however a well grounded person should quickly realize that information industries are not this at all, and are in fact illicit and predatory entities attempting to exploit target populations. (i.e. think advertising, NSA, etc.) As you likely know, information is being forced down your throat daily for a myriad of reasons, most nefarious in nature.

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