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On Karen Hudes & The Real 2nd Species: PSYCHOPATHIC BANKSTERS

The debate about Karen Hudes rages on. Some call her a whistle blower while others are blowing the whistle on her, claiming that she’s less than honest. In this interview I speak with Jason Erb, founder of, the website from which we posted two articles that are critical of Karen.

Although it is never our goal to disparage any of our guests, Jason contacted me and wanted to discuss Karen’s claims about mountains of hidden gold, the death of the global control monetary system and a “second species” of humans on the planet – which to me sounds a lot like the psychopathic bankers which plague humanity. Please listen and leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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93 comments to On Karen Hudes & The Real 2nd Species: PSYCHOPATHIC BANKSTERS

  • AgShaman

    There is evidence that a breed apart, with partial human dna sequencing does exist.

    Karen’s problem is she gets duped by CT’s easily concerning other theories…

    which leads one to believe her thoughts are not her own.

    She seems a bit MK’d to me

    • johns

      When Karen can produce DOCUMENTED correspondence FROM the The World Bank TO HER,

      I will give further consideration to her claims.

      What I have seen provided by her, to them, is heresay.

      My 2 cents worth.

      • Schmoe

        Amen to that.

        “The Board of Governors settled my bondholder lawsuit by reinstating me as Acting General
        Counsel.”. Written by Karen Hudes in a dcument sent to SGT.

        Specifcally here is the link she gave at the end of her response to SGT: where she wrote the above quote at the end of page 2.

        She also verbally stated this in her interview with SGT.

        How is whether or not she is lying about this debatable? It’s not.

        The rest of her claims can’t be proven so she talks in circles all day about them. Her employment claim on the other hand is verifiable. It is her Achilles heel. We should stop wondering if we should trust her. She has been caught lying about having authority she does not have. All the rest of her time she dedicates to baffling us with BS.

        Don’t waste your time considering if she is providing quality information. She is a deceiver.

        Those commenters who admonish us to listen to her have not checked out this simple fact and advise us to listen to a liar.
        Um, bad idea.

      • How about my meetings with the IMF Executive Directors at the Annual Meeting of the World Bank and IMF (Switzerland, Russia, Germany) These meetings were about the access to the Global Debt Facility. 188 Ministers of Finance have appointed me to exercise the Bretton Woods’ authority under paragraph 6 of the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement. Here is what YCT, a Chinese foundation has to say: “The internet links pertaining to your complaints that you have uploaded for my reading are indeed enlightening. It is no wonder that 188 members of the Bretton Woods institutions chose to reinstate you as Acting General Counsel of the IBRD. I [am].. appalled by the responses from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the Board of
        Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Board) and the Consumer Financial Protection
        Bureau (CFPB) stating that your concerns about the World Bank’s internal controls over
        financial reporting, its alleged corruption, and its alleged retaliation against you for
        raising those issues that threaten the World Bank’s credit rating and the stability of the
        international financial system, are not and do not fall within their purview for
        investigation. I fully support your relentless pursuit to restore humanity and the world’s
        patrimony for the benefits of mankind.”

        When Allied Barton illegally kicked me out, the Executive Directors requested the IMF Secretariat to readmit me. See the October 11, 2014 email from the Executive Director’s office for Italy, Albania, Greece, Malta, Portugal and San Marino

    • Frank Zak

      There is little to no gold in Fort Knox.

      But, there is more gold in the state of Mass.
      200 feet underground then there ever was in Fort Knox.

      I have never seen this printed anywhere, so if anyone
      ever mentions a great gold vault in Mass., listen carefully
      to them. I will try and find out what city it is next to.


    I think its funny that most everyone questions Karen Hudes (who talks about the Jesuit Order) but very few (like SGT) question controlled opposition Alex Jones (who won’t talk about the Jesuits and puts all the blame on the Rothchild’s and Bilderberger’s)

    Alex Jones has family that are CIA (who are run by the Knights of Malta) his father in law is a Papal Knight

    • SGT

      OK, so maybe Alex Jones IS controlled opposition, many people seems to make that argument. I don’t know with any certainty. I can tell you this much, I don’t like the way Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton were treated after they quit the Infowars operation. But that said, we will continue to post the PERTINENT, hard-hitting anti-NWO news and info Alex Jones (and his staff) break day in and day out like the few pieces you see from them here on SGT Report in just the past 48 hours. As I have long said, if Alex Jones is controlled opposition, we need another 1,000 “journalists” just like him that are as loud and with as much reach as he has in order to combat the PROVEN OPPOSITION from the likes of despicable CFR members and NWO servants Brian Williams, Erin Burnett, Andrea Mitchell (Greenspan’s wife), Mika Brzezinski (Zbigniew’s daughter), & Diane Sawyer to name but a few. So you can spend all day criticizing Alex Jones or get off your butt and replace him with YOUR own voice, copious investigative journalism, podcasting and blogging. Send us links to your work, we need YOU in the fight.

      • Abby

        And so say all of us.

      • Angel

        Thank you, SGT. If it weren’t for the work of Alex Jones, work that spans decades, many of us wouldn’t be having this discussion right now.

        Love him or hate him, he’s done more to shake people out of their normalcy bias than anyone else in his line of work. And most importantly, his reach is very long.

      • Jeff

        Well said SGT. I’ve long since un-sub’d from AJ but I don’t mind running into some of his work here on your site. Why pick the fly shit out of the pepper. Most of us here get that. Some obviously don’t or worse want to stir the pot for whatever reason. Thanks for your tireless work.

      • STEVEN

        SGT,I get why you hang onto Alex Jones,but your missing the point.He is a Fear monger-er and never gives any real solutions.He makes a living selling FEAR to those are gullible or who think they are more enlightened than anyone else.Why is AJ still alive today if he is any real threat to the “ELITE”?? They got rid of Bill Cooper,and I wonder why?

        Besides,why would you support someone who gives you half the truth? You obviously have some doubt about him.A true patriot “journalist” should never lie to its audience or reader….but you still support him?

        When Alex gets on board to exposing the Jesuit Order and stops putting all the blame on the papal treasure’s Rothcilds/Bilderberger’s,I’ll get back on board with him…but that will NEVER happen because he is connected to the CIA and through his CIA Family (who are ran by the Knights of Malta)

        • Gnostic


          AJ’s wife is Jewish, that makes his kids Jewish, perhaps that is why he never exposes Elite Zionist world control. He stated Mexicans run Hollywood & the Saudis control the government….he bashes the Vatican but rarely Zionists,
          so cut the crap.

          PS- If his father in law is a knights Malta or Jesuit, it’s because Zionist Rothschild controls them too. The founder of the Jesuit order was a cabalist crypto- Jew Loyola.

          • STEVEN


            Cut the crap? I know Alex’s wife is Jewish,but that means nothing.Why? because the JEWS don’t run anything,but are falsely blamed to be behind it all.The Illuminati was created by the Jesuits…Loyola was a papal serving Jew.He served the Pope (that makes a big difference)

            Also,there is such a thing called PAPAL serving JEWS (not real Jews)..Jews who serve the Vatican and are not true racial Jews.Yes,True Jews are a Race,not a Religion (God’s people of Israel).If you hate the Jews so much,then you hate God,for they are his people.

            • Gnostic

              Steven, Rothschild controls the Vatican Bank & God does not have a Chosen people” come on man grow up.

              PS- I DO NOT HATE in fact I empathize with the low level Jews much like low level Freemasons or low level Jesuits they have all been compartmentalized & brainwashed. Their best tool is The Bible.

              • STEVEN

                Of course they control the Vatican bank because they serve the POPE

                and I need to grow up?

                Read Scripture PAL and Learn

                Deuteronomy 7:6-8 (the text is Speaking to Israel,the Jewish Race)

                “For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God: the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

                The Lord did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people:

                But because the Lord loved you, and because he would keep the oath which he had sworn unto your fathers, hath the Lord brought you out with a mighty hand, and redeemed you out of the house of bondmen, from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt.”

                Its obvious you Hate God since you call it a tool

                • NaySayer

                  You guys all crack me up with all your different blaming of who is really in control.

                  Isn’t it far more reasonabe That there would be several powerful groups of criminal gangs who each have power in certain parts of the world? Sometimes they fight and sometimes they cooperate when it is in their best interest?

                  Some Jewish people are evil (Rothschilds, warburgs, etc) while some catholics are evil (that last pedophile nazi pope for one) and I am not quite sure about Death Squad Junta blessing current pope either.

                  The Jesuits have a very nasty reputation historically for genocide, a variety of holocausts including the so called “witch hunts” which was a holocaust against women that lasted centuries and killed millions. etc. We know the catholics supported the nazi holocaust against gypsyies, gays, jews, the disabled etc….. But he seems to be trying to make up for his part in the dirty war in the eary 70s in Argentina when he would bless government death squads before they went out to slaughter people they didn’t like politically, including other priests.

                  I don’t think there is any one group in control, I think a bunch of them are fighting it out. Did you ever notice how there are basically no people of color from asia, russia or the middle east who get invited to the bilderberg or CFR meetings?

                  Don’t you think they have their own groups and don’t trust the white man after all the centuries of being screwed over by them??? How many times did the British destabize and destroy China and India for their own profit???

                  The chinese in current leadership positions grew up in communist schools that detailed all the white man’s crimes against them and drummed them into their heads over and over. I guarantee that the chinese don’t trust the western leaders at all whether the puppets like obama or the real ones like the pope and the rothschilds.

                • Gnostic

                  STEVEN The Bible has been written (plagiarized) from older ancient texts, If I wrote it I would anoint my people “special” The Bible does not equate with God, it’s mostly a fiction. Here go, therefore your argument is based on a weak foundation., Christ called these Pharisees & Scribes in Rev 2:9 & 3:9 The Synagogue of Satan. They toppled Rome as they did Egypt through infiltration & deceit. They infiltrated the Vatican in the same way in the formation of the Jesuits.

                  “You Gentiles” Author Maurice Samuels

                  “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.” (p155)

                  Fascinating, isn’t it? I’ll bet you’d never heard that before. But Maurice Samuel was, in fact, one of the most widely read Jewish authors from the 1920s through the 1950s. By the 1950s, of course, the remodeling job on our world that Samuel and other Jews were demanding in the 1920s already was well underway

                • You left out Rev. 2:9 and Rev. 3:9 for a different version of the Jew !

          • Jacobson

            Nazi Alarm ! Nazi Alarm ! Nazi Alarm !

        • Scott Sando

          haha, this is just like the Life of brian. I love a good argument!

      • Wait a minute. Alex just interviewed Kevin Annett regarding the trafficking, murder, and sacrificial murder of children and babies. The Jesuits are implicated, as is the Vatican and the Royal class. So…ok, tell me again, how is he controlled?

  • Schmoe

    In documents in her links she claims that the board of governors at the world bank reinstated her as Acting General Counsel at the world bank.
    She does not verify this with anything. She does however admit that she is not allowed in the world bank because security won’t let her in. She leads us to believe she has some authority when she has none. That is what she is all about. Smoke and mirrors and clouds of deception buried, absolutely buried in mountains of dubious links, the vast majority of which are documents created by her.

    Why should we discuss anything she claims further? She is obviously discredited on facts, never mind her extraordinary that have no way to be checked.

    Check the insane links she provides if you don’t mind letting her wasting your time.

  • Schmoe

    Extraordinary claims that is.

  • iguana green

    Alex Jones. Karen Hudes. Jesuits.
    I believe we all need to think for ourselves and when an obscure unit of information is introduced ( and it always does) we need to discern inour hearts and guts what it all really means if anything.
    Think for yourselves people.
    In the end, think it out for yourselves without absolute influences like these.
    remember: this world has changed and we are about to experience things we thought never to exist.

  • The Jesuits own and control Hollywood, the Media, the Federal Reserve, the fundamentalist Christians and have the US Politicians by the balls, including Hillary.

    • Gnostic

      Myron123, what a croc of shite, it’s truly laughable. The US is currently under Noahide Law signed by Jewish lackey Bush SR in 1991.

      Does the Jesuits have Nukes in the Vatican? I know who does israhell & they threatened to use them if they don’t get their NWO. SAMSON OPTION.

  • Tom Aumeg

    Jason is not bad, but if he wants to talk about the Austrian school, he really needs to read Rothbard’s “What Has Government Done to our Money”. He clearly does not understand Austrian teaching on money.

    • Tom, I’ve written many articles and done shows on figures and writings from the Austrian School. Here’s one of my latest shows on Tom Woods attack on “Greenbackers.”

      • Tom Aumeg

        I’m not about to take the time to read that if I don’t think that you understand that money, from an Austrian perspective, is entirely voluntary and the medium of exchange is essentially elected by the people, by preferences developed over time. The notion that it is government that would benefit from coinage under an Austrian style gold standard is absurd. An Austrian gold standard would mean full convertibility on demand, like before WWI, and counterfeiting would not exist as a crime, because any entity could issue coinage, provided the gold is of sufficient quantity and purity. Government’s only role would be to go after fraudsters, who issue substandard coinage.

        Your statements are not compatible with this understanding.

  • Tristan De Cuna

    This will have to be my last comment (and I shall copy and paste below this comment the comment which I left regarding Child Abuse by the elite a few minutes ago, to give context to this comment).

    It is interesting that some of the artefacts stored here are biological in nature (I am not at this time referring to real and serious issue of the storage and transfer of ownership of both male and female betas on these islands).

    Some of the artefacts placed in the vaults here are pieces of mummified tissue, skulls of various sizes, shapes, and ages, and even full mummified bodies removed from private collections in the northern hemisphere (mostly England and North America). Other items include sealed clay jars of unknown age and modern steel flasks and caskets. Also, and quite alarming at first sight, are several ‘plasticised’ complete bodies of apparently recently deceased young persons (and also plasticised circulatory and nervous systems displayed as sculptures). In one of the main access tunnels to the main vault complex on Tristan are various curious objects and skeletons behind glass display walls. The skeletons are all of hominids / great apes with the names written in Latin, Greek, and English at their feet. There are also three partial skeletons (sans scull and lower limbs) which always attract much attention. In English, one of the skeletons bears the name ‘Reis’ (Antarctic 1933, written in parentheses), ‘Nordic’ (Denisovian 2011, written in parentheses) and another ‘Nova Reis’ (Parachan 1928, in parentheses).

    From what I have seen, especially the strange skulls fondled and displayed during parties, throughout which I serve the refreshments, I can easily believe that there certainly was, if not now, another species occupying this planet with us. Also, having seen the extensive tunnel, bunker, and storage facilities that can be created and hidden from public view (for at least 300 years), it is not such a stretch for me to believe that with even greater resources whole cities could be created below the earth within which another group of Humans, or sub-species of Human could live.

    In other words I shall reserve judgement on Karen at this time pending further information.

    My original comment:

    Ok, this comment will likely get me thrown off the Comsat for good, especially as I was, shall we say, ‘spoken to’ after my last few comments over the last 3 days. Incidentally, from the dozens of websites I have posted comments on over the last few days only the SGT Report and Countdown to Zero Time has allowed my comments through moderation to be viewed.

    I will only be divulging information for a short time, and I certainly do not have any desire to set up my own web page or seek any further attention for mentioning these issues. I just wish to seed a few minds and remind people about a British territory larger than North America and Europe combined that is deliberately excluded from the media. (I use Comsat to link to servers in the UK to access the net but have set up a contact email where anyone who wants to verify what I say can contact me for a short period as we have to go dark soon due to coming events).

    Just to recap for those who did not read my previous comments – I am a so called “domestic “ for some very influential people (who are actually servants themselves) on an Island group centred around Tristan da Cuhna in the South Atlantic. This is ostensibly a British Protectorate, however it is actually owned, along with a sizable chunk of the planet, by the Royal British Empire (which is set above the British Government and is an arm of the Crown). The administration (and I mean the real administration not the show version) of this entire region, from Accession Island, to St Helena, to South Georgia, to the Falklands, is carried out by the East India Company. Heard of that? Yes it never went away, just moved into the shadows.

    There are many islands around this one, some of which do not appear on charts or on Google Earth. The basic set-up here is that some of the islands hide bunkers and vaults for the super rich and the elite bloodline families. It also acts as a kind of Freeport region, where super valuable and rare art, ancient artefacts, and other treasures (including people) are stored and traded.

    On the surface, any passing ships or visitors will be greeted with psychological ‘there is nothing to see here’ messages, mostly by the remoteness of the region and the rugged rocks and islands jutting up from the sea. Only the main island (Tristan) is permanently inhabited. Any visitors we do get see only a poor fishing community, and a wild desolate volcanic isle. Oh, and the sea birds, all protected I may add. The ‘protected wildlife’ angle gives cover for permanent prohibited access to certain other islands (we would not want to disturb any eggs now would we, sarc). Just in case anyone gets some ideas about digging around, there is ALWAYS at least one British nuclear submarine and surface vessel in the area (public knowledge for obvious deterrent and protective reasons), and there are several British military facilities within helicopter range (the commonly known about HMS Atlantic Isle is now mostly civilian and doesn’t count).

    Approx 300 years ago the first stone buildings and fortifications were built on the outlying island, however it was not until the British and the East India Company came, and created what were in effect glorified Pirates dens (bunker and vault complexes) that the islands became significant. The bunkers and vaults provided the EIC places within which to shelter and store some of the wealth they had pillaged from countless nations. Later, the EIC floated out thousands of black African slaves to do the dangerous digging out of the rocks and work on the cliff faces on many of the islands. Further preparatory work for extensive civil engineering works was done by bonded Irishmen and ‘Navvies’. Prepared stones and foundations were constructed on site, ready for the cream of British military engineers to create elaborate and extensive fortified homes and underground bunkers. Please look at these links to see what was being built 200 years ago on islands around the UK to appreciate the scale and nature of the buildings now hidden from view down here (all of which have been greatly extended and modernised since the 1950’s):

    Many of the facilities were superficially camouflaged during WW1, and then completely covered / hidden from casual sighting during WW2. During the Cold War all the luxury bunkers on the outlying islands were completely disguised and then upgraded to be proof against nuclear attack, and against EMP. The EMP proofing is interesting as this was done decades before mainstream scientists had ever coined the term. The EMP ‘proofing’ was tested by the super-elite ‘arranging’ for a nuclear airburst test to take place directly above Tristan (ostensibly part of Operation Argus). This puts in perspective the power and influence of the people here – they can arrange for their own nuclear test.

    The islands locations are themselves already protected from (what was once planned) nuclear exchange in the northern hemisphere, through a combination of remoteness and the coriolis effect.

    In later years all the main rather obvious entrances to the bunker and vault complexes were covered and sealed (on Tristan only) by creating a controlled release from the geothermal heat exchangers around the main lava chamber used to power the complexes. This was done in 1961. All people were removed at this time to allow heavy undersea drilling equipment to come close to shore to create wide below sea level entrances to all the old facilities on all the islands, under the excuse of the evacuation being required for their own protection. The escape hatches remain and are sometimes opened to allow betas (MK servants) to exercise on the surface. The escape hatches are substantial and consist of partially buried and camouflaged steel double doors, leading down to a further set of armoured watertight doors.

    In 2006 and 2007 an oil platform was used to provide cover for a secret drilling programme which widened the entrances sufficiently to negate the need to don diving gear – the complexes could all now be entered and exited using submersible vehicles. The cover story was that an old oil platform had broken away off the coast of Africa and by some fluke had managed to steer itself towards and then around several of the islands around Tristan before finally coming to rest in Tristan harbour. LOL, that people actually believed the story. Apparently a network of tunnels linking the islands with luxury bunkers with Tristan was created / extended at the same time.

    Such undersea accessed facilities now allow the servants of the elite, and the elite themselves to visit stealthily, and to place art and people alike into ‘storage’. They can also share their treasures far from prying eyes.

    Incidentally, has anyone noticed that all new super yachts now have escape submarines?, escape submarines indeed, lol.

    Can you see where I am going with this?

    There are places in the world that are far away from prying eyes and all laws and regulations, and morality. When people go missing, particularly children, especially ‘perfect’ children, they may just end up as a play thing in a luxury facility beneath a rock somewhere in the South Atlantic.

    I get to hear and see lots of things. Sometimes I even have the opportunity to ask questions.

    I recommend people watch the Movie ‘Salo’ to gain an insight into the treatment of children by the Elite, but be warned – the film is based on fact, and is very hard hitting (especially once you realise some of the adult actors are actually playing the role of very young children).

    • Tristan De Cuna

      Please note, the email address I use to post comments with is false, sorry, this is for a reason. However, my real email address, real name, position, and a verifiable comsat code is contained in one of my earlier comments here on SGT, so anyone who has a basic intel knowledge can verify at least me, if not quite everything I say at this stage (but that too will be revealed in the mainstream once the UK release the full Saville documents).

    • NaySayer

      “If it bleeds, we can kill it” Arnold Swartzeneggar in Predator.

      so, yeah yeah we get it. they are rich and blah blah. What is the purpose of your post? to tell us we can’t win against them? Screw that.

      so they are sooooo powerful but somehow a “domestic” or basically a maid or houseboy can post this stuff without their knowing? Right. I don’t think so.

      Did you get assigned to this website to tell us to give up now? Screw that too.

  • JC

    I agree that limiting money to any one source (be it fiat or gold) is stupid and potentially evil, but the idea that pieces of paper with no backing works well is naive. It may work with a very small group of people or small purchases like bread, but beyond that it will be counterfeited. There is a reason a fiat currency has never survived very long in the hands of men. In my opinion, the best way to ensure honest money is to have currency backed by anything of intrinsic value as it is ultimately used to purchase things with value. Those things are limited, and therefore the currency should be limited as well. The idea should be to diminish control of that by allowing currency to be backed by anything from land, commodities, intellectual property, etc. Some say this is inefficient, but with today’s technology it would be easy to verify the underlying value and legitimacy of currency. I’d rather have this and lose some upside of there not being massive amounts of currency for any all consumers than than accept the downside we have today where people’s lives can be wiped out in a moment.

    Agree completely on the topic of usury, but people have to be rewarded for risking their capital. My preference there is to go with an equity based society as opposed to a debt based one. Therefore, if I “loan” you money to start a business, then I simply own a predetermined amount of that business and if it goes under that is the end of it. Same goes for any other type of lending – just shift it to equity based and encompass mechanisms each party is comfortable with to maintain decent liquidity. The evil we need to get rid of completely is credit cards and any other source of credit that can be used for day to day living. That notion is one of the most evil things on this earth.

  • Tom Aumeg

    It was only obliquely the topic of the interview, but if one wants to state that a particular group controls the world’s economic, political, and military system, then there has to be a plausible mechanism of how they maintain that control. Ownership of the money works, as that allows you to buy control of the media that shape public opinion. There has to also be control of the bureaucracy, and I wish someone had insight into how that happens. But at least there is a cohesive idea here, that by controlling the money, you can make it stick together, if you prevent free market money from entering the fray. If on the other hand, you say the Vatican, or the Jesuits control it all, there is a long way to go in terms of explaining how they could control it all. It is much easier to see how the money interests control the Vatican, by subsidizing their wasteful spending. That is the stance I take in “Illuminati Endgame,” if you want to read it as a fiction, where I’m free to fill in certain gaps to produce a complete picture.

  • Jesus

    Hudes is a quack. She thinks there’s some 130,000+ tons of gold hidden in Hawaii.

  • Abby

    There is Gold, tons of it. But I doubt, as Karen hopes, this will come to the rescue of the USA. Or anyone else for that matter. There are two worlds that exist.The world that most people are aware of, and the world of the elite, who run their own system separate from everyone else in every possible way. There have been brief moments in time when humanity has broken away from these parasites. The Exodus was one. So was the founding of the USA. If we are lucky, we might get the opportunity again. But it is going to take more than a crossing of the Red Sea, or the Atlantic for that matter. Maybe we get lucky and they get on their Space ships (UFOs) that they have kept so secret, and leave. Only psycopaths need apply.

    As for another species, I am sure one or more have existed in this planet’s history, and through interbreeding they, we, have become one human species. The elongated skulls are an example.

    If we are now presented with Aliens, I am of the opinion that these will be Menegle creations, through both selective breeding and genetic modification. And as the Vatican supported people like Mengele in their escape after WW2, I am sure that the Vatican will have no trouble at all baptising these Aliens, basically their our spawn who they helped to create.

    On another note, listening to Kevin Arnett on Alex Jones, and the post by Tristan Da Cuna (see above) and her equation of these people with a film like “Sola,” one has to come to the conclusion that this planet is owned and controlled by the mentally insane and their behviour is “alien” to human behviour. It is barbaric, uncivilized, unevolved and lacking in any higher conscious thinking, trapped into the framework of the part of the brain referred to as “reptilian.” Therefore they are alien and reptilian. In other words, the lunatics are in control of the asylum. It is time we either locked them all up and sterilized them for good, so they cannot spawn, and thereby put an end to them, or put them on their spaceships and send them on a one way trip with a NO RETURN app plugged in.

  • Angel

    Though I understand the point Jason may have been making when poo-pooing a gold-backed currency, we must understand that GOLD IS MONEY. And so is silver (beyond its industrial applications). They’ve served that role for thousands of years, and that’s a historical fact that cannot be argued. Too bad he failed to mention that. Instead, he referred to gold as an “investment”, which not only cheapens its validity, but is short-sighted and misleading to those who are not aware of the role precious metals ought to play as a valid medium of exchange.

    Sean said it best when he advocated different local and state currencies as a means of restoring liberty. It’s also to Karen Hudes credit that she advocated the very same thing during her recent interview with SGT.

    I don’t believe the second species discussion (or whatever other label we chose to use to describe these alleged beings) is at all implausible. There’s plenty of reason to believe that such beings exist, and plenty of legitimate scientists and researchers who have delved into this subject and emerged with impressive results. An open mind might be amazed at the information that exists. Not all of it is cohesive, some of it is contradictory, but it’s a subject that deserves to be recognized as a serious and scientifically-credible area of research.

    The problem is, Ms. Hudes has so much other questionable baggage she carries that she comes off looking like a kook when she discusses a subject that is already controversial to begin with and reserved for the “tinfoil hat” crowd. As such, she does credible scientists and researches a disservice (whether intentional or not) when she speaks of these things.

  • Frank Weber

    The fact that the Jason Erb hasn’t got the most basic understanding about MONEY certainly doesn’t make me want to hop onto his web page.
    It may turn out to be ‘faux’

      • Frank

        Have a listen to: ; Episode ONE

        ( Episode 4 is MY favourite . Epic ! One understands the whole magnitude of the FRAUD )

        • It’s a definitional thing. Ask most people what is meant by money, and they would say Federal Reserve Notes, recognizing that money’s primary function is as a medium of exchange. Maloney says that money has all of the properties of currencies, with the additional point of it having a store of value over the “long-term.” What exactly is the long-term, since Gary North intentionally called 21 years the medium-term in order to hold to his claim that gold is a great long-term investment.

          I made the point that gold is a great investment, at times, but as for gold as being a widespread medium of exchange, name the period significantly sized economy when gold accounted for the majority of all transactions. In that regard, it serves more of a store of value purpose than as a medium of exchange.

          • Tom

            medium of exchange is a very flexible thing in our modern age. it will mostly be digital in the future. so, with that in mind, secured, redeemable and verifiable precious metals of all types are essential. It’s the only way to keep honesty in the system.

  • Frank Weber

    I would certainly not disregard Karen Hudes. She may come across as a bit clumsy. But she is a fountain of knowledge.
    And she has the guts to go public with topics that ‘can’t be’
    WAKE UP PEOPLE ! Real life is different from the fluffy lullaby the mainstream media sings to you.

  • Your guest is talking himself into the ground, he doesn’t understand a gold standard. The purpose for the gold standard is to restrain the treasonous governments from playing king and queen. The gold backs the currency supply that is in the society, end of conversation. That is fair and perfect, so what if the “elites” have a lot of gold, they cannot make anyone debt slaves in this system. Your guest wants to over think everything and try to appear smarter that he is, anyone reading this…. Buy physical gold and silver, take it out of the banking system, and get out of the way. These people are a bunch of nobody wannabees’ and they are on the wrong side of history. When the time comes be willing to fight for your freedom, and it will be over in a blink of an eye, these people are totally ball-less, starting with that thing in the white house. Strap a set on and just wait

    • Eric

      Getting tired of waiting mark. I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I’m ALL OUT OF BUBBLEGUM!!!

      Yeah, the part I can’t stand is that the gold supply must rise in order for an economy to grow. Peter Schiff disproved this with “How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes”

      It does not matter how much gold there is to back a money supply. It can always be divided into smaller parts. The problem with the Federal Reserve Note is that it is a credit instrument (that all of us use as either money or currency) for a debt that is going parabolically up to the sky now.

      Ron Paul had it right… allow competing currencies and abolish the IRS!!! Open up the CAFR’s!!!

      • Eric, gold is deflationary, and that’s why people like Lew Rockwell support it as money, so they can purportedly shrink government down to nothing, which is where anarcho-capitalists would like it.

        • Prepper

          Gold is not deflationary as that would suggest the volume of gold increases which is just silly. Under the pre 1913 classical gold standard; gold was mined supplying the world at a rate of 1% per annum. This is inflationary. However, increases in production of goods caused overall benign deflation. This gave everyone the benefit of increasing purchasing power.

          Re: Karen Hudes never said gold backed currency but gold coins, gold leaf & Aurum in the denomination of the sovereign currency. She also said a local currency will be made. I don’t comment about a 2nd species but will say it is more likely than ET’s or whichever god people believe in.

          I would appreciate any supporting credible evidence on your Hudes counterclaims since she backs everything she says. I have independent sourced fact checked Karen Hudes as much as possible ie checked the uk parliament website for her testimony.

    • mark, are you calling for a government guaranteed gold standard, because Gary North is right that it’s a “fool’s gold standard.” But his “free market” gold standard is also a fool’s gold standard, since he relies on the very same government that he says lies, cheats and steals to enforce contracts. So the only truly free market gold standard would be without any government involvement whatsoever, which is anarchy.

      • JC

        How about competing currencies with tangible backing? To me, that is the best outcome to avoid the oligarchic control and government abuse.

        By the way, I suggest you read Tragedy and Hope by Quigley and revisit his chapters on the Dark Ages and what they proved about government, which is that it really isn’t necessary for society to function. I think the advent of weapons of mass destruction makes that nearly impossible today, but I think the optimal solution is decentrialized, local governments and loose affiliations with others for defense.

  • Eric

    Thanks for the interview Sean. May be a good time to get Bix back on?

    There are people who are hyper aware and awake like those that frequent
    There are people who will wake up.
    There are people who are waking up.
    Most will never wake up.
    You have people who are kinda dumb but they’re not stupid.
    You have people who are kinda stupid but they’re not dumb.
    You have people who are smart but do dumb thing after dumb thing.
    You have people who want to be entertained and remain willfully ignorant.
    Then you have your morons, your idiots, your imbeciles. I give up with these people.

    • Eric
      I was thinking of Bix and his perspective when I came across your comment. I’d love for Bix and Sean to talk in the next few days. Thanks!

    • Nd60

      When you look at the dark side, careful you must be … for the dark side looks back. – Master Yoda

      so much fear so little wisdom…. what do you see? what do you want to see? what are you here to see?

      good one eric and yet perhaps its not such a bad thing to be one of those M.I.I.
      as a chinese saying dumb people have dumb luck
      and some of the scientist is still dumbfounded how cockroach – one of the few
      and definitely a despicable spices as determined
      and made into ‘natural law’ by the higher order, can survive nuke?

      after nuff said who will survive to tell the truth? your truth?

      bix was good listen the last time.

      be safe.

      back to my sport-disconnect-pizza-stuff wkend!
      dont ya look back on me!!! like that look from the dark side! 😀
      mirror mirror on the wall….
      just sailing thro…..

  • Reptilians ?


    The Scientific Study of the Bible . Reptilians and their interaction with man in Biblical Times . Serpents / Reptilians come in at the 5:50 sec. mark

    How to identify ?

    Think that may be the reasons the Royals always marry within the Family ?

  • mangrove


    Jay Parker: Awaken those around you to Satanic NWO depopulation and geoengineering

    • mangrove

      Jay Parker spoke of the following documentary, which I’m part way through. Required viewing, for those who care about their food and their health. It’s real horror show, but it’s out reality:

      Seeds of Death

      • douglas

        I tend to concentrate my time on economic and geopolitical related issues, but this is serious business people – if we allow GMO´s to kill us and our families then surviving & thriving economically becomes a moot point. Personally, I discard most conspiracies because they fail to pass the common sense test – like ¨Chemtrails¨ because we all have to breathe the same air (and I have not noticed the elite regularly wearing gas masks lately). This may be the best GMO documentary I´ve seen, it´s a must-see! (please make the time to watch it). For those with very limited time (its an hour & twenty minutes long) watch and try to comprehend the (just over 3 min segment) between 14:00-17:20. Hopefully this will make you go back and watch the entire documentary. Finally, after watching the full documentary, hopefully you will use this necessary knowledge-gained to reduce (it cant be completely eliminated) the effects of this nightmare for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Yuri

    My comment on Karen Hudes
    Sean, your interview Karen Hudes begs a number of follow up questions. Does she really work for the World Bank is one of them. If she does, isn’t the World Bank part of the powers-that-be shadow government and why would it work against itself in dismantling the current monetary regime? Who owns the gold and who holds it now? If it’s owned by the wealthy Asian families who are trying to recover it now, and held by the shadow government, why is she so sure that the Asians will be successful? Why would TPTB want to give it up? If the Asians are successful, how does she see the actual reform taking place? Would they then just give the gold away to countries or what? What is her relationships to Neil Keenan and what about his claims that she tried to cut him out when he introduced her to these wealthy Asian families? And so on and so forth.
    The black gold story is very interesting and there’s definitely something going on out there, judging by research done by people like Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, David Guyatt and others, and by the Neil Keenan’s lawsuit, but Karen only serves to ubfuscate the issue with her bizarre and unsubstantiated claims. And I don’t mean her references to the second race, it’s nothing new to anyone who has studied the story of the breakaway civilization (see works by Richard Doland, Joseph P. Farrell and others). What IS bizarre is her lack of basic logic and sense in what she says that leads anyone to have questions like the ones above.

    Just read this for example to see if it makes sense: Whoever wrote this (supposedly KH) claims there that both Hitler and General Yamashita had the same father – Jose Rizal, a Philippino poet – who was a son of the Julian Macleod Tallano, a secret twin brother of Queen Victoria and head of the family that holds title to all of land in the Philippines and that accumulated a vast wealth in gold over the years that it was ruling over the Philippines and other islands in the Pacific, and who (Jose Rizal) being not killed in 1896 as popularly believed went on to become a Jesuit priest under the name of Juan Antonio Diaz aka Severino Garcia Santa Romana to oversee the plundering of Asia’s gold in WW2 using his sons Hitler and Yamashita, and hired a smart lawyer by the name of Ferdinand Marcos who put this gold in a trust fund for 50 years for the good of the Philippines and all of humanity. Utterly insane.

    I have Sterling & Peggy Seagraves Golden Lily book and their set of 3 CDs with backup documentation, and can tell you that all of they portray a very different story.

  • Yuri

    sorry, didn’t mean to include the title and link

  • Praxis

    Information never killed anyone unless you’re talking about a natural disaster. That’s even foolish since there are tells we aren’t tuned to which are obvious, but outside our experience, or perhaps, capability to understand. (or want to)

    Lack of information has killed billions.
    I’d take more over less any day of the week, even if it’s possibly misleading.

    Betrayal isn’t in those who speak, although most certainly will they err and be drawn astray themselves through the gamut from sea to sea. It’s in those who withhold and for a variety of reasons betray themselves as well.

    Cheers Sean.

  • Susan

    Thank you so much for reposting the video. Loved your intro which made watching the video even more intense. And, I heard things here that I haven’t heard before. I would love to know if the World Bank knows what she is saying and agrees with her — what a change that could be! Also, I’m very much looking forward to her next interview with you.

  • NaySayer

    I took cell biology and genetics classes a few years ago. So I figure I know the basics of how this stuff works.

    I was watching a NOVA program on using mitocohondria DNA to trace populations and where they originated etc. Mitochondrial DNA is only passed on from mother to chidren. It stops in the male and females keep passing it down if they have kids. Male lines can be traced by the basically identical Y chromosome passed down from father to sons (a mother can only provide an X because females are XX and males are XY.

    Okay this is where I got concerned in the Nova program. Now I am not racist and I don’t think what racists say about blacks and whites being different species etc. is correct, however…….The nova program stated that the mitochondrial dna of black populations are far older than those of everybody else as is shown by the number of mutations by which they track these things. Okay. But if we all came from Africa originally and all of us had ancestors that were the original blacks from africa, then they can’t have more mutations than us because WE CAME FROM THEM. Their mitochondrial DNA has to be ours too. But if they do have more mutations than we do then they could not have been our mothers ancestrally.

    They just left it hanging there. No explanation. But I sat there with my mouth hanging open. Because I took genetics and that can’t be true, if current paleo-anthropolicy is to be believed. They aso said that they second oldest group by number of mutations were asians. Okay. But that can’t be true either if all life came out of africa from the famous “cradle of ife” you know the Leakeys and Lucy and all that.

    So where the freak did white people come from because we can’t have come from either blacks or asians, not if current genetics as they teach it in the universities is correct. So are those rumours of whites coming down in spaceships correct? Was there more than one “cradle of life” which developed separately and we are cousins with other ethnic groups?

    I have no doubt that we are all human and each group has it’s own merits and talents. Our blood and organs are interchangeable for transplants so we have to be basically the same and yet…….the mitochondrial dna doesn’t add up.

  • NaySayer

    What all this would mean is that Blacks are the true inhabitants of this planet and the rest of us are illegal immigrants or something.

    Mitochondrial dna is a circular form of dna without the “spell checking” back up found in nuclear dna. so when it mutates the mutation cannot be fixed. It is the number of such mutations which occur on a predictable basis by which the scientists calculate what type of ethnic ancestry people have etc.

    If anybody can explain how we all came “out of africa” but blacks have more mutations than us, please explain it to me. Because my ancestral mother in africa can’t have more mutations than me because she would have given me her exact mitochondrial dna passed down with even more mutations piling up through the millenia to me, but no, they say current blacks have more mutations than me. How can that be possible if science is telling the truth?????

    • AgShaman

      Thanks for the class on DNA. Which leads me to believe the vaccine program is designed to ruin the “cycles” of women and the parts that make them unique.

      There are a few theories out there that suggest the different races are different “lots” (test groups by the designers) and that the designers had a number of times, and at different locations on the planet, engineered humans with different twists in the genome.

      I don’t know much about it, but the subject material is very interesting and tends to meld various interpretations of the old texts and stories with authors that are not ‘boxed’ by the govt. agenda

  • Jacobson

    So many comments against the jews again .
    Some of you americans are rootless people who grope in the dark to find a banister.
    It is astonishing how nothing changed. People think they are modern, enlightened, intelligent and cultured but in fact they are barbarian dunces more than people who lived in ancient times.

    Yesterday I sat with my friends and we studied some Torah ,
    After the lessom we spoke about the tense borders and political affairs .
    2 of my friends said that we need peace as quick as possible ,
    3 seconds after they said it the sirens started and we took cover .
    I told them that no matter what we will do , the hate against us is eternal and I gave exaples of people from this website .
    It seems they understood their role in the “game of nations” .

    • Gnostic

      Jacobson, Torah the book which gave us talking donkeys. A fable written by the same tribe who gave us Hollywood & comic book heroes.

      Harold Rosenthal, an aide to Senator Jacob Javitz, said back in 1976 in his book- The Hidden Tyranny
      “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer [Satan]….We are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.” – The Hidden Tyranny,

      Total number of Yahweh kills in the bible: roughly 25 million! Hurray for Yahweh! the psychopath god.




      • Jacobson

        Many parts of the Torah were proven as true but I’m not going to convince anyone or explain anything from a defensive position .
        In fact I really don’t care what you think .
        And if the Torah is fable , so Jesus and his book are fables too , Mohammad and the Quran are fables too , and I can say it about any culture/religion/nation .

        The fact is that the Torah is the best seller book of all times and the book who was translated more than any other book .
        I want to see you write a better fable , and if you can’t you better shutup and jealous with lips zipped .

        Again , I don’t care what you think .
        It’s not your life , not your people and your opinion wouldn’t change 5000 years of tradition .

  • Gnostic

    PS- If anyone wonders why Israel is a blood thirsty nation ruled by depraved psychopaths just read the Torah.

    If anyone wonders why our police are now paranoid sadistic lunatics it is because they are being trained by these psychopaths.

    • Jacobson

      Gnostic the nazi hello .
      Most of the countries in the world killed more people than Israel .
      All the european countries killed more than Israel .

      In fact , the number of people being murdered in U.S (americans who kill americans)
      every 3 years is more than what Israel killed in 65 years .

      So now jews train the policemen ?
      you are a joke .
      keep your great work , you just show your stupidity again and again and as you can see most of the americans won’t follow your nazi thoughts .

      I wish I could meet you .
      I would give you one more reason to hate the jews with a mark you’ll never forget .

      • Scott Sando

        Now now children, play nicely.

        • NaySayer

          Yes, they both need to chill the freak out.

          Not all Jewish people are nice. A few are downright evil just like can be found in any other group. I can say I don’t agree with the way they are treating the palestinians (who are a desperate ghetto-ized people who are not behaving at their best either. they have some complicity in their own situation as well).

          But the other supposedly “we are all one group” islamics aren’t doing anything for the palestinians either. Even the Egyptians built a ghetto wall to keep them out of their country too. The palestinians are disruptive and highly extremist and nobody wants them, not even their own fellow islamics. It is a bad situation all around.

          But Gnostic is being a betrayer to all the tenants of gnosticism, which isn’t about hate. So some Jewish people are bad and power hungry, so what? Can you name one other group on this planet who doesn’t have some really bad apples? You obviously just hate jews and give a free pass to everybody else who is evil.

  • How could one miss the disruption of humans? It doesn’t take a tree hugger to see what we are to this planet right now. I’m not talking about damage per se, but just the alteration of it. Like colonists we cut our way through it and suck the easy energy out along the way. We do not intuitively care for this planet as if we will be on here for a million years. We see a short history, so therefore we see a short future and in the meanwhile, our survival is paramount. These are the actions of a colonist, not a native.

  • ulvid

    “Peer reviewed studies” of a second species? Why not say that things that look normal should be the only things ever discussed?

  • Angel

    So much arguing and infighting over books, many of which we can’t even prove represent actual happenings. They were written so long ago, we cannot trust the interpretations over time, yet we fight amongst ourselves over what may very well be nothing more than fairy tales.

    A sorry and shameful waste of time and energy, at least in MY book.

  • Scott Sando

    peoples illusions are deepest around politics and religion thats why whenever you bring them up your likely to get into an argument.

  • JuliaD

    Gold and Silver is money and not an investment. Highly disagree with Jayson.

    • NaySayer

      Yes, exactly right. To see it as an investment is to miss the point entirely.

    • Will you exchange your gold for some products, of similar market value, if you could? If the answer is always or mostly no, it’s not functioning as money.

      • STEVEN

        Yep! Gold and Silver will always have to be traded back into FIAT or whatever currency we use to buy things,that is just the facts! 99% of the population do NOT see Gold and Silver as money or even used as money..again facts…..Try trading that piece of Gold to your starving neighbor for that loaf of bread and see what you end up with…with the same piece og Gold

      • NaySayer

        I already did change what small amount of gold I had for silver. Silver has industrial and medical uses which gold does not have also there is less of it above ground so silver SHOULD be worth more than gold right now in a rational world.

        Fiat is not necessary. People used gold and silver coins up until the 1920s pretty much everywhere.

        • STEVEN


          Back in the 1920’s…people actually had a brain back then and were not so dumbed down by Television and other forms of entertainment.Of course people from that time period saw metals as money…..BUT NOT TODAY!!!! People today only see FIAT or digital currency as money

          pretend all you want,but your Gold/Silver is not going to save you against the 99% who are starving and who don’t care.

          • NaySayer

            You ARE a silly. Everybody knows that what protects against violence from whoever is trying to use it against you is LEAD. Although you have to admit that those IEDs of the iraqui resistance did seem effective against all those expensive weapons the fascists have used against them.

  • Internationalchick

    Jacobson, Google, your friends are just a click away…

  • Charlie

    Let’s check some FACTS:

    Fisrt, Ignazio Loiolakoa (Ignatius of Loyola in English), the founder of “The Society of Jesus” (the Jesuits), was never Jewish as some are claiming on this board. He was Basque, born into a Noble Basque family and was BAPTIZED in the locality of Guipuscoa, in the Basque Region of the Iberian peninsula.

    Second, the Vatican Bank is not performing well these days. I really wonder how the “Jesuits” (who do not head the Vatican Bank by the way, but by the recently appointed French financier Jean-Baptiste de Franssu) are going to conquer the world with posted net profits of only 2.9 million euros in 2013 (or $3.9 million). LOL.

    In contrast, the six US largest banks made about $76 BILLION in combined profits in 2013. Go figure.

    Finnally, I am really amazed by the level of ignorance from most of the folks on this board, the lack of fact checking and rational analysis. I guess most love to hear conspiracy theories for the sole purpose of entertainment, with little or no care at all about the truth.

  • markus

    It looks like Karen Hudes is winning her campaign to deceive people into believing lies.

    Look at the trail of mindless nonsense she’s got people blathering about. She must be rolling about in hysterics at what she’s achieved.

    All of her documents are homemade cr4p and no proof of anything except that she is a mendacious self promoting deceiver.

    That’s my last post on this site and that is probably another win for that charlatan.

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