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Obama Supports ISIS, SAUDI SPONSORED TERROR & IMF’s MAGIC Number 7 — Harley Schlanger

In this gripping discussion with Harley Schlanger, historian and National Spokesman for LaRouchePAC we cover the geopolitical situation as NATO surrounds Ukraine and Iraq melts down by design with the support of the CIA-created Obama.

Obama is supporting ISIS in the middle east“, Schlanger says. At this point “Obama is indefensible to impeachment.”

We also cover: The Saudi role in funding international terrorism currently and on 9/11, the bail-ins which are now assuredly coming to a pension fund or retirement account near you, and the “most dangerous woman in the world” IMF head Christine’s Lagarde. We dissect the bizarre numerology “magic number 7” speech she gave before the National Press Club recently. Was it communication to the Elite? Almost certainly. And the Sheeple better take heed.

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43 comments to Obama Supports ISIS, SAUDI SPONSORED TERROR & IMF’s MAGIC Number 7 — Harley Schlanger

  • I would think there is sufficient evidence here and other alternet sites from vetted economist and scholars to charge, prosecute and convict top government officials (on both sides of the isle), banksters and CEOs of high treason against the United States and it’s Constitution.

    Just because the MSM lies by deception and omission doesn’t mean the crimes do not exist.

    The real question is, would the evidence hold up in a court of law? The publicity of the lawsuits alone could wake up the masses.

  • petedivine

    Excellent interview with Harley Schlanger. Thanks for asking about Legarde’s reference to the magic seven speech. I’ve listened to Christine Legarde’s press club speech, and I walked away very concerned. What was she referencing and why so cryptic? I’d recommend people getting some extra cash, gas, and groceries prior to July 7th and July 20th as a precaution to what I perceive to be a possible threat and certainly a cryptic warning from the most powerful woman in the world.

    • Ed_B

      There is no doubt that Legarde is one of the most powerful women in the world but a good argument could be made for Yellen as being the most powerful. I dunno… maybe both are powerful but in somewhat different ways.

      Then of course, there is Hillary, waiting to scoop up all the adulation that she feels she deserves. But only the low-info types will fall into that trap. Too bad that there are so damn many of them. The Founding Fathers did not allow this kind of person the vote because they knew that if they did, unscrupulous politicians would pander to them, trading largess from the public treasury for their votes. Not so oddly enough, this is EXACTLY what has happened. :-/

      • douglas

        ¨Then of course, there is Hillary, waiting to scoop up all the adulation that she feels she deserves. But only the low-info types will fall into that trap. Too bad that there are so damn many of them. The Founding Fathers did not allow this kind of person the vote because they knew that if they did, unscrupulous politicians would pander to them, trading largess from the public treasury for their votes. Not so oddly enough, this is EXACTLY what has happened. :-/¨

        I´ve often thought the same thing. One possible solution could have been to substitute the posession of a high school diploma for the arbitrary 18 years old minimum age requirement. Sadly, due to ever lowering academic standards (which will further decrease with ¨Core Values¨) in many cases even a high school diploma would no longer be enough. In any case, raising the academic requirements to keep the ever-increasing ignorant segment of the population from voting for ¨bad¨ politicians is not gonna happen because that group already forms an important segment of the voting public – in other words, nothing can be done until AFTER the coming reset (when many of them are no longer around).

  • douglas

    This interview was superb, your questions were insightful and to the point and Mr Schlanger as always was informative. Sean, pease take the time to listen carefully to your commentary between 21:45-22:22 – notice how your words are not phrased as a question but rather as a statement. Sadly your assessment is correct, sadly (especially for me being a 22-year veteran) we probably need to accept that IT IS IN FACT TOO LATE to save our once great country. Between the fact that large corporations control our government and that a substantial majority of our population is either fully dependent on the state for their very existence or is completely ¨asleep at the wheel¨ (with no desire to be awakened), it is evident we have passed the Event Horizon and are now past the point of no return. I´m not saying we should stop trying to help wake up the sheeple, on the contrary – I think time is short and we should do our best to help others see the light and prepare for the coming colapse. On a personal level I caught quite a bit of flack for moving myself and my family out of the USA, rather than just moving to a remote area of the country, but I honestly believe that due to the ever-increasing police state, when the SHTF the US will be one of the worst places to be. Each person has to do what they see best for themselves and their loved ones, but whatever it is you do, dont rely on a miraculous change in our government and a return to what once was – because it´s not going to happen. Pray to God to keep us all safe, then hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    • SGT

      Hey Douglas, thanks for the insightful comment. I often use my ‘question’ time as an opportunity to share articles and info as a food for thought for the guest to keep the conversation moving, Harley and I are almost always on the same page and both of us are feeling a bit exasperated. If we can’t get Glass-Steagall reimplemented and we can’t get Obama impeached (BTW, taking the RIGHT in the Right-Left establishment paradigm lie, Pat Buchanan argues against pursuing impeachment in his latest article for WND. thx to TopHat for the link:, and if most of the American people don’t CARE about either of those issues, much less the overt tyranny we face domestically… what chance do we have? I think Dave Kranzler is right, Americans won’t wake up until their precious Dollar collapses and then it will be too late.

      • douglas

        Sean: Your interviewing style is outstanding, either you´ve had some training or you´re just a natural – in either case you do it like a pro man. That said, do you realy think that the vast majority of our sold-out politicians are going to permit the reimplementation of Glass-Steagall? Personally I think it´s about as likely as abolishing the FED – No my friend, for various reasons it´s not gonna happen. While I long ago (2006) detached myself from the left-right paradigm, I have to agree with Mr Buchanan, the intended impeachment of Obama (which I couldn´t realisticaly see happening anyway) could actualy be counterproductive for the country – maybe even trading-in ¨realy bad¨ for ¨even worse¨… I realy hate to be so negative, but the sooner we accept that the economic colapse is no longer a question of IF but rather one of WHEN, the more we can dedicate ourselves to preparing for this event and to the process of begining again if we manage to survive it. I find it amazing that many on this site (and even many of your guests) continue to live in urban areas of the US, this very important issue is being greatly unreported. Like I said before, time is short. People need to find a way to leave the big cities with the utmost brevity – think of what it´s going to be like when (among other things) the EBT cards stop working and the militarized police roll-in.

        • SGT

          That’s extremely kind of you to say, thanks douglas. You asked, do you really think that the vast majority of our sold-out politicians are going to permit the reimplementation of Glass-Steagall? Answer: Sadly, I am increasingly pessimistic about the majority of the corporate critters in DC doing anything at all that isn’t destructive to our liberties and pocketbooks.

          • wauhoo

            Sean, I agree with douglas regarding your interviewing skills. Whether you were trained or self taught, you are the best. Far better than the million dollar shills on MSM. I don’t know how you find the time to do them, but all of us out here greatly appreciate the sacrifice of your time away from your family to help educate us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Ed_B


      “… because it´s not going to happen.”

      While you might very well be right about this, the funny thing about the future is that we can’t know what it will be. It’s not just that we DON’T know, we CAN’T know. All we can do is form some educated speculation based on the trends that we see. Clearly, you have done that and are committed to doing what you believe is right. Best of luck with that, Doug, and I mean that sincerely. It takes a lot of guts to move one’s family out of their country but there have been times in history when that was exactly the right thing to do… such as in 1930s Germany or early 1900s Russia. Could this be one of those times? Yes, it could and it might very well be one of those times.

      That said, a lot of us are unable to move due to family members who need our support and are too old or too sick to make a move of that kind. Hell, I can’t even get my wife to move more than 40 miles from where we are right now! So, whatever comes, we are in it together and for the duration. Because of this we prep as best we can. While that may or may not be enough to survive the coming collapse, it is what we can do and it is a heckuva lot more than many Americans are doing. Being oblivious is NOT a plan, IMO, yet that is where 90% or more of our countrymen are in all this. Best of luck to us all, SGT friends.

      • douglas

        Ed_B: Thank you for your response, your words are both perceptive and wise – please let me share with you my thoughts. Having completed a successful move to a foreign country, I know as well as anyone about the many difficulties involved in relocating. That said, I believe there comes a time when many of us have to come to the realization that some people just dont want to wake up. I know that like me, many of you have come accross people that dont want to even hear the truth, much less give it consideration and use it to reach a logical conclusion. Sadly, sometimes those are people we care for, so in the end it just may come down to a very personal descision. There may come a time when you have to ask yourself – Do I stay onboard the Titanic (the USA or at least a metropolitan area) and continue to listen to the band play (the MSM & Govt. lies) when I can clearly see that the water is quickly rising and the ship is listing more and more (the evidence is now all around us) – especially when I know for a fact that if I stay it will be only to accompany the ones I care for (who refuse to open their eyes) to the bottom of the ocean? In my case, I was persistent enough to eventualy convince my young wife that it was the correct descision – it was not a simple process, but now we are both very grateful that we made the move. God willing, as things get worse back home, we will be in a position to help friends and loved ones that remain.

  • Top Hat

    For a different viewpoint concerning impeachment, Pat Buchanan offers up an interesting perspective.

    Not saying I agree, but he brings up valid points. All risk, little gain.

  • Karma Respect

    These interviews are as always an enjoyable breath of fresh air.

    Truth is we all conform in a faith based system using a faith based currency. The protagonists of these ism systems know this fact and require our continued faith in these ism systems and their fiat currency in order to achieve their objective which is the total transfer of all wealth and the probable elimination of ‘useless eaters’ worldwide.

    They can easily control the career politicians who rely on these ism systems for their personal power. As referred in your interview it is very possibly that the supreme court is capable of being compromised to favor their elite agenda. The wealth of the entire world is trapped within their faith based system to do exactly as they have pre planned.

    The systems of belief are capitalism through which they control all capital, socialism through which they divide and control society, corporatism through which they hide their wealth and belief in globalism through which they can promote all wars.

    They devise and promote the belief in the ism framework systems, it is how we have been educated to think for the last fifty years and how they tightly control us. As the current system is faith based and as all ism beliefs are frameworks for failure it is not intended to end well for those trusting with their wealth inside the system when the collapse is over. What we are seeing is the ongoing great leveling where society through these systems of ism are gradually being reduced to deliberate poverty and are totally propaganda controlled by these tools of the elite.

    Until we understand the ism framework we will continue to have difficulty as our belief is still firmly captured within the controlled faith system while we somehow expect that the institutions of the system will protect and provide the right solutions. Einstein said that the solution requires a different consciousness from the level of consciousness that has created the problem.

    Outside of the ism framework are crystal clear solutions to unemployment, poverty and oppression. They are based on common sense and cannot be described as an ism. Unless society takes this giant step away from believing in the ism framework for failure the Hunger Games become a global reality.

  • It’s very heartening to hear from Harvey that he has met with top Democrats who are wising up and would like to see Obama go. That should indeed put a fire under everyone with Democratic reps in Washington…to contact their reps and tell them, in a very factual, measured manner, how they will be out…and be responsible for the demise of their party AND of America if they don’t grow a pair, and fast. That said…Sean…I think Catherine Austin Fitts has a point…the dollar will NOT collapse. It will continue to undergo a SLOW BURN…thus, the people will not wake up in time. Certainly…a sudden collapse and sudden awakening of the sheeple would not be in the interest of the banksters. They’re far too crafty for that…so I think Fitts has got a real point there.

  • Hugo

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for this interview. Since I know you and your audience are more open to more ”illuminatie” side of things I would like to put forward this. Who has more information on the Ancient Greek goddess ISIS? This ISIS goes back untill around 3500 years Before Christ! From wikipedia some highlights;
    – a symbol of Isis was the tiet or tyet (meaning welfare/life)
    – seems to represent the idea of eternal life or resurrection.
    – She was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic.
    – The name Isis means “Throne”
    – The star Sopdet (Sirius) is associated with Isis.
    Lots more in this wikipedia

    Somehow I find it more then a coincidence that a totally fundamental Muslim group (if we believe that story) name themselfs after an ancient Greek goddess…… What do people here say I wonder?

    • Hugo
      There’s much more on this ISIS issue at May not be your cup of tea…but after following cobra and staying tuned into the information he puts out…I have to say…he seems to be very accurate in his pronouncements about what will and will not happen. Anyway, just a suggestion.

    • SGT

      Very interesting, a good point I hadn’t thought of Hugo. They love word play and hiding double meanings in plain site.

      The Large Hadron Collider and the Statue at CERN

      • Hugo

        @June, SGT and Tristan De Cuna,

        Thanks for your replies and feedback

        Btw also a nice one is the building of European Parliament. It is build like the unfinished tower of babel with a statue of the woman with the beast in front of it….

    • Tristan De Cuna


      The answer has always been in the name. You may wish to check out the ISIS link to European Royality and the Anglo-American Masonic alliance (plus the obilisks in all global centres of power – inluding the Vatican, and fixation with all things Eqyptian).

      Allow me repeat some of what I wrote on this site and others in the last 24 hours:

      As some are aware I reside on a tiny but very important outpost of the Royal British Empire in the South Atlantic. There are many islands around this one (Tristan da Cuhna) which do not appear on charts or on Google Earth.

      This little island chain is somewhat of an open secret, and is used as a kind of Freeport facility (a centre for the storage and remote trading of the most expensive and valuable artworks, artefacts, and betas owned by the super-rich). The islands are frequented by the servants of the super rich and the super connected. There are extensive bunker and vault systems on this and the other islands around this one, and have been for centuries.

      The British control this entire region (combined area larger than North America and Europe combined) which although mostly empty ocean has dozens of tiny rock-like islands, larger natural fortress-like islands, and seamounts such as this one. Most hold a few secrets, and a few others hold military facilities. From what I have been told there are also significant oil resources in the region which are not going to be tapped into until a later date. The area is actually ‘owned’ by the Anglo-American Royalty and thier connected banking and oil families.

      Tristan has links with the other British islands of Assention, South Georgia, Gough, and of course the fully militarised Falkland Islands (which in turn link the British to Antarctica and various facilities there).

      Much gossip is spoken on these small islands, as when the servants of the elite arrive with valubles or to remove valuables they have mostly have a feeling of total security – that no one can reach them (or their masters if they visit too) here or in their deep caves and bunkers. This is afterall one of the most remote locations on Earth. As one of the remotest places on earth, away from the matrix of deciet in the northern hemisphere, lips are loose and talk is easy. Please be aware that the elite themselves do not often step onto this island, they tend to stay on large protected vessels close by. Only their servants with art, artefacts, and other valuables come ashore.

      The servants of the elite dont care if I or others here use their uplink to the British military comsats and then link to servers in the UK to access the net (I use randomly chosen UK based IP and email address so I cant do one-to-one replies). They dont care what I say, and besides this stuff has all been out in the open for years and is nothing new.

      People such as Steve Quayle, David Icke and others have been laughed at for reporting such ‘conspiracies’ as the existence of ancient bloodlines, directed and revisionist history, and a coming new world order, known loosly as ‘The Order of the Phoenix’ (yes, as in the Harry Potter book – apparently that was done as a private joke). This far down the line of their game plan they dont care who exposes what – the game is in full play, and the pieces are in motion. It cant be stopped by men now.

      The confidence level of the elite as reported to me through admittedly ‘idle gossip’ and chit-chat, as I serve the servants of the servants of the super connected, is very high. I have been told that all the apparent chaos and confusion is planned. Currently the Anglo-Americans have ascendency (don’t be fooled by the deliberate foreign policy gaffs and errors and economic woes, they are all created by design not stupidity). We are being given a grand show.

      The current American and British leadership are actually highly astute, highly intelligent, and are doing exactly what they have been told to do by their masters. Stupid people would never have been selected by the elite to sit in those positions (notice I said selected by the elite and not elected by the people). It takes years of conditioning to be able to occupy such positions and carry out such complex tasks below the surface. Only hand picked society members get to sit in those chairs. Politicians and senior bankers are servants – they dont hold the real power, they just ensure that orders are carried out corectly.

      The servants I speak to are literally, not metaphorically, owned by more senior servants of the Anglo-American factions, who in turn are owned by and serve the super-elite – who plan a global ‘beast system’. The highriachy is pyramidal and often hereditary.

      There are apparently several different factions and several groups of international super-elite, from what I can determine through the noise of information overload.

      Apparently several elite groups are fighting for dominance, neither of which have the interests of the people in mind – only their own power and dominance of this planet.

      Basically, there is an Anglo-American (and Israeli) ‘Beast’ system group, an eastern/asian totalitarian system group (in motion), and a north European/Russian dictatorship group (still to be fully formed but preparing to be blitzrigued across Europe soon).

      Either groups success will result in a new global economy, with a one world government – a NWO. The NWO is coming, its just a matter of how we get there, who will be running it, and how it will be run.

      I have been informed that the super-elite see themselves as god-like figures, such as those they present before us in movies and literature – for example the Titans sitting on mount Olympus – toying and meddling in human affairs, and granting special powers and special weapons to those individuals, groups, nations, etc they want to ‘play with’.

      The super elite (most of whom carry the ancient blood lines traced back to King David, some even further – as far back as the fallen ones in one case) hold almost all of the planets real wealth. They have access to ancient texts and documents which contain knowledge and information which would cause the history books to be re-written. They guard this knowledge, as of course, he who has the knowledge has the power.

      I have been told they are playing one very big game between themselves. This is a game so big and so complex most ordinary people can not even begin to see it even when it is explained to them.

      You and I are so small and insignificant to them that we are not even pawns in the game. We are just like annoying flies, or at best dumb stupid cattle that work the fields and provide the food (the useless eaters as a certain British Duke refers to us as).

      A pawn to them would be a vice-president or a senior military commander. They could starve, irradiate, or send to war millions of us and they would continue to feast, shelter in luxury, and vacation in peace, partaking in all the good things this planet has to offer – just as they have always done, with no feeling of empathy towards us at all. In fact many servants also feel that we are an infestation and need to be reduced/culled.

      Apparently, to survive we just need to be aware of their games and get out of their way as soon as we see events unfold. They play chess with real Kings (presidents), real Knights (entire armies), and real Queens (international banks). We will just get crushed if we dont move – we cant as individuals or small groups change their game plan, only in masses of many hundreds of thousands, so I am told.

      I have also been told they dont like each other and have been known to cheat at this great chess game, sometimes becoming sore losers and setting each other up for real harm. Certain French, Russian, and German members of the bloodline have in the past been fed to the dogs (the people) as a result of this, usually in the form of a created revolution or uprising that causing the dumb savages/dogs/cattle (the people) to turn on their masters.

      With regard to the coming (or rather planned as the game is still in play) beast system, the Anglo-Americans (and Israelis) plan to create no less than a false Armageddon. But even if the Anglo-American-Israelis dont pull it off, the eastern elites will ensure that Europe and the US falls under one of them (we can see the battle for Europe being played out now in Ukraine and Germany).

      People need to realise that the current system is already gone, it is just momentum keeping it running. The next NWO system can be instigated at will and in hours – not weeks or months, such is the stranglehold they have over global finance and commerce.

      If people were going to act to take back their countries in Europe or the US or elsewhere they would have done so by now, that is what I have overheard. That window has almost closed.

      It is also true that the technology we love will be used against us, including microvave frequencies (wifi, cell phones, smart meters etc).

      The only issue now is what group of bloodlines will be running the NWO, and in what form. As mentioned above if it is the Anglo-Americans it will be a beast style transhumanist system in just a few years time following the pre-planned collapse (people will ask for it apparently).

      If the Chinese/eastern families win expect mass deaths and slave camps under the pretence of redistribution of the worlds wealth and jobs for all.

      If the North Europeans (Tsarist bloodlines, Nordics, and Thules amongst others) win it will be a soviet style dictatorship presented as enlightened freedom and redistribution of wealth.

      There is also another group but detail is scant and a little occult.

      With regards to ISIS, well, I have been told that the ISIS people are just useful idiots – they are the nilists and the ‘origin of savagery’ as General Pike wrote about in his infamous letter to Mazzuni.

      It is intended they will be used to eventually attack Israel – so Israel can use nuclear weapons on them (and on Damascus) in order to produce a false Armageddon situation to shock the world, enabling them to take Syria and the lands ISIS have seized. There is a big clue in the name ISIS.
      This will of course bring upon Israel their destruction as they will be overrun by millions of angry Muslims – Islam and political Zionism mutually destroyed as General Pike predicted.

      This will enable the elite to introduce a pacemaker to lead the world into a peaceful and united world order where war can not happen again (the beginning of the beast system roll out). After the global chaos of a (regional not global) nuclear exchange and third world war, the people will be desperate for peace and will be presented with a savior figure.

      It is important to be mindful that a ‘false Armageddon’ type event will involve a limited small scale nuclear exchange in the middle east which could extend to emp events or small nukes in north american or european cities if the shock and horror is not sufficient to cower the masses.

      The elite are funding all of this with unlimited printed funds. As the gods of Olympus gave shields and swords to their favoured warriors playing for them, the elite are ensuring that ISIS are supplied with the means to do their job (by dropping or abandoning advanced military equipment literally at their feet).

      I am told that although the Russian/German and Chinese/eastern families have their own plans (which do not involve a nuclear exchange). Their plans result in the enslavement of North America and Europe (but not England).

      Of course, down here, on a rock thousands of miles from the chess board, I sit and watch events unfold, unlikely to ever be touched, listen to chit-chat and gossip, and serve wine to the servants of the servants who serve the elite.

      Make of the above what you wish.

      • Jacobson

        Israel again ?
        You wrote about Israel using nuclear weapons but until now it you americans are the only ones who used 2 of these bombs .
        But only what americans are doing is OK .

        ISIS ?
        They just said yesterday that they are not going to attack Israel .
        Their mission is to “fight the infidel muslims before conquering Jerusalem”
        so they have alot of work to do .

        One of the advanteges of ISIS is the support they get in the muslim areas when they arrive .
        A group of few thousands men with gowns and tactic sandals cant be a threat to a soverign country .
        Anyway , Israel had peacful borders and still having it .
        Eygpt is a quiet border , Jordan too —>they both cooperate with Israel and have peace agreements that are fully accepted .
        Syria was a quiet border eventhough it was an “enemy” .
        The only border who made troubles was Lebanon who Assad used them as a proxy war to fight Israel (He wanted the Lebanese people to die many of them are christians) .

        What I’m trying to say is that Israel is now working with arab countries to achieve goals of all soverign countries in the area and to defeat the bunch of the radical towel-head warriors .

        • Gnostic

          Franklin Delano Rosenfelt & his fellow Jewish handlers ordered the A-Bomb & Holocaust of the Germans….. all for their blood libel Chabad Lubovitch rituals.

  • Oz's

    Truly, you are in the top 5 best sites. Wonderful.

    If you ever visit South Africa, you have a wonderful place to stay on the beach outside Durban, idyllic.
    Just ask.
    Long may you live.

    ….as game of thrones says…winter is coming (unless you have silver)

    Duck, as always.

  • LJ

    Hey SGT,

    Has anyone given any thought to “The magic number 7” being that of a reference to the month of September?? As in the “OLD Roman Calendar”?? I believe that the sheeple are waking up to the point that a “October Surprise” is expected, so TPTB are moving their plans up. Also, the 20th of September has had some very interesting events occur on this date, not to mention that it is the Jewish holiday of Selichot.


  • LJ, That’s interesting. I also did a bit of digging. LeGarde said Happy LUNAR New Year to everyone. In esoteric tarot, the charioteer is card #7…attributed to the astrological sign Cancer…which starts around July 20…and the planetary attribution is THE MOON, which is associated with the metal SILVER! The hebrew letter attributed to this card is Cheth…meaning field and the fence surrounding it. The general meaning of the card is safety, refuge, etc. So…Hmmm. Could be the gates are going to come down in the field of silver manipulation. Just a wild guess of course.

    • flashme

      What the f are you talking about friend?

      • flashme

        Sorry to be graphic. I would just like to ask you about “THE MOON, which is associated with the metal SILVER!”

        Can you tell me where you got this from?

        • Ed_B


          The moon is associated with silver in many ways. It’s a cultural thing. Ever hear the old song, “By the light of the silvery moon”? Many ancient people associated silver with the moon and gold with the sun. Silver was called “tears of the moon”. Don’t know if gold was known as the “tears of the sun” but perhaps it was.

  • Post Panic3

    Remember the Siri Iphone app. that says the Gates of Hades opens on the 27th July 2014. July being the 7th month.

  • JC

    Harley is a good man, but his collectivist solutions will not work. Our only hope is mass decentralization followed by local control and loose affiliation with distant areas with cooperation on defense. Large federal government will always fail.

    Thank you Sean for pressing on.

  • Dissolution

    I’d say let’s also not forget that when Lagarde made her speech, it was in January. She referenced the G7. Of course at that time… it was still the G8.


  • Jeff

    Great interview SGT. Really enjoyed it but I must admit I’m in JC’s camp 2 post’s up. He’s way too idealistic but you can hear his voice has changed since you first started interviewing him. I think he’s finally coming around that it’s pretty hopeless.

  • Greg

    And on the 27th day of the foot ball world cup, Germany stuff the hosts Brazil 7-1 in a result that shocks the world and leaves Brazil fans devastated!!

    Must feel like the end of the world if your are a Brazil fan, they are the number one soccer nation in the world, sign of the times!

  • Sean,
    Reevaluating the matrix is important. I have occasionally felt I gained ground on it only to discover subsequently that I had been tricked again. Bob Chapman used the term Illuminati often. It is a fine word because it can be used to encapsulate a movement to enslave mankind. Who or what is at the top we do not know. Rookies in the field of understanding the matrix chalk it up to the Rothschild family. Thus, whilst extricating ourselves from one set of deceptions, we often unknowingly step backwards into the quicksand of further error. We should never allow ourselves to seek or acknowledge a champion to defend us. We need to think for ourselves. Let me point out a few facts (some of which you are certainly aware, but perhaps not all) that might help explain how confusing the rabbit hole can be.

    Our supposed champion (as Alex Jones once called him) Ron Paul is a 9/11 denier. He too is trapped in the matrix. GATA won’t acknowledge Yamashita’s gold. Karen Hudes (whatever she is) is calling for a constitutional convention. That is insane. We have a great constitution. There is a kink in everybody’s armor. Is the confusion part of the matrix? Of course it is.

    Bob Chapman stated on a radio program he didn’t belief in CAFR. CAFR is the field of Walter Burien’s research that points to a fact that can be confirmed in any public library; that all levels of government from local to federal have investments in markets that could be used to eliminate debt. We could refer to this as a fascist matrix or a socialist matrix but it’s still a network no city treasurer will come out of the closet to try to manifest. Bob understood much but could not realize that next level. I subscribed to his newsletter for years and learned much from him, yet Bob did not actually how the fine tendrils of this thing merge with the ether. Bob was in army intel and often pointed out that America had the Japanese codes prior to Pearl Harbor. There was the diplomatic code which we all know was cracked early, but Bob was talking about the Japanese military codes. Bob said he thought LaRouche was OK but never got into details on him that I know of. But tacitly he had to disagree with LaRouche but didn’t know enough to give it any structure. I actually heard LaRouche say John McCain was a great man. How is that for a pile of detritus?

    LaRouche talks about tradition, the foundations of America and freedom but, has openly worked for hard core socialism. LaRouche touts FDR as a veritable savior, a sacrosanct example of a true American. Can I prove FDR was a 33rd degree mason? Not actually. But do I believe he was? Most certainly. Let’s take a look at FDR. America was on the classic gold standard until he took office. He ended it. He took us into WWII with the psyop of Pearl Harbor killing thousands to get us into it – see Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor on YouTube or read this: On his watch his VP Wallace who was into everything occult got the unfinished pyramid on the back of the dollar bill. FDR created the FBI. All of FDR’s new deal programs were pure socialism. Our ally was Joe Stalin. We gave Russia our nuclear secrets and material (see Major Jordan’s Diaries) as well as Eastern Europe after the war. Yet I won’t deny a strong possibility FDR was poisoned once the Illuminati was through with him. General Patton was murdered because he was a true American patriot. Eisenhower murdered over a million Germans in open air camps left to waste away with no food, shelter or sanitary facilities (see Other Losses by James Bacque).

    Harley says there is no need for NATO. I could not have agreed more. You correctly pointed out NATO is part of the UN structure. Recently Rick Wiles has been doing a series of radio programs related to the Perestroika Deception. What has happened to America has to do with the fake collapse of the Soviet Union. You know that Joel Skousen also points out that the collapse was a put on. One of the main goals is the ultimate collapse of NATO. Skousen believes Putin is a scoundrel. He directly disagrees with Paul Craig Roberts that somehow our state department got the Ukrainian riot police to stand down and also persuaded the parliament to unanimously vote for the ouster of the president – the majority of which was of the same party. The deception layers are three fold and four fold according to Skousen.
    In the early 90’s an American contractor was in Russia and happened to be at a social gathering where chilled vodka was being hoisted in toast after toast. A particular party official let loose that America would in the intermediate future get a black president who was a communist. All of this is very confusing. Is Putin really as bad as Skousen states? Edgar Cayce once prophesized that Russia would become the hope of the world. This rabbit hole is really getting deep.

    One thing is for sure. The American sheep are gelded and in pens. Television has mesmerized the masses. Materialism has nudged aside morality and spirituality. Many of the little people would gladly be part of the Illuminati; it seems to be human nature to desire riches and power. In other words our entire society is rotted. Our only choice as individuals is to do what you are doing and know the truth shall set you free. A system cannot take away personal dignity if an individual who won’t voluntarily give it up. The system can and will kill individuals but an individual can remain true to himself if he so chooses. But know this, deception is everywhere. Groups like LaRouchepac say much that is true, but all groups from Scientology to the Jim Jones cult have fed on the human instinct to join the cause of a champion or leader.

  • Gnostic

    Isn’t it funny how ISIS, the latest Muslim terror bogeyman to suddenly pop up overnight, isn’t attacking Israel over its latest outrage? It sure is strange how “Muslim terrorists” only seem to destabilize the enemies of Israel!

  • med_merc

    for more insight on “Isis” and all things alchemy . . . “secrets in plain sight” on youtube. riveting unveiling of the numerology/symbology etc of the “enlightened ones” . . . it is almost 4 hours long, but worth every minute.
    Sean you should post it if you havent already.

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