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from Jason A:

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  • antonius aquinas

    Secession and decentralization is the only solution. My latest post:


  • Kamezato

    The white Amerika bubble is bursting. The chickens are coming home to roost!

  • Eric

    Yup. It was a real nice country we had once.

    I think it’s time to get past denial and admit it’s gone and it’s probably not coming back. I know there are some white hats but let’s hope they are shaking the tree. Other than that there is not much any of us can do besides strengthen our neighborhoods. 90% of the people are morons, imbeciles, idiots and they still live in denial.

  • glitter 1

    Here is my comment from yesterday for a dahboo77 piece:

    glitter 1

    July 7, 2014 at 5:28 pm · Reply

    This is to all those “wide awake”individuals (so called),what you are witnessing with this over running of the Southern Border is nothing less than David Rockefeller’s/TPTB long awaited wet dream of merging the US,Canada and Mexico into the “North American Union” along with the elimination of all borders/boundries/National Sovereignty and the Congress just steps aside and allows it to happen.That’s because it has been planned for decades.Just remember,they will all be given food stamps,welfare,section 8,healthcare/medicaid,free education,SS(New SS Building built in Mexico City during Bush Jr), and it’s just the beginning.It will culminate/transition into a new North American Currency just as soon as the current Dollar collapses.If you think/believe this will all be turned back and the US will be returned to those “Father Knows Best”/”Leave it to Beaver” days you’re dreaming/kidding your self.You ain’t seen nothing yet!

    Texe Marrs exposed this conspiracy dead on correct back when Bush Jr was still on the throne,Bush got the ball rollin.

  • Antony

    Many words come to mind!…but sadness stands out, not in a sense of Oh! how sad, but because of compassion..

  • Do you think that federalizing the land recordation and properties of the state’s might also be adding to this end of the USA? The Uniform Law Committee is in the process of designing a Uniform Foreclosure Act code that installs a national electronic registry system – that works about as well as the corrupt MERS system that tried to skate by? They are meeting in Seattle July 11th pushing their agenda. For more info – see

    • CalSailX

      If it’s anything like the MERS debacle, they are taking deadly aim at their own foot!

      • CalSailX

        Ok… UCC… Sorry but my weapon only enforces Common Law… When there is a conflict between the UCC/Common law… well it will seldom bark, but when it does a mother never sees her son.

  • CalSailX

    Not surprising that the douche bags that are spreading debt, and death around the world have finally gotten the nerve to launch a campaign against the American People.

    The People told them to go to hell when they wanted us to fight their war in Syria, guess we’re just ungrateful ingrates that can’t understand how wonderful their plan is. As if the American People can’t look at Ukraine, and see that is exactly how you’d like to punish us if we don’t fall into line.

    Personally I’d like to thank every last fascist, that thought the time is right to bring down the United States Government. Thank you Douche BAG! You may have started something you will not like or understand. Not as if the USG hasn’t defaulted on it’s contract with the American People… ie: the Constitution.

    As an Americans we have our Rights, never depending on the District of Criminals to tell us what they think they are… it’s Laughable that they really think “they are the masters of the universe”. The CFR, the Georgetown gang, Trilateral butt boys, City of London vermin, don’t understand God has a sense of humor and they truly don’t want to see it in action!

  • AgShaman

    You could easily get another 9 or 10 states out of Mexico. Just annex them and get it over with.

    The state of Jefferson could also be added to the list of new states.

  • Jacobson

    Poor immigrants .
    I think U.S need to set aside Texas for them and they’ll build a state over there .
    And I have a name for them “Palestine” !

    Same goes for the african immigrants in Italy,France and Germany .

    Why not ?

  • petedivine

    I am not too concerned. These new immigrants will become fellow Mericans in a few short years. They will learn to love McDonald’s and become obese. They will get tattoos and enjoy the benefits of the welfare state. They will learn what it truly means to be a prod Merican voting for Hillary and Obama for years to come.

  • Anon

    Thomas Sheridan – Hour 1 – Cultural Marxism & The Psyop in Europe

    “They” are trying to destroy national identity in America, too, AND everywhere else in the world, as well. “They” want two classes: 1) Themselves, the .01/1%, and 2) Everyone Else – the 99.99%, AND, they want global depopulation, on a scale that dwarfs the 250 Million genocide/democide of the 20th Century.

  • Anon

    If Obama cared about “Homeland” Security, “Islamic” Terror, or even the AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS, he’d secure that border right now, and only allow those foreigners in, and legally, who can CONTRIBUTE something to WE THE PEOPLE, of the United States, other than low-wage labor. Cheap labor ONLY benefits the 1%. It should come as NO SURPRISE, that Obama is turning now, to the Catholic Church, in California, to assist with the tidal wave of illegal aliens crossing the southern border of the U.S.

    I’m sure the Catholic Church will have NO PROBLEM assisting Obama with all the illegal aliens flowing across the Southern border of the United States, from Mexico. You see, if you dig deep enough, into the history of the Catholic Church, you find out about the history of the “Society of Jesus” (ie, the “Jesuits”). It was Ignatius Loyola, and fellow Marrano “Jews”, in Spain, who created the Jesuits (1540 AD). It is an order, that is more powerful than the Pope, himself, and is led by the “Jesuit General”, sometimes referred to as the “Black Pope”. Ignatius Loyola received assistance in his creation of the “Society of Jesus”, from a Venetian man, named Gasparo Contarini (a “Jew”). Most people, today, are unaware of the influence of VENICE, and the VENETIANS in European History, particularly after the Fall of Rome, and before, during, and after the Byzantine Empire. Venice was a formidable Maritime Empire. Napoleon took it out, in 1797. But, the Venetian Bankers and Merchants (self-proclaimed “Jews”/Ibri) invested their wealth elsewhere, and so, we had, for example, the Dutch East India Company, and eventually, as they worked their way into England, we had the British East India Company. (The “Jews” were kicked out of practically every country in Europe over the past thousand years. Only ONE other group was similarly kicked out of country after country, in Europe – the Jesuits. This is
    documented historical fact. The Jesuits were always kicked out for political intrigues, and inciting to insurrection). It was these Venetian (“Jew”-ish) Bankers & Merchants (“Rosicrucians”), who along with Jesuits, created Modern Freemasonry, in 1717, in the ‘City’ of London, and interestingly, it was “Jews” from New York City, who assisted Lev Bronstein, aka Leon Trotsky, in the overthrow of the Romanov Family Dynasty in Russia, when Rothschild-agents Paul Warburg, and Jacob Schiff, handed Lev Bronstein (Trotsky) $20 Million USD (in gold), when Trotsky boarded a ship in New York Harbor, in 1917, bound for Russia, and the Rothschild-financed overthrow of the Romanovs, which had been IN THE PLANS of the Rothschild Family, since 1815. The Rothschilds have long been known as the Bankers to the Vatican. In 1815, as Napoleon was losing the Battle of Waterloo, Nathan Rothschild gained control of the London Stock Exchange. Over the past two hundred years, the Rothschild Family fortune has gone into the stratosphere – at one point calculated at over $500 Trillion. Their agents in the U.S., are the Rockefellers.

    Long story short: there is a clear connection, between the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, the “Jews” – Venetian/International Central Bankers/Merchants, in the ‘City’ of London, and elsewhere in the “EU”, European Royalty, such as in England, and the Netherlands, and the push for a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT – a one-world SOCIALIST (Corporatist/Fascist) government. So, it should surprise NO ONE, that Obama would turn to the Catholic Church, since most everyone south of the U.S. border is CATHOLIC, to try to get their assistance, in getting as many of these illegal aliens into the country as possible, to destroy the U.S. Middle Class, the only remaining obstacle to the .01/1% (I.C. Banker) desire to control the entire planet.

    What most “Left”-leaning “Liberals” (or “Progressives”) often just don’t comprehend, including many involved in Communism, apparently, is the ECONOMIC HISTORY of the United States, and how it was Rothschild-agents, working FROM WALL STREET, who financed Trotsky. Max Warburg financed Lenin from Germany. So, you basically have .01/1% “Jews” at the top, POSING as “Free-Market”, or “Free-Enterprise” Capitalists, when, as we now know – ALL MARKETS ARE RIGGED!, and, at the supposed “bottom” of the socio-economic pyramid, we have Socialist/Communist/Marxist “Jews”, who receive their funding from the VERY .01/1% BANKERS, at the top, that these Marxists are supposedly trying to overthrow! Welcome to the “Jew” World Order! All profits privatized, and all costs/losses socialized/externalized – welcome to the DEBT and DEATH paradigm. Americans are PALESTINIANS, now, or will be, as soon as the FIFTH COLUMN of the U.S. takes over.

    (Rothschild) Zionists Are a Fifth Column in America

    Dual Citizens – Loyal to Whom?

    DEFAMATION, a film by Yoav Shamir
    (Or, if you want to know who OWNS you, learn who it is that you may not criticize)

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