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MSNBC Race Baiter Strikes Again, On Behalf of Open Borders

[Ed. Note: If pressed for time, jump to the meat of it starting at 7:45.]

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

Alex Jones covers the race baiting done by Melissa Harris Perry and how she is nothing more than a psych warfare puppet

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3 comments to MSNBC Race Baiter Strikes Again, On Behalf of Open Borders

  • NaySayer

    I think that Dr. Harris Perry is actually a “true believer” type. She really really believes all the stuff she says. She thinks that if we all hold hands and sing “kumbaya” that it will all work out and all you need is love too.

    Her economics consist of the government sized version of “I can’t be out of money, I have checks left.” school.

    I really don’t think she understands hard economic and resource scarcity issues. A lot of these one world government supporters really think that if you “unite” everyone and people with PhDs (like she haS) runs it, then it will all work out well. History shows that it doesn’t, but a lot of Americans think that we are exceptional and can run a Fascist/Socialist centrally planned top down world better than anybody else who already tried and failed can do.

    There is a reason why the Chinese abandoned it. IT DOESN’T WORK IN REAL LIFE. Russia and China know this, we don’t apparently because our “elite” think they are smarter and can make it work if we all just believe hard enough in fairies and unicorns.

  • Mike F.

    Wow, what a twit. I bet a whole 100,000 libs watches this pos…

  • NaySayer

    I am sure she thinks that she is a nice, well educated and christian woman looking after the poor children. You are a mean person for not caring about them and not a christian person in her eyes.

    The fact remains that these kinds of things don’t work. Top down centrally planned governments run by “elites” don’t work. But you can’t tell any PhD that. They are sure their untried theories work. I’ve seen it too many times in graduate school. What looks good in the vacuum of the ivory tower doesn’t work in the trenches of real life.

    Look at what Bernanke and Greenspahn have done to the economy. They never held a real job making money but they think they are “educated elites” and deserve to run things.

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