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Meet your crony Congress: This rep is a one-stop shop for corporate interests

from TruthStreamMedia:

Meet Your Crony Congress: Like countless other politicians, an examination of their connections suggest Rep. Rosa DeLauro & globalist consultant hubby serve corporate America, not the people.

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro — one of Capitol Hill’s wealthiest reps and seemingly always in tow with Nancy Pelosi — is more than just your go-along pro-abortion, pro-Obamacare Democrat. Instead, she is a mouthpiece and funding-funnel for corporatist and party causes of all sorts, completed by her husband, Stan Greenberg, a top consultant and partner to dozens of top politicians and perhaps hundreds of leading global multinational firms.

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2 comments to Meet your crony Congress: This rep is a one-stop shop for corporate interests

  • Hoser

    WOW! This ‘Ole Hag looks like a Thow-Back-Hippy, 1960’s circa.
    Who elects these people? Dumb-Ass Americans, thats who!!!

  • mangrove

    Hoser, yeah she’s pretty scary to look at. But that’s just a diversion from the frightful stuff she and her husband get away with.

    Rosa DeLauro EXPOSED!

    DeLauro introduced The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009—purportedly aimed at reforming the food safety responsibilities handled by the Food & Drug Administration [FDA]. However, the introduction of this bill represented an egregious conflict of interest: her husband, Stanley Greenberg, has a business relationship with agricultural biotechnology corporation Monsanto—the largest producer of herbicide-resistant, genetically modified organism seed [GMO, aka genetically engineered/GE], the largest producer of the herbicide Roundup and (until 2008) of bovine growth hormone. Various FDA officials over the years have had positions with Monsanto. Completing this “triangle of deception”? Rosa DeLauro is chair of the appropriations subcommittee—that funds the FDA…

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