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Media Campaign Against Open Carry will Fail

from Ammo Land

The marketing expertise of Moms Demand Action has created a media campaign to demonize the open carry of long guns, especially in Texas.   Shannon Watts, who heads MDA, is a longtime professional at creating media campaigns:

 She is not just Suzy Homemaker or some low-grade employee at a small company but a heavy Public relations hitter, savvy on the ways of media manipulation and making her clients look good. Basically she “grows” astroturf for a living.

Open carry activism in Texas has become so effective that both Governor candidates have endorsed the legalization of the open carry of handguns, the stated objective of the open carry groups in Texas.   The media campaign to demonize open carry is attempted pushback.

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1 comment to Media Campaign Against Open Carry will Fail

  • Hannon

    These people should just sit home like the NRA says, and never ever attempt to behave like our founders. Don’t they know free men don’t bear arms? They keep them locked up at home, and never ever carry them 🙂

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