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Martin Armstrong–Hang In Or Hang Up

from The Victory Report:

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5 comments to Martin Armstrong–Hang In Or Hang Up

  • Tom Aumeg

    I don’t know how Kerry could go through this interview and not tell this fool how wrong he is. He thinks he is just being polite to his guest, but the way it comes across is that he doesn’t have the courage to stand up to him.

  • Tom Aumeg

    Okay, I wrote that last comment before he mistook the magnetic pole for the axis pole, and built his whole line of commentary on that. Folks, this is entertaining, how stupid Martin is.

  • Michael

    Martin did seven years in prison for contempt. Then he did another five years for conspiracy to commit fraud. Twelve years in the crossbar hotel destroys his credibility. Who believes his statement that the market will reach 33,000 and the dollar will remain the world’s reserve currency?

  • Ed_B

    And here I was thinking that Armstrong looked like a used car salesman or a personal injury lawyer. Glad to hear that he is merely a convicted criminal. lol

  • Dissolution

    For the lower echelons of folks, it would be a glaring disservice to pass judgement on someone’s intelligence based solely upon their written proficiency. For someone like Martin, who self-promotes himself into the stratosphere of intelligentsia-dome, the same cannot be said.

    I’ll never give this guy credibility until he figures out how to piece together a grammatically acceptable sentence.

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