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John Embry – This Is The Most Dangerous Period In 69 Years

from KingWorldNews:

I honestly believe this is the most dangerous period in my lifetime, particularly from a geopolitical perspective. This is even more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis. I remember that crisis like it was yesterday. I was in my last year of college, and at the height of the frenzy I wasn’t sure I was going to get the chance to graduate and enjoy a career. That’s how concerned people were at that time. But fortunately cooler heads prevailed and we’ve had 50+ years of reasonable civility.

But today I’m not sure what’s going to happen. There are so many hotspots and the Cold War is being revived with a concerted effort by the West to demonize Putin. I honestly don’t know what to believe about the unspeakable plane tragedy other than the fact that I’m horrified by what happened.

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1 comment to John Embry – This Is The Most Dangerous Period In 69 Years

  • Eric B

    Dear John…….as all you smug arse Cannucks sit up there and watch our Komunist shill POS! Will piss off Putin…..war will be declared and the weekend emasculated militate will be overrun by Obummers Kommies buddies…..the Great White North will fall to….as will Europe because you M Effers were too Effing lazy to secure your own freedom…..Canada like Germany rode on the USAs coat tails for too many years. Europe will be ruled by the Russkies and North America by the Chinese….they have already destroyed BC…….Toronto will fall within 10 years. Say hello to your buddy Rick Rule next time you see him…hope he’s doing better than he did for my wife’s IRA with a $30000+ loss in less than a years time. Stay away from Sprott USA! is all I can say!

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