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ISRAELI WAR CRIME: Video Shows Sniper’s Cold-Blooded Murder of Wounded 23-Year Old Gaza CIVILIAN [WARNING: Deeply Disturbing]

[Ed. Note: WARNING – For any normal human being who possesses empathy, this is a deeply disturbing video. Perhaps this is the type of atrocity to which Netanyahu was referring when he told CFR member and NBC mockingbird Brian Williams, “A Man’s Gotta Do, What A Man’s Gotta Do”]

UPDATED 7/22/14: The young man who was murdered in Shajiya after being wounded by an Israeli sniper, has been confirmed as Salem Khalil Salem Shammaly, 23-years-old, resident of Shajiya.


A video has emerged of the targeting and killing by a sniper of a Palestinian civilian in Gaza City’s Shujaiya neighborhood where Israeli shelling killed dozens of civilians and caused massive destruction early on Sunday morning.

The video, documenting a war crime, was uploaded to YouTube by the International Solidarity Movement, which described the incident in a 20 July press release:

The Israeli military just shot a Gazan man trying to reach his family, during an announced ceasefire. He was with a group of municipality workers and international human rights defenders who were attempting to retrieve injured people in the Shujaiya neighborhood.

“We all just watched a man murdered in front of us. He was trying to reach his family in Shujaiya, he had not heard from them and was worried about them. They shot him, and then continued to fire as he was on the ground. We had no choice but to retreat. We couldn’t reach him due to the artillery fire and then he stopped moving.” Stated Joe Catron, US International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist in Gaza.

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26 comments to ISRAELI WAR CRIME: Video Shows Sniper’s Cold-Blooded Murder of Wounded 23-Year Old Gaza CIVILIAN [WARNING: Deeply Disturbing]

  • Johnny Paleswine

    He was calling for his loved ones and now he is with his loved ones.

    Nobody gives a damn about them.

    Sean’s ancestors were most likely killers and rapists of native Americans. OR he benefited from their slaughter but does not have the guts to admit it.

    Gaza is Gone!!!!

    • Johan

      Perfect example of illogical reasoning and weak argumentation, congratulations.

      Johnny you nothing but wasted space on the internet.

      • Gnostic

        ISRAELI IQ SCORES by their own omission.

        Israel’s AVERAGE Score Lower Than Countries With an IQ of 71 From Jewish Scientific Data. GW BUSH scored 89 just above a moron. Ashkenazi Jews highest rate of psychiatric disorders 1 in 361 are classified Imbeciles or Idiots.

        This is a score even lower than Ghana and Qatar,. This AVERAGE score for just JEWS in Israel is LOWER than countries which Professor Lynn estimates to have IQs of only 71 and 78, respectively.

        Frank just dropped the mean average another 5 pts.

        • Gnostic

          The reason Zionist Jews have gained so much control besides controlling the Bank of England & FEDERAL RESERVE has NOTHING to do with intelligence, It is their psychopathy & lack of conscious or soul.

      • Dissolution

        Johnny Swine Flu

        Trying to infect everyone with his diseased commentary.

        Making Israel and Jews look even worse than they already do.


    • SGT

      you are one sick cookie JP. Defending the cold-blooded assassination of innocent men, women and children – like this 23-year old… it’s absolutely pathological.

  • Scott Sando

    Johnny Paleswine = Troll.

  • frank

    Meh, I’ll throw in my troll comment since im bored 🙂 If its true, then its a tragedy and wrong on many levels. My problem with the video unfortunately is

    1…it doesnt really show any Israelis. During the whole Bosnian/kosovo debacle, the bosnians were shooting their own folks to get sympathy and villify the other side.

    2, I know nobody here will accept the possibility, but maybe its a pure palestinian propaganda piece. Not saying it is, its just that fake videos have been done many times over, anyone remember the green helmet guy from Iraq?

    3, where is the blood? Sniper rounds tend to splatter folks, they dont go straight in and out in a nice clean way. Depending on the rd used, that guy should have a piece of himself missing.

    4. These folks are walking around in a war zone filled with debris, but the look pretty clean to me. I didnt even notice any dust on there hands face or clothing.

    5. the sniper only takes out one guy? why bother? why give away your position if you’re not going to take out the others?

    The whole thing, even the dialogue seems scripted. You’ve been shot but your lying still and saying there is only one god…bla bla? really? Where is the panic? The guy was out in the open, easy target for the sniper,Ive seen people get shot at, hit or no hit, they try to make for cover. Its a natural response.

    Just expressing my OPINION…yes yes everyone has one they are like….go ahead and attack me, for what i pointed out it doesnt matter 🙂

    Oh! one more thing…Cue Gnostic on 1, 2,…!

  • Steve_D

    Israel is committing mass genocide against the people of Palestine and Western governments do nothing.
    The UN does nothing, MSM does nothing, internet trolls justify the slaughter.

    And I feel so powerless to help the innocent victims, wish there was something we could do to help, it’s churning my gut up every day watching the evil they have to endure, their crime….. Being born on the wrong side of a wall.

    The world is insane.

  • Angel

    The same thing has been happening in the Ukraine, as the nazi government henchman murder civilians in cold blood.

    Well, no surprises. Whether nazis or zio-nazis, they’re all solidly-backed by the DC War Party, including the so-called president (a Muslim).

    SGT, did you see this one? It’s worth posting.

  • Michael

    A Sociopath lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. Congratulations Johnny and Frank you both qualify.

    • frank

      Sooo im a socipath because i have a problem with the video? Did you even read my post? Seriously is that the best you can do? Talk about Bizzarro world LOL

      Hey SGT(sean) is there a way to verify if posters aren’t or are just one person posting under different names? Maybe by checking their ISP address? I sort of get the feeling that some folks here may be posting under different names ala democrat voting strat

  • Michael

    Frank: “The sniper only takes out one guy”. And you wonder why I call you a sociopath. How can you understand a word if you cannot spell it.

    • frank

      as i said before, english is not my first language. How many laguages do you speak and write? And, instead of countering my posts, point for point, or answering my countless challenges, you do what other subversives with their own agenda do, simply attack me personally. Says more about you guys than it does about me.

    • frank

      by the way, the “whole one guy” reference was about sniper tactics…read the whole post and try to comprehend what you are reading….pointless for a sniper to reveal his position for only one target when there are multiple potential threats that can compromise his position was the point i was making…

  • med_merc

    I’m with frank, something isn’t right.

    • frank

      careful Merc…they may throw you into the troll group for siding with me on this one…dissenting opinions are not tolerated here by certain people. Regardless of the topic covered, questions asked or reasons given…

  • Ag47

    Why on earth would any right minded Christian wish to view this? I certainly don’t!

    • Gnostic

      Ag47 You have the right not to watch the video, I understand It is disturbing to say the least, however, one must understand what these Zionist monsters want to do to you, especially as a Christian. Once they take your guns what happened in the video is our certain fate.

      • frank

        gnostic gnostic gnostic… you may want to remember what you’ve said on your previous posts before you pretend to be a christian. You’re not, your own posts prove it. If anything you are a muslim practising taqiyya…

  • frank

    The video is not visually disturbing, no blood, no gore and no action. It is shot in a way to imply something that cannot be visiually confirmed. Sorry, take a look for yourself…

    As for you gnostic, bleh, sooner or later folks here will grow tired of all your “rinse and repeat” hate filled anti God, anti jew, anti christian propaganda…

    Thou art not worthy 🙂

  • Johan

    I think you’ve played too many video games frank. When you put a bullet into someone the hole in is not bigger than your fingernail. Theres no splash away from the wound. The visual you are looking for is on the other side, usually accompanied by a lot of blood gushing out.

    But ofcourse this could be a palestinian propaganda piece they fabricated in their high-tech computer halls. Just highly unlikely imo.

    This isn’t even particularly unusual. If they were to fabricate a video it should have been much worse, why bother with 1 murder?

    • frank

      Johan Nice try but…

      No video games. The exit wound from a sniper round if it hit the torso, would have splattered blood and tissue out the other side , and you would see evidence around the body and even bleeding/damage in front of the body. If it hit the shoulder or some other joint, then the arm, the leg whatever would have been blown off, if it hit the head, no head or half the head is gone. Regardless, this guy couldve been shot, but there is no way of telling from this video.

      • Johan

        That is just completely false. Sniper bullets travelling at 1km/s go through their targets, they dont ‘blow’ limbs off.

        I think your too disconnected with reality to recognise what it looks like when someone gets shot

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