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“Israel is Only Defending Itself”

[Ed. Note: For all of those who seem to only malign Infowars and the Alex Jones’ team as being “shills” or pro-Israeli Zionists, this one’s for you.]

from PrisonPlanetLive:

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5 comments to “Israel is Only Defending Itself”

  • Bill

    ***we “know” you protect them. CNN is critizing Israel these days. It is a new form of reverse psy-ops. To terrorize those who would confront them, showing the gruesome result of confrontations – Israel is CNN, so is Bloomberg. Wake up, bozos!

  • Abby

    Very nice note from the editor.

  • Gnostic

    I like to call Israel Rothschildania & they are rubbing their evil in our faces. Israel ( aka Rothschildania aka Satan) is at the point where they feel all powerful & no one will stop them, They be wrong.

  • Gnostic

    Ryan Dawson’s take on AJ- Jonestown’s sad attempt at whitewashing ‘coverage’ of the slaughter of Gaza

    I personally am happy to get the story out there, I do not expect the zionist media to give us the whole enchilada on Israeli evil, nor Zionist Hollywood to do a movie on jewish blood libel but anything to get people to do there own due diligence will be enough to wake more up to the genocide of defenseless people by an evil force of satan and that is good.

  • Steve_D

    Max Igan passionately speaks the truth.

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