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Is the Big Reset on 7-20-14? World Economy!

from Real Thing TV:

Christine LaGarde discusses the reset and how it will take place.

She did it as a set up to an official IMF forecast for “what we should expect for 2014.” Why is this important now? The IMF forecast was based on what Lagarde called the “magic 7,” and July is the seventh month of the year.

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4 comments to Is the Big Reset on 7-20-14? World Economy!

  • SteelerdudeN

    naw….I’ll get up in the morning…Ill scratch my belly and drink whats left of
    my warm beer…then when I look at what gold is doing Sunday night, it will get
    smacked down again….I think Im stuck in Groundhog scenario…LOL

    Actually, who knows…but I wouldnt hold my breath on this one…

  • Dissolution

    Well I can’t help but draw a connection to the current MH17 debacle and the western powers putting the full-court press on Russia. We also hear about how Russian cyber-terrorists have set up certain malware that could take down the NASDAQ or the electric grid or this, that, and the other. Sure would be some shit if we woke up on 7/20 and the official narrative claimed that ‘hostile Russia, pinned in the corner after shooting down the airplane’ had lashed out and pulled the plug on trading platforms or the Internet or whatever.

    Geeze, everyday is interesting.

  • Anon

    I think this definitely has everything to do with the new BRICS ($100 Billion) Bank, and the “threat” (perceived or otherwise) it poses to Western International Central Bankers. Of course, Putin and Russia figure prominently in this new BRICS Central Bank. Which is why it is likely, that the Obama Administration is trying to blame the downing of MH-17 on Russia, when it is difficult to discover a plausible motive, for Russia to down the plane, and, in fact, it seems far more likely, that a NATO/CIA faction (in the Ukraine) was behind the downing of the plane, for whatever reason(s), and they are blaming Russia, AT THE VERY LEAST, in order to deflect attention away from themselves as the perps, and probably as one more excuse to “demonize” Putin/Russia in the Western Media.

  • mangrove

    Off topic:

    GUILTY: Pope, Jesuits convicted in historic case

    Kevin Annett interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre:
    Kevin Annett: Pope Francis, Jesuit Head, Canterbury guilty of child genocide. Kanata Launched

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