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Independence Day No Respite From Chicago Violence: 3 Dead, 37 Wounded

by Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart:

While most of the city spent the weekend celebrating our Declaration of Independence and the birth of our nation, gang violence raged in Chicago, killing three and wounding 37.

Even as the bang of fireworks heralded the evening of the fourth of July in the Windy City, Friday’s gang violence rang out with a vengeance with 22 people wounded on the national holiday.

The first death occurred at 10PM on Friday evening as a young man in his late teens or early 20s drew a pistol to confront police after a foot chase through the Portage Park neighborhood. Police fired their service weapons, killing the man.

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3 comments to Independence Day No Respite From Chicago Violence: 3 Dead, 37 Wounded

  • Ed_B

    If ever there was a good use for the “FEMA Camps” rounding up all the gang members would have to be it. If they want to kill each other, fine. But most of them are lousy shots and can end up shooting innocent people who are not affiliated with any gang crap. Use that phone and that pen for something worthwhile for once, you jackass.

  • It’s terrible that even such a great holiday as Independece Day doesn’t stop this. Thought there can be only happy news on such a day

  • joe

    As you all well know, this gun violence in the inner city could be stopped very quickly and efficiently by disarming white suburban gun owners.

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