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Illegal Aliens & Felons being allowed in the US all for the sake of the Democrat Vote

by Joshua Cook, Freedom Outpost:

The so-called “Humanitarian Crisis” on our southern border has been misrepresented to the American people by the Main Stream Media. It is not just “women and little children” coming across our border, but vicious gang members, violent criminals and drug dealers, who once released, will kill, rape, rob and terrorize American citizens. Barack Obama has released a ticking time bomb upon the American people under the guise of a “humanitarian mission.” 

Why in God’s name would he do such a dastardly and vile thing to us? The majority of the teenagers that are coming-up from Central America are members of one of the single most vicious gangs in the western hemisphere, MS13. MS13 members are said to use a machete as their calling card when they commit murder, chopping their victims to bits.The reason they are so brutal is simple, it sends a clear message to other gangs that there is no limit to what they will do to anyone who crosses them. And right now, they are probably already in your town! Barack Obama, Eric Holder and other democrats like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, are willing accomplices to the spread of gangs like this because of their policies that allow illegal aliens to be released after their initial hearing once they cross our border. Obama and the Democrats are grooming Hispanics for the upcoming 2014 mid-term and the 2016 elections

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