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How High does Gold Go as TRILLIONS of Dollars Rush into the PM Markets?

by Marshall Swing,

Many writers have tried to guesstimate what price these metals, and others, will rise to once world wide collapse ensues and also as the smoke begins to clear over social anarchy and virtually all forms of trading goods have ground to a halt due to total lack of trust by the world’s merchants in any currency other than their own, and even their own is greatly devalued due to there no longer being an international clearing house for currency exchange or faith in any one single currency such as we have today with the U.S. Dollar. The Chinese Yuan and Russian Ruble are beginning to make inroads into accepted trading currencies and those who control the world’s economics and social order simply cannot allow that to progress much further into the near future…

It is pretty simple to calculate a starting point for determining price, however, if we merely think of value as attached to the total economic output of the world for one year, we are easily able to quantify a basic mathematical model for determining gold price, silver price, and the prices of other hard assets easily traded in futures in the blink of an eye.

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1 comment to How High does Gold Go as TRILLIONS of Dollars Rush into the PM Markets?

  • C.I.

    Really. Think World Wide Collapse Then Realise No Comunication At All Then Sort Out What A Hunk Of Metal Is Worth In Your Two Mile Radius If You Survive.

    There Should Be A Reality Check?


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