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How Can We Trust U.S. Government Scientists with Pathogens?

by Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist Post:

If readers haven’t heard, there’s been a series of terrible mistakes by government scientists in handling deadly organisms at U.S. government-run labs. Recently, operations were shut down at two government research labs because of mistakes! Were they really mistakes or possibly part of an experiment to find out what would happen to the release of deadly organisms into the biosphere?

It’s incomprehensible that scientists dealing with deadly organisms would be lax on so many occasions. However, if that be the case, then that indicates the serious need for questioning the efficacy of scientific research and the caliber of scientists the U.S. government employs along with their resultant research findings, in my opinion.

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1 comment to How Can We Trust U.S. Government Scientists with Pathogens?

  • The title of this post could’ve been truncated @ “How can we trust U.S. Government…”. Science, the economy, borders, healthcare, law enforcement, honesty and integrity of the elected leadership – all things touched by this government are degraded, corrupt, inefficient, false………….. And those are the best things that can be said about it.

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