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Hard Assets & Central Banks’ $29 Trillion Purchase Of Equities

from KingWorldNews:

Most investors are familiar with the term “bond”. According to many, the term derives from the motto of maritime brokers hundreds of years ago. It is the short version of the phrase “my word is my bond” or “meum pactum dictum” in Latin. Indeed, since 1801, a version of the Latin derivation has been the motto of the London Stock Exchange. A bond is a longer-term version of fixed income. The price of all fixed income is influenced by prevailing interest rates. It is a contract between a borrower and a lender, generally with some form of periodic income (the “coupon”), and a date by which the contract matures or is redeemed at an earlier date (“called”). In normal times, the rate is also partially determined by the quality of the borrower (“AAA rating”, etc.). The higher the rating, the lower the rate in general.

The world is experiencing a variety of bubbles such as currency, fixed income, stocks, real estate and art. Since currency and the various forms of fixed income are really the same “animal” with different coupons and maturities, there is no greater bubble than those two.

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1 comment to Hard Assets & Central Banks’ $29 Trillion Purchase Of Equities

  • Karma Respect

    It is all about the control of hard assets. The protagonists of ism systems know this. The ism of capitalism, socialism, globalism, corporatism is belief in fiction and when faith money is part of the fiction then those sheeple still owning title to hard assets that are within the faith system will lose everything.

    The central banks are nothing more than private institutions peddling faith money within a faith framework of ism, much of the confetti money is supplied to corporations and funds with the same secretive shareholding as these central banks.

    Through quantitative printing the owners of the Central banks by pure counterfeiting now own hard assets with ownership of over 50% of all equities, probably 50% of all property title (Mortgage Backed Securities) plus they have the pledged title for loans and as this article rightly points out they own 40% of all treasuries which entitle the central bank owners to unlimited taxation of the forever.

    The sheeple are caught up in their belief in ism and through reliance on conforming have their faith in central banks (wall street) to be honest.

    The great leveling will be the greatest instant transfer of wealth in a period of shock and awe, wall street will short the collapse and the same secretive owners of corporations and the central banks then will instantly own all hard assets by the transfer of all wealth that is within their debt system.

    We need to understand these ism and that we have by nature six senses, by using all six senses the ism belief disappears and so does the need for relying on the ism framework. It takes six senses to wake up and yet we want to continue to believe that we have five senses and remain trusting in a make belief world while the forces of darkness, the anti divine are free from such illusion and as the protagonists of pure evil and by counterfeit theft already own most hard assets.

    Obviously we need to get out of the system while it is still functioning. We also need to understand the six senses.

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