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Hamas Just Attempted To Create A Horrific Nuclear Disaster In The Heart Of Israel

by Michael Snyder, Economic Collapse Blog:

After the horrors of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, how insane do you have to be to fire missiles directly at a major nuclear facility? No matter what side you are on in the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, everyone should be able to agree that it is utter madness for Hamas to fire rockets at the Dimona nuclear installation in the Negev. The intent, of course, was to destroy the Dimona facility and create a horrific nuclear disaster in the heart of Israel. Fortunately, the area is heavily protected by the Iron Dome missile defense system and none of the rockets did any damage. And it is questionable how much damage to the facility that Hamas missiles could actually do. But that is not the point. What matters is that Hamas is trying to do it. With each passing year, Hamas rockets are becoming more advanced, more accurate and more powerful. And when Hamas fires some of their best rockets at a major nuclear facility, they are committing an act of all-out war. If Hamas continues to do this, it could spark a major regional war in which countless numbers of people could die. Is that what they want?

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18 comments to Hamas Just Attempted To Create A Horrific Nuclear Disaster In The Heart Of Israel

  • C.I.

    I Will Wait For Further With This One……………..

  • pvtskulker

    I smell an IDF false flag.

  • Jeff

    False flag or not “they” WILL eventually get lucky and hit that mo fo.

  • Gnostic

    “By Way of Deception we Wage War” Mossad Motto

    As usual one big fat stinky Gefilte fish story.

  • Jacobson

    The Hammas fired rockets at Jerusalem too .

    Here is a collection of nazi arabs on their TV channels :

    • frank


      don’t waste your time posting actual links to actual videos that provide actual facts. The jew hating, nut jobs on this site will only spin it until it fits perfectly with their jew hating world view. Then again, they can post, so why shouldnt we.

      • Jacobson

        Frank , god bless you .

        The days of downcast jews are over .
        No more jews with their heads down .

        Any person who watch the video I posted can see that it’s not “anti-zionism” .
        It is just a modern lie to the ancient hate .

        • Gnostic

          Woe is me, Us poor little Jews we are always victims & always persecuted, just in case you forget we will open anther holohoax museum & have Spielberg make another Nazi movie and to make certain the next generation is indoctrinated, we will make them learn our lies in school, If anyone presents clear evidence disputing our lies we will make it a crime punishable by imprisonment as is the case in 18 countries in the world.

          Truth does not fear investigation..nor is it hateful

          • Shana Hughes

            The truth is “antisemitic”

          • frank

            LOL…your post made me laugh! Not because it was funny, but because its so…laughable 🙂 You probably think I-slam is a religion of peace right? What a moron you are! Oh and Shana Hughes, is the truth also anti I-slam? no…of course not. Another turd spewing out the hatred of the brain dead. I hope Isreal kicks muslim ass all the way to mecca and this time they don’t give into american demands to surrender land for empty promises of peace from the savages of the world.

            • Shana Hughes

              Surrender the land they stole? Only an antisemite would ask such a thing.

              • frank

                “surrender the land they stole”…..bahahahahaha, are you even aware of how Isreal got the land? Are you aware of how much land they have already surrendered after being attacked by all you mo mo’s, supported of course by brain dead liberals? Are you even aware of who was there first? Are you aware of how the so called state of “palestine” came into being? are you aware that your mooslim brothers in Jordan, syria and other surrounding areas can’t stand the stench of palestinians and thats why Isreal is burdened with them? Are you aware of how the palestinians got screwed by their own mooslim neighbours?

                No, of course not, in your little jew hating world of fantasy, these historical facts are lies that the evil jews have brainwashed the world into beleiveing right? Btw, if anyone is interested, do some research and you will discover that the “red shield”, the house of Rothchild is more german than it is jewish.

                Lastly, for all those who claim to be christians…true christians recognise Isreal as our only true ally and friend in that region…if you hate Isreal, then you are not a true christian but simply one of the many false deluded pretenders…

                I would like to give all you jew bashing morons a free ticket to any muslim country…lest see how long you last. There is a reason why “palestians” would prefer to set up shop, work and live in jewish areas and stay as far away from all muslim areas as possible. Take bethlehem for example, once it became predominately mooslim, it went straight to hell…just like detroit went to shit because of all the liberals…

          • Jacobson

            I dont care about the holocaust .
            Israel is the only place for since Im a jew .

            I will never leave this land beacuse I believe in the Torah .
            I dont need to use the holocaust inorder to justify my liberty .

  • Randa

    Michael Snyder works for Israel.

  • frank


    I’m not jewish and english is my third language…I’ll spell check it next time 🙂

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