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Gerald Celente – The John Corby Show

from trendsjournal:

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3 comments to Gerald Celente – The John Corby Show

  • paw

    Oh yeah, the slave owning, women’s rights denying founding fathers said no foreign entanglements, right Gerald???

    • Gnostic

      The founding fathers employed blacks as servants after the Jewish slave traders brought millions of blacks to the US to slave on their plantations, less than 1% of whites owned slaves, far more American blacks owned slaves than whites.

      PS- employing women in the workforce to pay taxes is not women’s rights it’s more banker slavery. It’s not to say they could not work & many did, However, The natural order requires women to raise the children & home school them. The Founder’s were Deists & believed in Natural Law, that is live in harmony with nature & do no harm.

  • mac

    * women’s rights?
    America is and has been the most feminine friendly country in history, I think.
    And today feminisms’ results are clerly and easily spotted in men and in women in the USA.

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