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Feds Construct Border Fence with Easy Access for Illegals

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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2 comments to Feds Construct Border Fence with Easy Access for Illegals

  • c.i.

    You have the hair. You have the cammo. You have the flack jacket. You have a microphone. Obviously you have a pair of eyes to note and comment on what we can see corrected. You have a camera crew. You have a sound engineer cringing in the background wanting to remain out of the picture (Your fine……..all done). You have epelates and dark glasses. You have American flag insignia on your arms…..THAT has to suck as how could you have earned them? Also: You have found the BEST and easiest bit of the “Fence” closest to a fast food and Motel.

    Obvious from my country that you are just doing as you are told to earn meals and rent?

    How about doing Google Earth along the border?

    Go somewhere even remotely remote and see NO FENCE, NO NOTHING.

    Your young

    You may do well in the future.

  • Jacobson

    1. They are refugees .
    2. Soon they’ll build tunnels .
    3. They will ask indenpendence .
    4. Good bye U.S .

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