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THE END OF EMPIRE AMERICA — V: The Guerrilla Economist

from Paul Sandhu:

With the world fast turning away from the US dollar and seeking alternative political alliances, the sun is fast setting on Empire America. The future for this once great nation is bleak indeed according to the information from confidential sources of V: The Guerrilla Economist.

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14 comments to THE END OF EMPIRE AMERICA — V: The Guerrilla Economist

  • mac

    CNN is not telling about the Ukraine gov’t fleeing, running away. Yes, the stooges are getting out fast!

  • Suzanne

    I’ll make a prediction: the next two countries to be targeted by CIA/Al Qaeda will be Kazakhstan and Turkey… since they plus Russia are joined in a new gold backed currency, and because Turkey served as the broker between Iran & India’s gold for oil swap.

    What V and Jim Willie, Lindsey Williams, and for that matter, Clif High are all saying dovetails nicely. Either get your assets out of the system and converted to silver and gold now, or they’ll really be singing the blues.

    If the legitimate military (the Pentagon regulars) don’t get involved FAST and start arresting banksters and their political toadies, they will not only become irrelevant but will also be flat broke. They can’t wait any longer.

    • Angel

      Suzanne, the Pentagon “regulars” cannot simply arrest banksters. The implications of such a thing would be severe, as the state-run media would most certainly provide bankster cover and paint it as a military coup (which is essentially what it would be). Only it would be portrayed as a fringe group of “right-wing extremists” attempting to overthrow the government. The sheeple would buy the media b.s. hook, line and sinker, and would never understand the first thing about the criminality of the banksters. This would cause any Pentagon involvement to backfire miserably, and would also likely lead to all out civil war between rival factions of the Pentagon and other federal agencies.

      I’m not suggesting it won’t lead to such a civil war anyway, but I would rather that the truth about bankster criminality be discovered through a process of education (as we are providing here), rather than an aggressive, but well-intentioned military-style action. Because the latter would mistakenly be viewed by the ignorant and uninitiated herd as a greater threat to their (imagined) freedom than any bankster can ever ever be. But little do they know.

    • Ed_B

      If the US Gov thinks that they can push the Turks around and get away with it, they have another think coming. Turks are strong, tough, and excellent fighters. It would be a serious miscalculation on the part of the US to alienate Turkey any more than they already have, IMO.

      “Only it would be portrayed as a fringe group of “right-wing extremists” attempting to overthrow the government.”

      Funny how we never seem to hear anything in the MSM about “left-wing extremists”.

      • Angel

        Then there’s the issue of Turkey’s membership in NATO. Is DC prepared for Turkey to say goodbye to NATO and U.S. military basis? They better be! It’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

        No, you won’t hear anything about “left-wing extremists”, unless/until another self-proclaimed neocon assumes control and perpetuates the false left/right paradigm (in order to further the advancement of the same criminal enterprise existing today).

  • mike

    V.. Sounds just like Mark S Mann or is it just me?

  • c.i.

    This is so old America being left behind. So many years warning and nothing eventuated?

    No room down here for refugees OK?

    Not now as you have left it far too late.


  • Nd60

    quite pristine tactical analysis….
    and the show must go on….
    so bye bye V?

    OH WELLLLLLLL…. beer Tv football time again!!! while it last…

    and if/for those who escape/survive/not in the region/covered by pre-destined providence
    and looking for that dot…

    NewSpace 2014 – The Key to the New Space Economy – Space Mineral Resources

    what 400B energy deal? Peanuts! and MOR MOR MOR….

    Faster than Light: Warp Drive – SpaceVision 2013

    quite exciting really… 😀

    its just …. emmmmmm…..
    some of us would have finished this character/show/pass entry call life b4….
    so its not for all of us…. just like everything else really
    and some part of other world its just a normal and old law
    and it does not really matter how you checked out and get (shove?) off stage
    does it???
    the dead does not talk back… not in english anyway…

    Sun/Moon is still shining…. outside… go say ‘Thank you sun/moon’ maybe?
    or look into the universe expanding and collapsing
    the shooting stars came and gone and the planets birth and exploded into bits…
    and some of us can dream on a better place…
    it is as good as ‘reality’ while it lasted….
    some say thats the cycle of life.


    who are you? what are you doing here?
    whats do you see? what do you want to see? what are you here to see?

    i still failed to answer adequately to all those test questions… how about you?

    but you prob will agree
    its one thing to have come and gone and left no good seed/tree behind
    its another thing and rather quite unforgiving to have come and left with a trail of blood debt
    wouldn’t you say so?

    Im not religious but a keen learner/observer while on this trip sailing thro…
    its last 2 days of Ramadan…
    and perhaps you want to learn abit more and take the chance to reflect/cleanse…
    i personally find it a great practice
    and do it all the time (control over the body/desire and reflection/appreciation of all around me)
    sadly maybe it may prove useful in harder time…

    have a gd wkend and plenty of fun
    since all of us are being clocked b4 we take on stage anyway…

    be safe.

    p/s saw a clip that some mint has been and ramp up gold/silver coin production
    with the face of Kennedy… anyone? that would be something worthy and weighty. pls share. tq 😀

    • Ed_B

      Even when the $400B gas deal between Russia and China is mentioned, there is absolutely NO mention whatever of the fact that this deal was not done in US dollars. THAT is the real issue in this and a HUGE sign that the days of the petro-dollar are ending. None of these so-called news people have a clue as to what that would mean for the US economy, inflation, or the living standard of the average American. But they will, oh yes, indeed, they will.

  • Tom Aumeg

    This guy seems to have ten times the number of sources, of far greater quality, than any investigative reporter I have ever heard of. And yet he’s just a letter. And his claims are ten times what I’ve heard from anyone else. And he doesn’t need to substantiate anything he says, because “his sources said so.” Does anyone else see the problem here? It’s fear porn as entertainment, not news.

    By the way, plague (Bubonic and Pneumonic, both) are caused by a bacterium, Yersenia pestis. It’s not an RNA virus, as he said. It could be weaponized, by conferring resistance to tetracycline, the antibiotic of choice to treat it. But he’s out of his league in describing it.

  • Angel

    Something just doesn’t feel right about this mystery man. My feeling is that he’s mixing fact (things and events that could be easily substantiated) with conjecture.

    I’m not suggesting that what I consider to be conjecture are things that are implausible (I put NOTHING past ANYONE, after all), but he’s simply not providing enough to go on to prove that these VERY specific claims (TOO specific, actually) will actually come to fruition.

    Again, much of what’s being said here is difficult to dispute, including (but not limited to) his comments on Turkey and the Ukraine, the push to bypass or undermine the dollar, or even the assertion that the influx of immigrants from the south may serve to more easily complete the final leg of the North American Union.

    But can we say with all certainty (as he is) that these mass bio-weapon releases are going to occur? Can anyone substantiate the claim that Rockefeller paid Putin a recent visit? And who is this supposed Colonel who quickly moved up the ranks to become a four-star general and was promptly harassed when he didn’t play ball?

    So while reason and logic are important factors in determining the validity of future events, he’s essentially asking us to throw them right out the window in favor of blind acceptance. Because his claims are simply TOO outrageous (yet NOT implausible) to be able to use reason and logic as effective tools.

    Yes, anything is possible, but let’s be careful not to take everything this man is saying as gospel. If we could be skeptical of Karen Hudes sensational claims, than we ought to be able to view V’s claims with equal amounts of healthy skepticism.

    • Tom Aumeg

      Exactly right. The modus operandi is to make outlandish claims backed by sources that could be hallucinations, and later cherry pick events that they then say match what they said. July was supposed to be world-changing, but wasn’t? Well, that plane was shot down only 2 days off the date he gave, so there! They’ll always find something that comes close to what they said, to defend their outlandish claims. Mixed in there will be a bunch of stuff you can’t argue against, which only serves the purpose of making you think that he’s on your side. Gold and Silver are good safe positions. Like we didn’t know that. At best, the outlandish claims are only entertainment, amusing to the unthinking classes that have come to the alternative viewpoint by blind luck, not intending to think for themselves, but only looking to replace the MSM with different gurus that they believe uncritically. At worst, these sorts of things undermine the whole alternative viewpoint, to where even I am wondering “Why am I here, listening to this, along with people who hang on every word?” The temptation would be to dismiss the whole movement as just as complacent and stupid as the zombies they criticize.

      All the incentives here are to be as sensational as possible. If SGT report did not post the wackos, how much material would they have to post? A small fraction of what they have, from my vantage. You can only read Paul Craig Roberts so many times before you get it, and need to move on. But if V or Jim Willie claim based on secret sources things that are three or four steps ahead of what can be known, or even what can realistically be planned at this point, it gets attention, and even Watson over at Infowars posts the information. Willie gets subscriptions for his newsletter, and everyone in the process benefits. Everyone except me, if I want only the truth. I have insights too, and have sometimes thought of starting a web site. But I realize now that I’d never attract significant numbers of readers, because I refuse to go out on the limb where I don’t know crap, justifying my sheer speculation with claims of having 4-star generals call me up and wanting to share the history of the world over the next four years with me.

      This has gone on too long, but I am seriously frustrated by the fact that I am trying to learn and analyze the truth, but it’s mired in a field full of bulls***, where everyone involved benefits only from sensationalism.

      • Angel

        Well Tom, as you might have guessed, I have reservations with you comparing V to Willie, as I view Willie’s claims as a connect the dots kind of deal (as I stated the other day). I don’t see them as being at all outlandish or suspect, even with his use of “The Voice”, which isn’t as often as some attempt to make it appear. In fact, I never once heard him mention “The Voice during the Hunter interview. In any case, nobody says we must agree on this.

        When Willie does give us something that might be a little off the beaten path, he will tell us that it’s his opinion, or that he’s unable to prove it. That’s something I’ve noticed and appreciate about him. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with a bit of conjecture every now and then IF IT’S PRESENTED AS SUCH. However, I can also appreciate the fact that you’re only interested in things that are absolute and definitive, cut and dry, no secret sources, etc.

        But V, a man who we know absolutely nothing about, presents much of his claims as etched in stone, and does so with an authoritative demeanor that I find rather unsettling. TOO much, TOO sure, with no way out but the grave, is the message. I don’t believe anyone knows these things he speaks of with certainty, never mind the outcome, yet this is what he conveys. And you’re correct, this is exactly the type of entertainment (as it surely is to some) that too many “awake” people get off on, along with the likes of Hodges, Slavo and others. (Though that’s not to say that everything they state is b.s.)

        As for Willie’s newsletter, I can never understand why people have such a difficult time accepting a person who charges a fee for their time and effort in compiling information. After all, the man has to make a living, doesn’t he? Besides, he supplies plenty of freebies.

        There’s nothing wrong with you starting a website and posting relevant information. Nobody says you have to sensationalize anything. There’s enough substantiated info available to make people’s heads spin, so long as you present it properly and with imagination. I would encourage anyone to do so if they have the urge, and they have the time and energy to devote to the project. More power to them.

        Overall, I believe sites such as SGT are valuable sources of information that can serve to educate, especially those who have never been exposed to anything outside of the state-run media. But people must have the ability to use their own discernment and discrimination. Just because something is “alternative” doesn’t make it authentic, and this becomes even more true as people look for alternatives to the MSM propaganda, obviously a growing trend with the growing danger of being further lead astray by charlatans, disinfo agents, etc.

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