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Embry: The Shocking Reason Why Gold May Quickly Hit $2,000

from Merit Gold:

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4 comments to Embry: The Shocking Reason Why Gold May Quickly Hit $2,000

  • C.I.

    I Lasted One Min And 4o Seconds……………must Have Missed The Inteligent Stuff If Any.

  • will

    Embry is on record saying the same thing in 2012 after we started falling from 48, and again in 2013, now again in 2014. I guess sooner or later he will stop, but maybe not.

    I just don’t get it. If the “manipulators” are pushing the price of PMs down, then they must also push it up, but you don’t here about that. Why would anyone that is supposedly buying physical battle the price in the CME, let alone want to end the manipulation. If I were say, china, and I wanted tonnes of gold, I would let the price be “manipulated” downwards and buy at the market price. The simple answer is that no one would sell for less than market price, and no one would buy for over market price, so manipulated or not it is the market price.

    Lets say one day the “manipulators” play no part in price. Who is going to pay $150/oz for silver and what would they do with it. When price went to $50 manufacturers had already researched other alloys to replace the need and started using them, so expect the massive industrial demand to FALL. This is why miners need bloggers to hype the metal.

  • Joe

    Will, do you care to tell us what “other alloys” (which I will also start to buy) might be? Or was this a blanket arbitrary statement with little or no truth behind it.

  • will

    It is always easy to spot blogger trolls. I see them more and more rushing to the defense of the posters on all blogs.

    Either way, I will indulge. As the SI stated last year, industrial users are now in favor of less-costly alternatives, or ways to reduce the amount of silver used. Companies like Harris have created specialized departments or sister companies as a result of higher prices which will take away from the largest sector of demand silver has. Once the manufacturing processes are changed, even if silver price falls, there is no going back and that demand is forever lost.

    Industrial and photography demand took up most of 2/3s of the demand in 2007. Coin demand has resin from 5% to 25%. If you are trying to tell me that miners are not trying to hype silver via bloggers, that is going to be a tough case. Considering I know one individual that was paid to write a book hyping PMs and his closest acquaintance is paid to run a blog that was once run by a well known silver “stacker”, you wont fool me. The blog mentioned never once said it was sold, or that a new person took it over, users still post questions to the original owner which is sad in a few ways, but to see these silver guys don’t even think for themselves anymore is more sad. Where will they be in 10 years when they have dumped their life savings into a declining commodity?

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