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Elizabeth Warren Torches Janet Yellen on TBTF

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkreig

Before you watch the video, I want to highlight an excellent article published this morning by Yves Smith over at Naked Capitalism titled, Yellen Tells Whoppers to the New Yorker. The title doesn’t do justice to the powerful and scathing critique of the fraud that is the current Federal Reserve Chairwoman. In a nutshell, the article exposes how Yellen’s acting routine is worthy of an Academy Award. In her role, she plays a caring, sweet, grandmotherly type figure all concerned about the poor and middle-class, when reality points to a career as a staunch, frontline protecter of the bankster oligarchy.

From Naked Capitalism (for background, much of the article is criticism of a propaganda piece on Yellen recently published by the New Yorker):

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6 comments to Elizabeth Warren Torches Janet Yellen on TBTF


    “Caring & Sweet” ……OLIGARCHY? Where do they find these people?

  • Dissolution

    I love that they handed over the evil pirate ship to this bumbling idiot. You know IT is close.

  • rich

    Insider Trading and Financial Terrorism on Comex

    The big hedge funds primarily trade gold futures using computers and algorithm programs. When they buy, they set stop-loss orders which are used to protect their trading positions on the downside. A “stop-loss” order is an order to sell at a pre-specified price by a trader. A stop-loss order is automatically triggered and the position is sold when the market trades at the price which was pre-set with the stop-order.

    The bullion banks who are members and directors of Comex have access to the computers used to clear Comex trades, which means they can see where the stop-loss orders are set. When they decide to short the market, they start selling Comex futures in large amounts to force the market low enough to trigger the stop-loss orders being used by the hedge fund computers. For instance, huge short-sell orders at 2:20 a.m. Monday morning triggered an avalanche of stop-loss selling, as shown in this graph of Monday’s (July 14) action (click on graph to enlarge):

    As shown on the graph below, on Tuesday, July 15, another flash-crash in gold was engineered in the middle of Janet Yellen’s very “dovish” Humphrey-Hawkins testimony. Contracts representing 45 tonnes of gold were sold in 3 minutes, which took gold down over $13 and below the key $1300 price level. There were no apparent news triggers or specific comments from Yellen that would have triggered a sudden sell-off in gold — just a massive dumping of gold futures contracts. No other related market (stocks, commodities) registered any unusual movement up or down when this occurred:

  • AgShaman

    Most here know politicians are sell-outs just going thru the motions of “displaying” concern. They spend a lot of time massaging and thanking these criminals for the financial raping of the people on this planet. Stop thanking these criminals that enable the shareholders of the institution the chair-satan represents.

    Education is the problem….along with a cancer of the psyche called apathy. It’s shameful to see the German people protesting the FED on a larger scale than their Amerikwan counterparts.

  • NaySayer

    The Federal Reserve is the visible tip of the evil bankster/NWO iceberg. Most of it is hidden away. Nobody would have gotten that job who wasn’t fully trusted and that means they have something on her, something that would get her executed if they chose to use it.

    that usually means rape/murder of a child or something like it. If reports on the NWO and their activities can be believed then they probably have video of the event. She either keeps to their program (as she would want to do anyway, most of these people are driven by greed and lust for power) or they use it on her.

    These people are a criminal gang like the mafia and just like other criminal gangs once you are IN you only get out by death.

  • NaySayer

    Also like other criminal gangs they have initiation rites. Gangs in L.A. used to require that a wanna be member do a drive by shooting on a child. Now they have requirements that they rape/gang rape a girl because the legal penalties are soooo much lower if they are convicted than if they shot someone.

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